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EX Blank Duds

Out of the last three package of EX blanks that I have opened, I have had four duds that last a day or so, then only emit hot air instead of vapor from my Sahara e-liquid. At around $5 each, this is becoming an expensive problem, and it has happened once while I was at work leaving me with no other option than to bum a cigarette off of a coworker. 


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Bernsy - Thank you for reaching out; I am going to have a CS manager call you shortly to provide a resolution. We do apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to rectify it.
  • palittlemidgetpalittlemidget Posts: 6Member
    I have one blank like this too...today too I tried to take it off the battery and instead of twisting off, the glass part just pulled off spilling liquid everywhere and leaving the rest of the blank still attached :-(

  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member
    I have had a slightly different issue as over the past 5 months have purchased over 12 boxes mostly during sale events, the most recently used were from the most recent orders and have had 8 fail on the second or third refill also leaking from the base.

    I have been using the EX Blanks for years without issue and am surprised that this has occurred I guess it's just bad luck the 2 I am currently using are perfect.
  • JuliehbirdJuliehbird Posts: 114Member
    Add me to this list, I just had to throw 3 of 6 new Ex carts away. 2 separated from the base when I unscrewed them from battery, I'm careful not to screw them on to tightly but this still happened. The other one leaked from the base (not from the center post area like an overfill leak, but at bottom of the tank area) and with further inspection found a crack at the base and that was causing the leak. This was a first fill and the cart had not been dropped or damaged. 
    I've only had a few problems over the years w/ the Ex carts so to have 3 bad ones out of 6 was a surprise & a bit frustrating give the costs of these carts. Hope V2 takes this info to the manufacturer so these issues can be rectified. 
    @samantha I hope you will pass this on to whomever handles quality control for this product. 
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    I am sorry to read about your ex carts. I am going to have a CS rep contact you shortly with a resolution.

    @David1886 and @palittlemidget - do you need Customer Service (CS) assistance as well? We greatly appreciate you all providing feedback and I will do my best to help you all with a resolution. 
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member
    edited April 17

    Not a big deal mine were from recent orders as when they arrived I just stacked them on top of the existing boxes of blanks I already had at home and it looks like they were just a bad batch as the ones from my previous orders are working perfectly.

    I think it's finally time to place an order for the EX-Ceramic Blanks as have not purchased since my bad experience last year and now all the comments posted are positive.

    There is no need for Customer Service to contact me as they have not been very helpful with my last faulty Series 3 unit which was a replacement that stopped working after a month which was disappointing.

    In making the above comment previously V2 have been fantastic with there customer service and I will always remain a loyal international customer.
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