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One last attempt with V2 pro 3x

Wisardd1Wisardd1 Posts: 8Member
I am taking one last try with V2 pro series 3.  I like this pen, but two died in the first two weeks.  Because I have over $75 of cartridges, I have decided to give it one last chance.  Two of them died from the red light of death.  If this one dies from the same thing I am going relegate it and the company as junk and a rip off.  I like what it does and how it works, but I resent the 6 week turnaround to fix it.  So far, V2 has already shot themselves in the foot with my newest order.  After the took my order, it took a full 8 days to ship it.  They took my money immediately and I find this extremely unprofessional on their part.  The frequency of the red light of death that too many  have experienced” Appears to me to be a result of “faulty engineering” and “carelessness in manufacturing”. I should receive this unit 4/2/18.  I will report weekly for the next 6 months as to how it holds up.  One complaint I posted was deleted, so I am copying this one to repost here and to the many vape critics who have given this unit a thumbs up.  Please support my evaluation


  • Wisardd1Wisardd1 Posts: 8Member
    edited March 30
    I really, really want this one to work and to chalk the other two to very bad luck!  As I said, I like this unit.  I think it is awesome as presented.  4 more days!  Let’s hope for the best✌️
  • Wisardd1Wisardd1 Posts: 8Member
    Fed ex added a day to the delivery.  It is coming to Southern California from Florida via India (not really, but,...)

    3/30/2018 - Friday 
    9:53 am
    In transit
    3/29/2018 - Thursday 
    9:48 pm
    In transit
    3/28/2018 - Wednesday 
    10:19 pm
    Departed FedEx location
    4:07 pm
    Arrived at FedEx location
    3/27/2018 - Tuesday 
    5:07 pm
    In transit
    5:02 am
    Left FedEx origin facility
    3/24/2018 - Saturday 
    11:12 am
    Arrived at FedEx location
    3/23/2018 - Friday 
    7:16 am
    Shipment information sent to FedEx
  • Wisardd1Wisardd1 Posts: 8Member
    Ok, I received thr pro series 3x on 4/3/18.  First off, this unit is far above its’ predecessor.  It is such a better unit that the two being compared would be like comparing a Lotus built by Lotus vs. a VW with sporting Lotus Shell.  In other words, they make look the same, but no where close to the same.  The taste factor, the clould factor, and the additional bells and whistles place this unit far above what I experienced with the 3 series.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @Wisardd1 ; - Welcome to the V2 forum!
    Glad to hear you are loving the 3X! It is my favorite vaporizer too :P Happy vaping and please keep us posted how your experience goes.
  • Wisardd1Wisardd1 Posts: 8Member
    Stupid questim.  Where is the fill line on the cartridge with the stainless steel tip?  My old eyes are not seeing it, and I am getting gurgling!
  • Wisardd1Wisardd1 Posts: 8Member
    Another stupid question:  there is what looks to be an ecig battery.  What is that for?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @Wisardd1 - What cartridge are you using for your Series 3? There should be a thin grey or black line - Let me try to find a photo to share that should be able to help.
  • Wisardd1Wisardd1 Posts: 8Member
    The adjustable stainless one!

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