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Help Save The Vaping Industry!!!

PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
edited April 12 in V2 News and Updates
If you haven't done the flavor survey for the FDA/CASAA please do so! the FDA wants to regulate flavors and perhaps remove everything and limit us to traditional tobacco and menthol like cigarettes. It's BS! fight for our right to vape!

you can text "CASAA FLAVORS" to 52866 and you can do it on a mobile smart phone

or click this link below


Cheers and Vape on!


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Thank you for sharing @PDXJack! I will also make sure this info is shared on our social channels.... def important to submit your perspective and thoughts about how ecigs/vape pens/eliquids have improved or positively changed your life.
  • gmaharrietgmaharriet Posts: 8Member
    How foolish of the FDA!!! I should think they'd prefer non-nicotine vaping. I only use tobacco flavor, so it doesn't affect me, but I think the FDA is using poor judgment.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    @gmaharriet you should still do the survey and fight for our right to freely vape! For example, lets say you like V2 Sahara, but they make V2 only provide V2 Red for everybody. There are hundreds of tobacco flavor variations, if not more with how the Vaping industry has been like. What if V2's popular V2 menthol flavor got banned because they thought it tasted too close to a type of gum. and they only allow V2 to make an unpopular menthol Flavor? It would be devastating to both V2's valued customers, and themselves as a company.

    States already have certain restrictions on vaping like POOR POOR INDIANA, I hear it's anti vaping in that state or something. My state, Oregon, and it's surround neighbors has some weird tobacco ban that prohibits any big tobacco company to sell e liquid with a food flavor on the label (only applies to e liquid companies that are also owned by Big tobacco, its weird. Sole E liquid companies aren't applicable to the law) So I can't get a certain flavors in e liquid form from an e-cig company who's parent company is big tobacco. I think Big Tobacco is doing a great job at lobbying to our elected officials and skewing this industry in their favor. I don't think it should be that way. I don't think Big Tobacco, OR Big Brother (the Government) should tell us what we can or cannot vape. I would hate to see a law like TPD (tobacco Prime directive?) like in Europe come smashing down on all 50 states. 2mL tanks. no e liquid containing nicotine in bottles larger than 10mL...The list of laws is RIDICULOUS.

    This is AMERICA.
    As an AMERICAN, I believe we should have the freedom to vape as we chose!


  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    edited April 19
    The one thing I wish this industry would do, especially some E liquid companies, work on their marketing. reinvent their products a little bit. Some of their labeling is very childish, childish fonts, bright colorful schemes, cartoon characters(like WTF?)  and I can see how it can influence children to begin vaping. That shit hurts our industry. There's already a large portion of the population with a negative outlook on vaping. We need to change that, ALL PARTIES INVOLVED! I'm talking to vapers too! like be fucking mindful and courteous when vaping, don't chuck clouds in stranger's personal space, respect no smoking/vaping areas. i know it doesn't stink, but dense clouds will linger for a long time, some devices are like mini fog machines. there's such a thing as second hand vape too. people can get a nic buzz if they're in a fogged up room. its 1 TRILLION times healthier than cig smoke, but not completely clean and healthy like ambient air. there's residual nicotine in the vapor we blow out.

    E Liquid companies can make delicious flavors, and have really good mature marketing and labeling strategy. Look at V2's labeling, no silly pictures, no cartoon characters, good color scheme. and it works for them. I'm all for vaping, but I'm against minors vaping. When they reach the legal age in their state to vape, they can for sure make that decision for themselves. (hopefully Nicotine free vape too. like why get a nicotine addiction when you don't have one? But kids are stupid..SMH)

    I guess Camel use to have a cartoon Camel, but they removed that eventually. but I mean Marlboro just have a few lines and the marlboro words labeled on their packaging and it was good enough for me to try them. If it was neon colored, with rick and morty characters, maybe i would've wanted to try smoking at 12 instead of late teens. That shit isn't cool. I didn't know better back then, and sure as hell kids don't either.

    -end Rant
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    Just a friendly reminder that today April 30th, 2018 is the LAST DAY to do the flavors survey for CASAA/FDA. Link and info is in my original post.

    The FDA SHOULD protect us by not allowing companies to produce products that would be detrimental to our health. The FDA SHOULD NOT be able to dictate what kind of flavor we can or can not vape!

    Don't think you're safe and this won't affect you because you just vape "tobacco flavors" and don't like fruity/dessert flavors. There are hundreds if not thousands of tobacco varieties. What if the FDA banned V2 Red and only made V2 Sahara? That would suck.

    It ultimately hurts the industry, and this would start a domino effect and most likely hurt you eventually.


    Vape on friends.
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