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How long do cartridges last

jshort110jshort110 Posts: 1Member
Is it just me or are the cartridges lasting a lot shorter time than projected. I would guess they are lasting me less than half a pack pretty routinely and I also find that the Red flavors tend to burn hotter than others. Anybody else finding this?


  • stephankstephank Posts: 142Member
    edited May 2011
    It's not just you, it seems that the carts are not filled as much as they used to be, but it might just be the way I vape (most likely the case). I'm not complaining but I'm noticing that I am using about 2 a day and I used to only use 1 a day and have not been vaping more than usual. I think the carts could use about 6-8 more drops.
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    jshort - see the discussion on page 2 "V2 where is your QC for cart consistency?"
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