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What's your favorite e-juice(s)?

I was going to make a poll, but would take too long to list all the flavors. Easier just for peeps to list.
I am truly baffled why Sahara PG is not listed anywhere on other sites as the best tobacco flavor (non-menthol) out there. I used to smoke Marlboro lights and this is even better. The tobacco smell that hits you as you open up the bottle is intense. The flavor and throat hit upon inhale are amazing, the exhale superior to smoking as it doesn't stink. It's just a wow experience. The Red is too harsh for me... would probably be good for someone who likes Marlboro reds. The Congress has a celery taste undertone that is growing on me, especially since I juice once a day.
All of the flavored juices from V2 are pretty amazing too and I will go to them every once in awhile for a change up. Grape and Cola are my faves, but like I said they are all good. Phenomenal job on your e-juices V2 :)


  • SelcienSelcien Posts: 69Member
    I'm only just beginning to figure out what flavors I like so my list of favorite juices is really tiny. I'd say V2 PG Menthol as I don't see how anyone could do menthol any better than V2 has, and V2 Bold Leaf Menthol (it's like the menthol but it has a pleasant flavor added onto it and has a mild sweetness).

    I've ordered a bottle of V2 Green Tea Menthol, haven't tried the flavor yet, but I'd be very surprised if that doesn't become one of my favorites too.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    Got a free 5 pack of green tea menthol ex cartridges with one of my Christmas orders last year. I finally decided to try it even though I'm not really a menthol fan. Imagine having to drink one of the worst cough medicines of your life and that's what it was like. I waited 5 minutes and tried again and yep that's pretty nasty. Another 5 minutes and another hit just to make sure and I don't think I will ever be ordering that flavor. I put a ceramic cartridge filled with sahara on the same ex battery after and it tasted like cough medicine. Threw out the sahara and soaked the cartridge in peroxide/water solution and pretty sure I ruined my cartridge but still tasting like the GTM.

    I find this story funny.. not badding V2 as it was sweet of them to send me a free product. I'm sure it's just because I don't like menthol so don't base this buying decision on me... and be sure to clean your vape machine really well if switching cartridges from something you really don't like. And maybe make sure not to send free menthol products to persons who only order tobacco or specialty flavor. :P

    Give me your feedback @Selcien and tell me I'm nuts. Was thinking of ordering the bold leaf menthol as I've heard it's not as menthol harsh but thinking that wouldn't be a good idea after this experience... thoughts?
  • SelcienSelcien Posts: 69Member

    Personally, I feel that there is a huge difference in tastes between someone who likes tobacco and someone that likes menthol. IMO, your trying it would be risky unless I find that my opinion of the Green Tea Menthol is similar to yours, or if somebody who doesn't like menthol says that they do like Bold Leaf Menthol.

    The bottle of Green Tea Menthol that I ordered is currently scheduled to be delivered on the 10th, once I have it I'll be able to compare it with the PG Menthol and the Bold Leaf Menthol. Until then I'd recommend against it 'cause your trying a menthol would be much like me trying a tobacco, not a very good idea.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member

    Thanks for feedback. I'm very curious to hear your take on the GTM though I'm thinking you are absolutely right about our tastes differing. Would be an interesting study to see what food taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami) tobacco and menthol flavors are appealing to and what our food preferences (menthol vs. tobacco enthusiast) are. Though I think I'm very much in the minority in the forum... all the regular posters seem to be menthol users....
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    Sahara is my favorite eLiquid of any I've tried, the hint of nutty cashew flavor makes it special and Sahara provides an excellent throat hit. Still my favorite after 6 years. My go to daily vape is switching between Sahara and Vanilla, good stuff!
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    OMG! A fellow Sahara lover! I don't feel so alone now! :P  But... we're surrounded by mentholers... watch out! :P

    Vanilla good stuff too... I love how it's not too overpowering and the subtle vanilla taste is perfect :)
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Great convo here - taste when it comes to food or vapor flavor is soooo subjective. It's something we think about and work on constantly. Some people can love and be obsessed with some of our flavors and others hate it. Lol 

    And I agree, Sahara is great! If anyone is new and wants to try some of our top V2 eliquid flavors, they can try out the V2 12-Flavor Sampler (10 ML):

    We also have similar sampler packs for classic pre-filled cartridges. Feel free to PM me if you need/want more info :)

  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    edited March 18
    I just got my V2 EX liquid kit today with the 6 tobacco flavor sampler in 2.4%. I was excited to try all their tobacco flavors as i have heard nothing but good things about them.

    I tried V2 red first, and I HATED IT. tastes nothing like cigarette tobacco, much less a 'marb red'
    2nd EX blank got filled with congress as that was also a highly praised Tobacco flavored. It was kinda better but I still couldn't imagine myself vaping that as an ADV (all-day-vape) e-liquid.

    Fast forward a few hours, as I filled both tanks full of .9mL....I gave the V2 red an honest try, probably down to the .4 life before i picked it back up. the V2 red grew on me. It's tolerable now, i get a different flavor profile than before. however the congress was still a no.

    I'm gonna save the last blank for a menthol so I won't mix up the flavors too bad. i have less than .3mL of V2 red, then i'll try Sahara.

    so far not too impressed, I got .8 of Congress to tough thru too before i can fill it up.

    Does the batch of E-liquid i got need more time to steep or something? I was about a pack a day marb 27 smoker, does nicotine strength have to do w/ anything? that just affects throat hit right?
  • SelcienSelcien Posts: 69Member
    Andii said:

    Thanks for feedback. I'm very curious to hear your take on the GTM though I'm thinking you are absolutely right about our tastes differing. Would be an interesting study to see what food taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, umami) tobacco and menthol flavors are appealing to and what our food preferences (menthol vs. tobacco enthusiast) are. Though I think I'm very much in the minority in the forum... all the regular posters seem to be menthol users....
    I was leaning in favor of not liking it but I'm really not sure. I need to be able to compare it to the Menthol and Bold Leaf Menthol at the same nicotine strength (2.4%) to get a better idea, and that won't happen until the 24th as that's when those two bottles are due to arrive.

    Going by what I have the menthol in the GTM does seem to have a stronger menthol than the Menthol, the Bold Leaf Menthol is definitely tame in comparison, but I still don't know why you're wanting to try it as "not as menthol harsh" is like looking to try something because it's "not as bad". Have you tried V2's Black yet? The description says "Smooth, sweet-roasted tobacco flavor". That might be a better try for you than something that has menthol in it.

    Also, while I'm right about our tastes differing, I don't think it's a matter of having a tobacco preference versus a menthol preference, there might be certain tendencies, but I think that when you get right down to it, everybody's path is unique.

    Like you said in the Black Note thread "I think the only way a person can know for sure is trying it themselves", that is true, but there are so many things to try that a person really does need to narrow it down, and then expand from there. I don't know what V2 flavors you've tried and still want to try, make a list of the ones that you want to try, in the order of how much you want to try them, and then try the Bold Leaf Menthol when you get to it.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    @PDXJack ;  If you really don't mind menthol too much, I would suggest getting the prefilled  variety pack to see which flavor you like. They have been on a 60 day wait for awhile now, so I suspect they will become available soon... maybe @samantha can give us a heads up. The prefilled are my go to for a perfect puff and they are very consistent. Make sure to clean your battery after menthol flavors as I found it can sneak into the next cartridge you use.

    Are you letting your cartridges soak for a bit after filling? I let mine soak for at least 30 minutes and even "spin" in between my palms for a bit to make sure liquid is getting through. Maybe the Red was better because it was able to sit for awhile.

    Hope you find what works for you. It's definitely a process. And I have found my tastes have changed a bit -- though I still don't care for the Red, the Congress which I wasn't fond of initially has become one of the flavors I go to for a change up from my favorite, Sahara. Good luck! :)
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    @Selcien ; Yeah, I think you are right. Was silly of me to even think of trying menthol. It got in my head after reading a post about someone who didn't ever like menthol trying the bold leaf and loving it. And seeing all the V2 veterans who still post are mostly menthol lovers, I thought it was worth it to see if maybe vaping menthol was different then smoking it and it's been years since I had to smoke a menthol (all that was available). Experiment tried, conclusion acquired. Thanks for all the feedback @Selcien :)
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    edited March 19
    > @Andii said:
    > @PDXJack   If you really don't mind menthol too much, I would suggest getting the prefilled  variety pack to see which flavor you like. They have been on a 60 day wait for awhile now, so I suspect they will become available soon... maybe @samantha can give us a heads up. The prefilled are my go to for a perfect puff and they are very consistent. Make sure to clean your battery after menthol flavors as I found it can sneak into the next cartridge you use.
    > Are you letting your cartridges soak for a bit after filling? I let mine soak for at least 30 minutes and even "spin" in between my palms for a bit to make sure liquid is getting through. Maybe the Red was better because it was able to sit for awhile.
    > Hope you find what works for you. It's definitely a process. And I have found my tastes have changed a bit -- though I still don't care for the Red, the Congress which I wasn't fond of initially has become one of the flavors I go to for a change up from my favorite, Sahara. Good luck! :)

    Yeah I was gonna probably buy the v2 cartridge variety specialty flavors next. As it's significantly less expensive than the liquid sampler. And I won't be left with unwanted juice if they're a no for me. As kinda ex smoker(I've only had two analogs since my liquid kit arrived in the mail Saturday. Win!) I never thought of vaping to be a sweet experience. Cuz when I think of smoke or vape, tobacco leaf flavor is the first thing to come to my mind. And I think I'm also getting over the stigma of vaping on something sweet and fruity as it isn't viewed as "masculine"

    "What flavor you got?"
    "Blueberry cheesecake with caramel drizzle, tiramisu, very berry lemonade"

    "What flavor you vaping?"
    "Rough cut Virginia cured tobacco leaves, dirt, unleaded"

    Lol, I'd rather have convo 2 with someone.

    Do the original carts work well? Is the performance not that different than an ex cart, ex liquid blank, or ceramic blanks?
    What type of blank do you use? Do I need to really clean between flavors? As if now, I have a little bit left of my Congress in a liquid blank. Second blank has been alternating between Sahara and red (1 full red fill, and 3 half fills of 1 red and 2 sahra. My third liquid blank been only filled up halfway and been used once for each menthol flavor.

    After the initial fills I look at my tank level and if it's less than .1 and keeping sure the wicks are still damp I will refill. Do you really need to wait that long for it to soak? 30 min? Do I need to spin in my palm too? I know that's a trick for cartridges, but I use liquid ex blanks. I waited about 5-10 minutes of wicking time before I first tried BTW.

    Finally tried GTM and it ain't bad. I don't really taste green tea. More like an oolong flavor tea. And not a mentholly taste. Just a cool crisp finish.

    As of now my favorites from best to last.
    Peppermint, GTM, menthol/red, Sahara, Congress.(there's something funky about Congress that I can't put my taste buds on but I don't like it!)

    I am interested in the v2 gold tobacco flavor. The description sounds like what I use to smoke marb #27. Black flavor doesn't sound like a winner. Wish it came in my sampler, but oh well. Like you said, Just gotta try em to really know.

    Sorry for the long post. Im a brand new noob to v2. I tried Blu+ kit 2 years ago, loved their tobacco's flavor and it kept me off analogs for 6 months but the tanks got expensive(more than analogs. At a tank-tank and a half a day) then my PCC broke, and j went back to analogs. Hoping I do it right this time around.

    I'm using about 2ML a day right now, although it's more liquid I'm using, the cost is FRACTIONS of the proprietary Blu system. This tobacco liquid sampler pack should last me almost a month tho! Even if I have to vape for Congress for 5 days lol
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    @PDXJack one of my friends is about as "manly" as they come and he LOVES the cola flavor. I think all of the flavors in the specialty pack (vanilla, chocolate, coffee, grape, cherry, cola) are spot on and I use them after a meal instead of having sweets. At $10 for the variety sampler prefilled, not a bad way to try them and see if you like.

    As far as carts go, I think the ceramic ex blanks are the winner but only with pg e juice. The vg just clogs them too quickly.  I have never tried the regular blanks, only the blank carts and ceramic blanks. I only clean the carts if I'm not able to inhale anything from them, though I don't think the ceramics are "cleanable". 

    I soak at least 30 minutes just to make sure. 10-15 minutes is probably fine. I just plan ahead and make sure I've got a cart ready to go for when my current runs low and can actually let it sit for a day that way or using a prefilled in between blank refills would work too. No, you don't need to spin them but I do just in case. Getting liquid into the cotton fiber or the wick is imperative for the cart to work.

    I juice a bunch of veggies every day, so Congress is growing on me... I call it my celery flavor as that is what the taste reminds me of. And it's interesting that you like menthol AND tobacco flavors... the first person I've come across that does.

    Haven't tried the Black or Gold yet... if they came out with a sampler size, I would. Like you inferred, too expensive to try ($30) if you don't like them.

    Hope you can get off the analogs completely. Congratz to how far you have come :)
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    @Andii thanks for the quick reply and good info!

    Donyou have carts for on the go type situations? Or do you regularly use blank carts as well? Also. Do all VG heavy juices clog the ceramic? Or just max VG stuff? Like is 40/60 30/70 PG/VG ratios alright in a ceramic? Do you have a VG setup for your v2 setup? I was gonna get the ceramic blanks because then I could try VG flavors. I didn't wanna be tied down to just PG throughout my vape experience.

    Menthols are totally not my favorite. But, out of the variety pack. They're my favorites. V2 did a pretty damn good job replicating that menthol/minty taste and sensation.

    PS. I sent you a PM too
  • SelcienSelcien Posts: 69Member
    Andii said:
    Was silly of me to even think of trying menthol. It got in my head after reading a post about someone who didn't ever like menthol trying the bold leaf and loving it.

    Actually, I'd say that's exactly the kind of thing that you need to be looking for, if you can remember who made the post you should consider going through their post history to see what other opinions they've expressed.

    Andii said:
    I thought it was worth it to see if maybe vaping menthol was different then smoking it and it's been years since I had to smoke a menthol (all that was available).
    It's definitely different, the menthol can be a whole lot stronger.

    As far as menthol levels go, doing a quick comparison I'd put Bold Leaf menthol as being milder than Newports, and Newports being milder than V2 Menthol, don't know if that helps, or not.
  • rbarron316rbarron316 Posts: 154Member
    Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.  One person's trash is another person's treasure.  Probably some other adages out there.  Smoking menthol the past 46 years had been anathema to me.  Only in a dire emergency.  When I stopped smoking last year, I bought many, many different flavors from V2.  I mean a lot. 

    Surprisingly, my favorites have turned out to be Green Tea Menthol, Bold Leaf Menthol, Pumpkin Spice, Black (tastes like black licorice), and Grape.  Some of the flavors that were supposed to taste like a natural cigarette tasted more like a cigar to me.  Perhaps the nicotine strength is going to alter perceptions.  I started most of everything at 2.4 and gradually moved to 1.8.  The 2.4 proved too harsh (more like smoking a Camel). 

    I sort of like the coolness of the menthol.  Perhaps after 46 years of smoking, my lungs demanded a bit of coolness.  In any event, V2 has enough flavor choices where it shouldn't be hard to find something that works for you.  
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    edited March 20
    @PDXJack ;   I only use my ex battery at home... when I'm out and about or out with friends, I use my series 7 as I know it's not going to run out of juice or power. I'm probably going to go with regular carts for my series 7 as the ceramic pg cart just aren't lasting for me. I only bought one vg cart and it's still going strong.

    I, like you, was curious about vg so I bought ceramic blanks, a series 3 vg ceramic, and a series 7 vg ceramic (I think I have an obsession with vaping). I think my opinion is not worth note because throat hit and flavor are so important to me...the only device I can tell anything is occurring besides the vapor is my series 7. All the carts I purchased produce more vapor as you would expect with vg  e juice. The experience is okay with my series 7 but why go for that when you can really enjoy each vape. Conclusion: pg e juice is the only one for me. I've only been vaping for the last 7 months so this might change for me after a couple years. But for now, going to stick with what I enjoy.

    Winners for V2 in my opinion and experience (though you should put david, navy, rbaker, and rbarron's viewpoint higher than mine as they have been at this longer) are:

    V2 e juices -- probably some of the best out there
    Ex battery with prefilled carts
    Series 3 with ceramic carts (hopefully they will be restocked soon)
    Series 7 with regular carts or ceramic vg cart if you prefer vg e juice

    I've never tried the regular batteries or the series 3x.

    There is tons of information and opinions on the forum... look through it to get other's opinions as each of us experience things so differently. If you ever have questions, I am always glad to give you my feedback :)
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    I enjoy and value your opinion, you're leaps and bounds ahead of me in vaping experience anyways. And you also give pretty thorough and thoughtful( and fast responses!)

    And wow that's so peculiar(not a bad thing ;-)). You're definitely one of the firsts I've heard that A) slowly regressed into a smaller device. And B) uses V2's largest device on the go. I would think the complete opposite for both subjects.

    Do you only use original carts? Or do you refill blank ex carts? Since they don't sell ex cart blanks. And is your ex battery manual or automatic?

    Can anyone confirm or deny a manual ex battery is "better performing" aka produce more vapor than automatic & do manuals also have a 10 sec cut off like automatic?

    Sincerely, the V2 noob
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    @PDXJack ;    I use mostly prefilled, with bored moments of using different flavors with the ceramics and ex blanks. I also can get about 5 refills out of the prefilled so not too much of a waste. I've never used the regular blanks and was thinking of it but they are out of stock still. My ex battery is manual and I love it.

    I'm a heavy vaper so taking my big guns if I'm out and about for a few hours just makes sense to me. And I know my series 7 will be charged and not run out of e juice.

    I went backwards because I read all the reviews when I started and the series 7 seemed to be the best. I was determined to quit so figured the money was well worth it.. still do :)  When I bought other devices for friends and liked them, I bought myself one too. I really am turning into a vaping junkie... my closet floor is proof. But it's keeping me from smoking and from sweets and is so much fun so triple yay! :P
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    @Andii yeah I can we how this can turn into an interesting hobby. I'm debating about my next vaporizer being a manual, especially since everything a step up from the ex battery is only manual operation only, but if I decide to stick with an ex battery getting it in manual form factor too. Does it cut off in 10 seconds like the automatic tho?
    I got automatic because it mimicked smoking more naturally. I think I'm more addicted to the action if smoking, having something in my hand, the fixation etc more than the actual nicotine.
    When you use your ceramic blanks tho, do you notice e juice goes through 2-3times faster the first half than the bottom half? The ex liquid blanks uses wicks to draw up the liquid vertically towards the atomizer up top and j noticed 1) e juice is used Mich faster and 2) flavor is Also 2-3 times more prominent

    [Pro tip: I use a paper clip occasionally to make sure my wicks don't bend and make sure they're as straight as possible. Keeps the wick closer to the bottom of the tank and more optimized to soak up the juice]

    I know you can't answer this hut maybe someone else can, do the wicks every dry out visually? Or can you get a dry hit/burn the atomizer while the wicks look moist but juice is near 3mL or lower?
    I think in getting a burnt taste in one of the ex liquid blanks after 3 fills, but never ran my tank completely dry. (Unless burning can occur prior to depletion, and wick doesn't have to dry out completely)

    Side note: I've left my tobacco flavors out to steep for an hour and I think the flavors are developing finally. Maybe I'll finally fall in love with the tobacco flavors. *Fingers crossed*
    I'll give an update after leaving them to steep overnight

    Vape on everyone!
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    You might find you get more dry hits/ burnt taste with a manual battery compared to the auto if you are having issues with the batteries you are currently using.

    This is from the V2 battery section.

    Should I choose the Automatic Battery or the Manual Battery?

    The V2 Automatic Battery is the easiest to use if you are new to electronic cigarettes. All you do is puff to activate the atomization process. They are better for hands-free operation, and require “priming” to achieve the thickest vapor volume. To do this, take a few short puffs before a long slow puff to get the e-liquid to the optimal temperature.

    Automatic Batteries will usually get around 25% more puffs between recharging, but with less vapor thickness than Manual Batteries.

    I have found from personal experience that the standard long last much longer than the EX also the wick EX Blanks can dry hit if you vape to many times in a short period of time also I have had some issues when straightening the wicks as can damage the wick where it enters the canister.

    I prefer the wick blanks over the ceramic as they seem to give a much better flavor and throat hit.

    Just my thoughts.

  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    That's also a first, or rare thing I've heard. Improved flavor in an ex liquid blank vs. ceramic blanks. Do you only use v2 platnium high pg e liquid? Or other brands and flavors (you can pm me if it's not a brand v2 carried on its website, for the sake of V2) I was gonna get the ceramic blanks next as I don't wanna be tied to just high PG juice and would like to explore VG and make my own comparison. (Even tho @andii didn't have a good exp with VG[unsure if it was max VG or what ratio she(he? I'm thinking she)] used) I haven't found my right tobacco flavor yet, im thinking of trying gold, but I don't want to be left with 50 mL of a flavor I don't lkke. wish v2 still sold in 25 mL bottles but I know it's not worth it for all that additional packaging for a size that won't sell. Maybe after steeping overnight red,Sahara, or Congress might be winners after all!

    And to think about it, that may be the culprit, I MAY HAVE chain Vaped too much. I'll be more aware in the future. And more delicate when adjusting the wick.

    And thx. Appreciate everybody's input. I love learning more and more about the subject. I wanna reach guru status lol
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member
    edited March 21

    I only use V2 PG liquids but some of my forum friends have had success with V2 VG in the Ceramic Blanks and problems with using dark e-liquid as it shortened the amount of refills.

    V2 VG is about 70/30 I previously used Max VG from another company and was way to thick and used it in one of my mod kits as stopped purchasing from V2 USA for about 10 months as they only had an express shipping option which was to costly and was purchasing my V2 liquid from V2 Australia but now V2 USA have an Economy shipping option so now all my purchases are from the US as they have a much larger range of liquids and hardware even with the exchange rate most items are much cheaper than locally and offer a much better hardware warranty.

    My main device is several of the original Series 3 units at the price is fantastic and just use the original Series 3 Wick Cartridges and the EX Wick Blanks

    Another reason I stopped using VG liquid as it's a much more mellow vape and a huge difference in throat hit VG is great for people that want massive amounts of vapor and not great for someone starting to quit smoking.

    Do PG and VG vape juice flavors taste different?
    There are slight differences between PG and VG e-liquids in terms of flavor and vaping experience. PG juices offer a strong throat hit that resembles the sensation of smoking. They are more flavorful and less viscous than VG juices, which tend to be sweeter and smoother. VG e-liquids offer dense vapor cloud.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    edited March 21
    For all my experimentation with vg (I don't have the 3x), I think the only device that gives it a "true" experience is the series 7 with a vg ceramic cart. I actually taste the e juice and the clouds are crazy big. And the vg ceramic lasts. I have tried the Black Note flavors (prelude, sonata, forte, legato) and sahara vg. I'm not really a vg person as throat hit and flavor are imperative to me, but with the series 7, I am getting both with the vg e juice. 

    I didn't really care for the black note with ex battery and ceramic cart or the series 3 with ceramic cart.. I just tasted sugar water with all the flavors with no discerning differences, though the series 3 was a little better. As I stated before, I soak the carts for a long time and even spin them a bit. But with the series 7 I was impressed with black note, even though prelude was a little too light for me and legato was way too strong. Sonata is perfect and forte good for when I need a heavier hit.

    As state above, everyone's experience is different so I would be curious to hear if anyone else has tried the series 7 with ceramic vg cart. I would hate if everyone went out and bought a series 7 and vg ceramic only to be disappointed. 

    Edited: Make sure to have the series 7 on the lowest heating setting when using the ceramics.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    Thanks for the quick replies @David1886 and @Andii all good info to "soak (wick) in" haha.

    Steeping update: after leaving them to steep overnight. Approx 12 hours, Sahara tastes a LOT better. Red's dlavor isn't white there yet, but I'm using it on my kinda burnt ex liquid blank cuz it had v2 red originally in it. Once I finish my Sahara tank I'll try red on it. And I haven't mustered the courage to try Congress yet. More News to come tonight!
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    Steeping update #2:

    Sahara has really grown on me. IDK if it's my eq liquid blank or not, but I think the throat hit kinda went down...Just kinda mellow. compared to the ex blank i'm using for the minty flavors, which currently has v2 menthol in and that has a very strong throat it. mimics just like a cigarette feel just fine. Doesn't really taste like a 'camel/turkish' cig to me. but its alright. before I disliked all the tobacco flavors. V2 red hasn't quite developed yet. but I notice it's getting a little little bit more enjoyable each day. and congress is still a no for me. but I put that in the tank that already got a burnt flavor after like 2.5-3 fills. If only my minty tank is indeed working properly, i don't wanna ruin the minty flavors that I enjoy w/ that congress flavor lol...

    But tastes are subjective. I've read many people on here and YouTube say that congress is indeed V2's best tobacco flavor yada yada yada. so far, Sahara is the one I like the most. as it's not bad now. I'll let you know if Red somehow gets  really good. or somehow congress performs a miracle (but I don't think I'm gonna fill up congress for a long time.

    From Best to last are Peppermint, GTM, Menthol and Sahara are the ones I like outta the flavor sampler as of now. (I never smoked menthols reguarly, except when I would bum a cig off someone, but V2 menthol satisfies me the most as a cigarette than any other flavor. Peppermint and GTM are just good flavors but doesn't have the same throat hit I sometimes am looking for) And maybe I'm just getting use to the flavors finally and I haven't gotten use to Red and Congress yet.

    If y'all don't care, you can tell me to stfu and i'll act accordingly.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    From what you are saying if I understand you correctly are you mixing the tobacco flavors in the same EX Blank as that will change the taste as will still have some remaining flavor of the previous liquid used.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member

    True. I've mixed a couple of the flavors. No more than 2. But I've noticed it goes away after a few puffs. Maybe some slight reminance left. As I alternate between my 2 good carts and burnt one. (The burnt one actually is okay. If I only puff it once every 30-1 min) letting the atomizer fully resoak. But a subsequent puff the burnt flavor is definitely there. Sad as this only happened after 2.5-3 fills. Originally I only filled it up halfway to test flavors cuz I didn't want a full tank if I didn't like it. My second EX blank started to get a hurnt taste this morning. Around 4, maybe 5 fills.

    @Andii I know you're not a fan, and maybe David or anyone else can weigh in on this too. But what do y'all think about the ceramic blanks? Does useage life 4X more? Or anywhere near the 40 fills it claims?

    Does anyone else notice juice in an ex liquid blank dissipate like 3X faster between .9 and .5 mL than .5 to 0ml? Flavor is definitely stronger, maybe vapor production too. But the juice just disappears on me towards the top half of the tank
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    The reason the liquid is faster between 0.9 & 0.5ml if you look at the blank the canister is at the top which makes less room also if you look where the 0.5ml mark is on the blank it is only one third from the top of the blank then 0.5 to 0ml is a much larger space.

    With the burnt cart you mentioned you originally filled half way test flavors is probably because only half filling the wick did not have enough liquid soaking into the canister.

    I personally prefer the wick blanks as much better flavor as the ceramic drain your battery much faster and the number of fills will depend on what liquid you use they work much better with high PG and tend to have less fills with VG or any dark liquids. 

    Have a great day I am off to bed as 3.30am in Australia.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member

    I made sure I dripped down along the wicks every time. and let them wick for a little bit before I tried. but interesting observation. I am concious when i vape to tip with a wick att the bottom while I tip up to vape. to splash it. and alternate every 2 puffs or every other. and you're right..I never noticed the taper of these tanks. well that's good to know that the rate of discharge is actually even throughout

    and that's kinda disappointing news ceramic blanks drin the battery faster. I'm currently going through 2 EX batteries a day. maybe sometimes 2.5 ever 24 hours? How many batteries do y'all go through a day?
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member
    I do not use the EX battery and use the Classic Long Stainless it's a little longer but normally lasts for 2 of the original wick blanks.The Ceramic blanks drain faster because of the lower ohms.

    My main device is the original Series 3 at its current price is great value and especially with the new Series 3 Pod's can try different liquids without having to buy a full bottle and a pod gives me a full day of vaping I first purchased the Pod's in Menthol 1.2% and was not strong enough and my next purchase was 1.8% I found with the Pod's one strength higher than you normally use works much better.

    I love the design and the airflow is really smooth. 
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    @David1886 ;   Are the pods supposed to sizzle? And are they harsher in your opinion? Just got mine (sahara, 1.8%) and am on the fence about them.. will try it again today and see if my mind changes towards your viewpoint.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member

    the classic long's (manual or automatic btw?) lasts for 2 original EX liquid blanks?!? You mean you need 2 batteries to go through 1 blank right? That's kinda the rate I'm going at. IDK for sure, as I rotate through 2.5 carts to minimize wear and tear on 'em. even tho basically 2 of my EX liquid blanks have basically given out. 1.5. The one's that kinda burnt doesn't bug me, but the one that is for sure burnt can still work. ff I vape very very slow. 1 puff every 30 or so seconds negates the burnt taste.  and i actively rotate the liquid over the wick and hole near the top to ensure [email protected]

    i know it';s probably night time/early morning for you in AU. look forward to what you gota say later [email protected]

    PS (I'm not a hawk but I feel like one of my EX batteries charges much faster than my other one, maybe i'm being paranoid)
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    No I need one classic long automatic battery to go through 2 EX Blanks you will get less on a manual.

    Yes early hours in Australia but have been up all night as there is a strong category Cyclone/Hurricane
    making landfall in my area of Tropical Far North Australia as our season finishes at the end of April.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    woah that's crazy. I guess i'll try one tank for an entire battery. I feel like its the other way around for my EX battery, according to V2, an EX battery is suppose to have the same as a classic long. despite having a smaller mah capacity.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    @David1886 you're probably right. I have 3 bars left and I'm just at the .1mL line...and I'm gonna refill cuz this is my last good tank that's 100%. HOWEVER, I know this for certainty, (I know you don't have lights, but perhaps another EX battery user can confirm) but once 5-3 takes a while. and stays at light #3 for a long time. but once I go to 2. I feel like I don't have many puffs remaining as it goes to 1 to blinking really fast. like 3 to blinking goes much faster.

    PS. I tried the vodka cleaning method and maybe it does help with the burnt taste.(not perfect but slight improvement) I did a quick flush on the semi good one i'm re-using. and leaving one to soak overnight on the tank that's totally burnt.

    no one has told me to STFU about my experiences yet, so I'll give ya an update tomorrow night :-p
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    The classic long seems to last a lot longer also other members have also said the same thing.

    I also have some standard batteries which also last a full blank.

    It's normal for the EX Battery once it goes to 2 lights to have very little time left.

    I clean my blanks with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide as works much better than Vodka I first rinse the liquid out of the blank with warm water then soak in Hydrogen Peroxide overnight rinse again with warm water and let dry for 24 hours.

    When you use the blank again it takes about 10 puffs and is like new on average I do this process about 4 times then start using a new blank.  
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,217Member
    As we all know, vaping experiences vary (sometimes greatly) among individuals.   I like the EX Battery and have several, however, as @David1886, has pointed out, I find that the Classic Long Battery (automatic switch), lasts me longer than the EX Battery.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    All good stuff. Thanks guys. @David1886, do you clean Everytime in between flavors?
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    Cleaning update. The absolutely burnt ex liquid tank j have really got cleaned when I soaked it with vieka overnight. I really think the burnt taste could be gone. I refilled with v2 red. And it's not bad. And I wicked for at least 30 minutes too. The wicks looked brand new compared to the. K only rinsed quikckly and reused my semi burnt one. I might be paranoid nit the wicks look a lil shorter.

    I got 3% hydrogen peroxide too. And I'll try that way next. So far vodka method was a win (I used grey goose tho as that was the only vodka I had, idk if cheap vodka is not as effective, I would think it wouldn't matter, maybe residual flavor won't linger as bad? )
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    Sorry for flooding this thread. But I actually searched before posting about this hehe ;-)

    Has anyone tried Vapor2 E-liquids? How are those tobacco flavors? four seasons and silver spur? I'm still on the search for the perfect Tobacco flavor and seek any and all input.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    @PDXJack ;   Those flavors are high vg... just to make sure you noticed :)
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member
    edited March 27
    I never change flavors with the same blank as personally find they are never the same after cleaning with my Hydrogen Peroxide.
    I have never been interested inVapor2 liquids as do not like there flavors and they are also high VG and will kill your blank straight away.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    From what I've read on vodka, it's supposed to get rid of any residue flavors you might have in the cartridge too... worth a try if your cartridge is shot or if you really dislike a flavor you tried...and you just happen to have some vodka hanging out in the cabinet.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    There's a product out there meant to get rid of old flavors when switching flavors in a tank called flavor switch I think. I saw zophie vapes use it on her YouTube Channel. she used it on her RDA so IDK if it is meant for specifically drippers, but I would assume it would work on anythign w/ cotton or a wick like the EX liquid blanks. I believe the ceramic blanks have no cotton in it at all? Someone correct me on that.

    Flavor Update: IDK If i'm just use to the flavors, but I finally  mustered up the nerve to try congress again. Still my least flavorite flavor in the bunch, but it isn't disgusting anymore. It is definitely tolerable, and if I were to run out of juice in the future, I know I will have this little bottle that'll be able to hold me over until I get more lol

  • MajorDouble7MajorDouble7 Posts: 28Member
    Didn't read the whole thread, but just wanted to throw my hat in the ring...

    Congress is absolutely my one and only go-to flavor of choice.  I've messed around a bit with other suitors, and liked a few of them, but after a short while I just get 'worn out' on the flavor and have to switch back to something more neutral, which is what Congress is for me.  I started at 2.4 and mainly 1.8 in the beginning.  I'm now very recently down from 1.2 to 0.6.

    The Congress is my all day, every day flavor and the only one I buy anymore.  I keep looking at others and just think to myself, "Self, you've got a winning formula, let's keep it going."  I vape it so much now that it honestly seems like a flavorless brand to me; it's just neutral goodness with great throat hit.

    By the way, I started out on classics (carts and bats) and moved into S3s around the time they came out.  There's definitely a difference in 'flavor clarity' between the two (and even more so when you use the ceramic carts for S3), which I think helped me the most in switching from 1.8 to 1.2 and eventually to 0.6 that I'm on now.  Over four years and going strong (cigarettes?  What're those?)!

    TL;DR:  Congress is my jam, all day every day.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    @MajorDouble7 thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate everybody's input.
    I've read other people's opinions and don't get me wrong there's definitely a Congress following. A reoccurring story among many of them had people dislike it initially but after picking it back up later on it was something they really enjoyed.

    I will say after 3+ weeks vaping v2 liquids, I've definitely gotten use to it. Peppermint is still my favorite. Followed by menthol, but I never smoked menthol cigarettes. I just think v2 we're spit on with the flavor profile as well
    as sensation of the cool brisk exhale. Then it's V2 red as I have 1 mL left) and then Sahara. The tobacco flavors have grown on me but they didn't wow me and lure me in like peppemint and menthol did. I do wanna try V2 gold flavor, just unsure at $30 to just try it. I just don't wanna be left with 49mL of a juice I dislike. I got the sampler pack with my ex liquid kit.
  • rileymillerrileymiller Posts: 2Member
    Any melon flavor would do :)
  • rukbat1rukbat1 Posts: 9Member
    I do peppermint.  One of the cleanest and best tasting I've found on the market.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Thanks for sharing everyone! We appreciate the feedback :) I love the melon flavor too :P 
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