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Quality of v2 pro cartridge

Has anyone else noticed v2 has made the v2 pro cartridges cheaper in quality? I recently ordered the cartridges and just second time filling the cartridge I noticed a burned taste so I tried another cartridge and same problem. V2 has dropped its price on the cartridges , but still a horrible product to offer at a lower price. V2 plz fix cartridges too expensive to be buying em after just two refills.


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @Greenhaze - Thank you for the feedback. I am not aware of any major changes but I will go and try to add some points to your account for the inconvenience as a one-time courtesy. It's our goal to offer superior vapor products... Let me know if you would like a CS rep to contact you about an exchange?
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 633Member
    edited May 8

    I have had similar issues as purchased 8 X 5 pack boxes and of the Cartridges and the ones with the batch date 13/02/17 were perfect. All were purchased in bulk during sale events and substitutes for not being able to supply the PG Ceramic carts because the PG Ceramic carts were out of stock for so long.

    I have just started using my most recent stock of 5 X 5 packs "if you purchase 5 they arrive in one large box" these had a batch date of 08/29/17 am having similar issues with many only lasting 3-4 refills and am using with V2 Platinum Bold Leaf Menthol.

    I have also had issues with the original wick EX Blanks over the past few months also were purchased in bulk and out of 7 boxes most recently purchased have now had 8 leaking from the base and most of the leaking ones had one of the wicks twisted in a U shape half way down the length of the wick.

    I don't know if V2 have found another cheaper manufacturer as I have noticed the EX Blanks are now out of stock and the quality control of products appears to be substandard over the past 6 months.

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