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The Series 3x

AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
I've had my 3x for about a week now. I realize now that all my previous stated preferences are out the window. I thought I was a pg person who needed a strong throat hit. Forget that. VG is the most amazing experience ever!

With 3 heat options and the ability to change air flow, it gives enough versatility without being complicated. On the highest setting with air flow open all the way, I receive every possible nuance the vg e juice has to offer, especially if exhaled a little from nose. I'm just amazed. Of course, this is with the .9 ohm atomizer. I am cleaning the cartridge and atomizer before trying a new e juice. I rinse all the parts, then put them in bowl and pour hot water on them, letting them sit for at least 15 minutes stirring every 5, then place on paper towel shaking all water I can off, then placing on clean towel for 12 hours+. It seems like the cartridge itself should last a long, long time. So we'll see how long the atomizers last. I'll post a ballpark figure when one does give out.

Charlie's Chalk Dust is pretty amazing. I thought I couldn't handle vaping a flavored e juice all day, but I have no problems with this stuff. Guava Pear Cobbler is the only one I have tried, but if the rest of the flavors are as spot on as this one, I am sold. Took my 3x filled with the guava pear cobbler to my weekly get together with friends, and they were all amazed with the whole experience, from the device to the e juice. Even had one put in an order for a 3x and some Charlie's!

I think I've done everything right in quitting smoking with V2. I started with pg. PG e juice replicates smoking with throat hit and amount exhaled and tobacco flavor (at least for me with Sahara pg). It made it a much easier transition. I took a drag of a cigarette a couple weeks back and was totally disgusted. I know i will never smoke again. Now that I have conquered it, I am more open to vaping possibilities out there. And vg is an incredible one.

I will give the 1.2 and 1.5 ohm atomizers another chance as my initial goes with them weren't all that. I am more impressed with my series 3 and series 7 dealings with pg. But it you really want to see what vaping vg e juice is like, go with the 3x, a truly astonishing device.


  • rbarron316rbarron316 Posts: 155Member

    Am tickled pink you like the 3x.  It really is pretty neat.  On the PG, you just need to find a flavor that works best for you.  I have good cloud and throat hit with GTM, Bold Leaf Menthol, Black, Pumpkin Spice, and a few others.  Have tried the Sahara, Red, Congress...  They just didn't do it for me.

    Remember, you can use the 3x cartridge in your Series 3 pen.  
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    @rbarron316 ;   Yeah, was really disappointed with the Sahara vg with the .9 ohm...all I got was liquid in my mouth with no vapor at all. It was the first I tried with my new series 3x, so was a brand new atomizer.  I poured out the sahara and primed the atomizer with charlie's chalk dust, and let filled cart sit for 15 minutes and it worked just fine after a couple puffs (thinking back maybe I didn't have bottom on as tight as it should be so will be trying the sahara again). The sahara pg with the 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm were a disappointment as well.. my series 3 and series 7 produce a bunch more vapor. I have some V2 Black I'll give a try with the 1.2 ohm. I would love to hear if other people have tried the sahara vg in the 3x as maybe my experience was due to owner error.

     I think the 3x cartridge is what messed up my Series 3 actually... it was just too much metal for the small magnetic ring to keep in.

    Despite all that, I love my series 3x... I never knew vaping could be like this. With my quick cleaning of the atomizer and cartridge, I can try different e liquids within 12 hours time. And with my series 7 and replacement series 3, I can vape all the sahara pg I want. My series 3x is my vg machine and it does it well.
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member

    hahaha, I can see the hobbyist start to come out of you!

    You know what's funny? I have read countless 'success stories/vape journey's' and for the most part they're all the same. I mean, there are some people who use a cigalike device, and stay there, maybe they ditch prefilled cartomizers (or pods, as pod devices are cool now) and fill their own tank/pods. But for the most part, and IDK why the phenomenon is like this, but A WHOLE LOT OF USERS at varying speeds, will upgrade to a more powerful, device with customizable airflow, power output, or even temperature control( TC sucks and kinda finicky IMO, I like Variable wattage). And some people it may take a few devices before they find their right one. For instance, disposable>cigalike>ego>VW mod. maybe some people do a bunch of homework, or just lucky and found a device that is right for them off the bat. After several juice samplings, they finally find something they like. Order their juice in bulk, and are a happy camper. the end.

    Then there's the select few, hobbyists, people who are 'chasing the perfect vape' and they take even a further step and tweak every little thing about their vape experience. Identifying their ideal PG/VG ratios in their E-Liquid, to even rebuilding their own coils to get a very specific vape at their preferred wattage and ohm level.

    I just find it ironic AND cool that many of us share a similar story. It's something we can all identify besides just being vapers. and in a way, it really creates a community among us, and I like it. It's cool to have that sense of belonging. It's cool to belong to V2 forums to share experiences with others. It's cool to be a part of something healthier than just 'smokers' or better yet 'ex smokers'

    Vape on y'all
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