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Store locator information & retailers

Hope you don't mind some insight on the store locator information. 

I love the store locator option for area retailers but have recently found out that, at least for my area, the information is out of date and largely inaccurate which can make it quite a challenge for someone looking for products locally instead of online. I recently needed to buy some EX blanks for a trip so didn't have time to order online, The store I usually buy them from here was out of stock so I checked your store locator information and found that 6 or 7 places listed in my area as carrying the EX blanks didn't & further more several of those stores didn't carry any V2 products at all even though they are on the store locator list. So it appears that information is in great need of being updated so we don't have to waste our time going to store after store only to be disappointed. 

The one store in my city that has carried the EX blanks for sometime has told me they tried to re-order the EX blanks but was unable to do so questioning whether or not they were available for the retailers that do carry V2 products. That store has told me that if I can figure out how they should go about ordering more to keep some in stock, they would do so. So, @Samantha could you possibly check into this issue for me? It is helpful to have somewhere local I can go when I need my EX blanks quicker then what it takes to order online. 

I appreciate any help I can get with this! 

Julie H


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey Julie H - This is something we have been trying to work on; it is a great feature but unfortunately, in a lot of our retail locations, products sell out quickly and that may not be reported back to us in a timely fashion. We are trying to get this resolved. What store said they were unable to re order ex blanks? Post here or DM me and I will look into that. Our b2b team is pretty diligent about getting retail orders out to retail locations. 

    I'll be back with a better update - going to look into this now and keep you posted. Thank you for sharing. 
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