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Series 7 Loose Leaf cartridge(replacement) not working

I purchased the Series 7 kit, on sale, and since it was advertised as a premium (or premiere) vaporizer, and particularly good with loose leaf vaping.
When the kit arrived a week ago, I was so excited to try the loose leaf cartridge, only to find it (the cap) was broken, and would not close or vape. I called, and V2's outstanding support, sent a new entire Loose Leaf cartridge via 2 day Priority.
The replacement cartridge arrived on Friday Feb. 2 and to my dismay, it did not vape, even though the vaporizer was working per the instructions - tried all 3 heat levels and still no smoke, no vape, no nothing - except burnt or ABV material left in the chamber...  the leaf was wasted, but I was not.

The vape with the E-Liquid cartridge works great and lasts for days, but for some reason the Loose Leaf cartridge appears to be working, but nothing comes out, no smoke, no nothing.

I did notice that the original Loose Leaf cartridge, that arrived with broken cap, has a single leaf symbol on the cartridge - for vaporizer type. The new replacement Loose Leaf cartridge has a MJ leaf (5 finger leaf) symbol.
Cannot interchange caps, but neither type successfully vaped any leaf, just burned it. I tried tight packing, loose packing, moisturized contents, used screen instead of the included filter disc, but still no vape, no smoke.

I appreciate all your support and efforts so far, but if I cannot vape leaf from the Series 7, then I will have to return it, and just continue using my V2 classics for PG/VG vaping.

Thanks again,
Peter Silver

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