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KidollisonKidollison Posts: 3Member
I would like to know if V2 has any plans on improving SHIPPING TIMES and OUT OF STOCK ITEMS?
It's getting so frustrating. MOST of the time when I place an order, the item is out of stock! It doesn't matter if it's batteries, cartridges or a simple accessory.
And SHIPPING! Come ON! I can't get an order delivered in less then 17 days minimum. It's ridiculous. I shop on-line for EVERYTHING in my life, and V2 is the worst shipping times above them all.
Are there plans to improve either of these issues? Or is this just the way it's always going to be.
I absolutely love the V2 products. And I have helped 3 friends quit cigarettes and start using V2, but I can't do that anymore. It's too embarrassing.
I am willing to consider staying with V2, but only if I know that some improvements are in the works. If not, I'm going to HAVE TO find a different vendor.


  • egm7691egm7691 Posts: 4Member
    I have to agree with the shipping times.  Ordered something on 3/12, received notice that it had shipped on 3/13.  The carrier showed the item picked up from V2 on 3/15, two days after I was told it had shipped, and it won't make its way from FL to NY until 3/24.  Eight days is a little ridiculous.  I ordered another item the same day from the same geographical area as V2 and received it today.  It seems these complaints are becoming the norm rather than the exception. 

    It doesn't matter how good the products are, if we, your customers, can't get reliable information and reasonable delivery times, we'll wind up going elsewhere.
  • G8R8U2G8R8U2 Posts: 2Member
    Why they drive these orders all the way to Davenport from Miami I have no clue, but it must make economical sense; Davenport is nearly to Orlando. That must slow and/or complicate delivery times.

    Bigger deal to me is the availability of customer service, especially on weekends. V2 should at least have a skeleton crew working, even if it's only online.
  • usgroupieusgroupie Posts: 5Member
    Agreed.  Even when product is in stock, it can take three days for them just to get it out the door.  Then they ship FedEx Ground which is the slowest on earth ... 10+ days to AZ!  VapeCraft ships basically same day and uses USPS Priority, which must be less cost than FedEx, and its like 3 days in transit.  Also, I still have juice on back order that they already charged me for.  And their EX batts sure don't last long between charges.  V2 sucks.  I'm looking at another system even after wasting all the money on V2.
  • SelcienSelcien Posts: 69Member
    I haven't ran into any of the stock issues yet as I won't knowingly order something that is out of stock, and I've yet to order an in stock item that's been out of stock but hadn't had it's status properly updated. I'm not overly concerned about that as they do partial shipments, as opposed to not sending anything until they have everything, and I know that they will ship the out of stock item/s as soon as they can.

    As for their shipping speed, yeah, they are definitely slow, the amount of time that it takes for an order to reach the shipper, and then the slow shipping speed from that point makes them the slowest company that I order vaping stuff from.

    As for finding a new vendor, make sure that you find something that works for you PRIOR to moving away from V2 as you don't want to put yourself in a situation in which you're dissatisfied with what you ordered, and not have anything to fall back on. Also, it doesn't have to be an either or situation, you can use the V2 products that you're happy with AND products from other companies too, no reason to go from relying entirely on V2 to relying entirely on a different vendor when you can use multiple vendors to ensure that you always have something that works for you.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    I've only ordered once. Got my ex liquid kit today in the mail. I ordered middle of the night 3/8(technically 3/9). Notified it shipped later that day. Took 9 days in transit tho via FedEx ground. But once it reached the NW....USPS took over handling it the last 2 days. (Weird, why not use them from the beginning?)

    So I haven't experienced processing issues. But originally I wanted to get an ex kit with catridges with some ex ceramic blanks but the only ex cartridges that would ship the same day were 1.8% Congress(as of yesterday that was still the case)
    Eventually I modified what I originally wanted and went with the original ex blanks with tobacco sampler. I can't even get to use the battery sleeve which was a main selling point for me. Used cartridges on the go And the EX ceram..ER... EX original blanks at home.

    Sigh...so far unsure on the product. Because I didn't order ceramic blanks, I'm stuck with only PG e liquids at the moment. Not a fan of the tobacco flavors(still gonna give em a more thorough review a few more days). Menthol tastes like a menthol cig tho so props on that. (But I don't smoke menthols).

    IDK how new these ceramic blanks have been, but offering an EX starter kit with them would've been nice. I would've paid the $10 difference easily. Or make $8 more for a nice $79.99. That would've been a fair price point.

    Just my thoughts as of now. More to come in a few days
  • gmaharrietgmaharriet Posts: 8Member
    I use the Series 3 PG Ceramic cartridges. They used to ship in a day or two, but for a couple of months now they show it will take 60 days to ship. Why? Most carts and liquids are available right away, but these apparently aren't kept in stock. Even when they do finally ship, it takes 2 weeks to go from Florida to California. Why aren't they available sooner?
  • snuggles071snuggles071 Posts: 1Member
    why is v2 always out of stock who runs this company and puts in orders and then i see they have specials when they cant ship out the ones ordered and bills credit card i dont understand this happens constantly hope it gets better or ill be looking elsewhere 
  • JPBJPB Posts: 1Member
    I'd like to give V2 a fist bump.  Starting in Nov. 2017 we've had numerous issues with out-of-stock items, orders not shipped in a timely manner and little to no response when contacting customer service.  I'd like to say that our last 2 orders were filled and shipped the same day they were ordered and we received free Priority shipping.  Thank you for the changes you have made and I know you will continue to improve your customer service, while trying to maintain sufficient stock to fulfill your orders.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    We appreciate everyone's feedback and are sorry and are working on improving and stabilizing. Your feedback is appreciated and I have sent it on to our higher-ups.  We are working around the clock to get back to normal inventory and shipping levels. 
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