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Today is my birthday!!!

rbarron316rbarron316 Posts: 154Member
edited March 10 in Customer Appreciation
Well, not really.  Just sort of. Today is my one year anniversary of smoking cessation and being with V2.  First few months were a bit rocky in getting equipment and flavors working out for me into a settled routine, but how many good things in life don't require a bit of a slog up until you can reach the top.

I don't miss the 46 years of smoking one bit.  No fond memories.  No wistfulness.  No teary eyes (literally). 

In any event, my thanks to V2 for being there when I needed help at that point in my life. 

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  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    Congratulations @rbarron316...I really wish we could get the word out to all the smokers that just can't quit, especially those with heart issues, lung disease, who have had a stroke or cancer. I can only speak of my own experience, but I'm not hacking every morning, not out of breath and I don't stink. I feel incredible! So my conclusion is that vaping is nowhere even in the same ballpark as smoking as far as health is concerned. I'm so glad V2 was the first place I came to in august of last year (it's my half birthday!) as they made the transition effortless. My thanks to V2 as well :)
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,217Member
    @rbarron316,  Congratulations on your one (1) year anniversary . . . one down . . . many more to come.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    I am a little bit late congratulations on your first year anniversary like you V2 helped me stop smoking from day one 3 years ago after smoking for 42 years.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Congrats @rbarron316! Sooo happy to read :) Thank you for choosing V2
    Reading testimonials like yours makes our jobs that much more satisfying :) 
  • dbarmomdbarmom Posts: 147Member ✭✭
    @rbarron316  Ok, I'm a little late to the party, too, but had to congratulate you on this amazing milestone.  It was over 40 years for me, too, when I discovered V2 in 2010.  Coming up on 8 years in October.  One year down, and you'll NEVER go back.  Congrats! 
  • rbarron316rbarron316 Posts: 154Member
    Thanks all.  My only regret is that I didn't take the leap many moons ago.  Better late than never.  
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