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Vapour 2 TRINITY Vaporizer

I see on the Sale page that the Vapour 2 Trinity Vaporizer is for sale but it is not available under Kits. I thought this was a discontinued product. Would be a mean trick if you are just getting rid of last ones in your stock and then accessories are no longer available for it in a month or so when officially discontinued.


  • rbarron316rbarron316 Posts: 118Member
    edited May 12

    Well, that sure is odd.  It had shown as discontinued shortly after I purchased mine in November, 2017.  Just recently loaded up on atomizers and an extra tank for it since I figured they wouldn't be selling those any longer either.

    Even though it is now showing up under Kits-Other, it is also showing up on the Sale page, but at the regular price.  Maybe V2 is doing spring cleaning and found a few left in stock.  Or maybe they are bringing it back.  Who knows.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 111Member
    Bump @samantha

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,444Administrator, Moderator admin
    This is being offered as a Limited Edition only under the V2 Sale page - this isn't a permanent addition to V2.com which is why it is only listed on the Sale page. Hope this helps.
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