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bad batteries?

anyone else been having this problem? v2 ex batteries used to be great, but bought one late last year that was really weak from the start and thought oh well...so bought another recently and it was totally defective, flashing from the start - replaced it by mail and got a new one, good for one day and now it flashes after 2 seconds of inhaling. I don't think I'll bother returning this one, my back-up battery from last year is still working fine for now, and it seems pointless to keep trading dodgy stock...be interested in any views from v2, have loved the company but if the product is consistently defective it gets too annoying to keep chasing, think I need to go and find a more reliable provider...


  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    Maybe it's the charger... I had a charger at the onset that was defective and blamed it on the battery. They sent me a replacement battery only to have the same issue. They sent me a replacement charger and all was fixed. I went ahead and payed for the extra battery because I'm really impressed with them.

    I realize you have a battery that is working... are you using the same charger?  

  • andrewmcandrewmc Posts: 2Member
    no i have a couple of different chargers, and the oldest battery still works fine! just my bad luck, i guess...
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @andrewmc - I am sorry to hear about your V2 batteries. That is def not something we are OK with. I can def process an exchange - I am going to look into your account now and have a CS rep contact you to resolve. Thank you for the feedback and for your patience. We value you as a customer and def want to keep you with us :)
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