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How to vape

I have been vaping for about 8 months now and never knew there were different ways to inhale and/or exhale. Look it up!

There are basically 2 methods: Mouth to Lungs (MTL) and Direct to Lungs (DTL).  MTL is how we smoked cigarettes -- Inhale vapor into mouth, wait for it, then into the lungs. You want to do this method with high pg and high nicotine e juice. DTL is vaping directly into the lungs just like breathing without collecting in the mouth first. This method is preferred with high vg and low nicotine levels -- in fact doing this with high nicotine level could really be harmful as you're intaking the nicotine directly into your system.

I'm sure this info is available somewhere on this forum but had no time to comb them today. Right now I'm really enjoying 1/4 sahara with 3/4 black note sonata on my series 3 with vg ceramic cart. I take 3-4 small puffs in mouth (letting air from sides of mouth in) then a longer inhale to lungs and then exhaling a little from nose, the rest from mouth. I really get the full experience of the juice from flavor to lung hit to even a different taste on exhale. There are so many vaping experts who have different methods.. try a few to see which works for you.

If you are a beginner vaper, I would suggest getting high pg  e juice and the mouth to lungs method as it imitates smoking. When you are confident that you have given up the evil sticks, then try out the vg spectrum and DTL, but make sure you have a back up pg vaping machine in case it isn't for you :)


  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    you fancy connoisseur! lol

    I began as a MTL, but have switched to DTL as I've advanced in my journey of vaping. With lower resistance coils, at or below 1 ohm, it usually generates a more powerful vape. and it is definitely unpleasant to MTL. and the High Nicotine makes it even worse.

    I do exhale 1/3-1/2 of it outta my nose than the rest of my mouth on the first or second puff tho. breathing outta the nose feels like I get a fuller/richer taste. but subsequent puffs would be strictly DTL and mouth exhale.
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