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VG cartridge selection

I have owned a V2 series 3 for a few months. Worked well on the original carts with some various ejuice. I picked up some vapewild 50/50 and 35/65 because I loved the cost. I bought the ceramic VG carts from V2 for my series 3 but my battery now only lasts a few hours. Is this device really only meant for high PG? I am very disappointed since it seems like 50/50 or higher VG is becoming the new normal for ejuice mix. V2 customer service has been lacking since I get a different answer each time I reach out to them and they ignore the fact the two month old battery drains in two hours. Anyone solved this issue yet? 


  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    I think any ceramic cartridge takes more power to work. With a fully charged series 3, mine (with ceramic vg cart) only lasts an hour and a half tops. I then put on a regular cart and it lasts for another hour. I just ordered a series 3x and will see if it lasts longer. *crossing fingers*
  • Chris747Chris747 Posts: 2Member
    It would be great to know how the 3x works with the 1.2 ohm atomizer. Please keep me posted. Good luck!
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    I'm excited to try the .9 with vg juice... I think the 1.2 would be too much.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    According to ohms law. The lower resistance coil you use, the more power(or watts) will go through the coil. Assuming you use an untegulated device. Idk what kinda settings the 3X has.
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