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Do you agree? Juul, box mod or V2 Pro Series 3X?

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
edited July 2018 in V2 News and Updates

Some say the high nicotine level in Juul is too high-- meanwhile, V2 offers 5 different nicotine strengths which give more options for all vaping preferences. Plus, this enables v2 customers to drop down their nicotine levels over time if they choose to do so.

Box mods can be fun to vape with but are large and heavy and not always ideal for vapers on-the-go. 

Tell us in the comment section below which vapor device you prefer! If we get at least 10 different commentators, I will give away 200 Vape4Free points to one lucky participant! :) 


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    Oh I think V2 and PRO devices win hands down. More customizable strengths/flavors and way more stylish discreet design than the competition's clunky inelegant contraptions.
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,218Member
    I have never tried a Juul and never will, I am just not interested.
    This past Christmas, I received a Box Mod . . . tried it out . . . it is okay, however,  not for me . . . too bulky, I cleaned it and put it away.
    I own several Pro Series Vaporizers . . . Series 3, Series 3X and Series 7.   I use the Pro Series Vaporizers on a daily basis, finding they are the best . . . light weight, easy to use and convenient.   Add the Pro Pods to any of these devices and you have a winning system.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 644Member
    I normally use the Series 3 and have several and now the PG Ceramic Cartridges issues have been resolved I just received 2 yesterday to try and the vapor produced is fantastic and better than some of the mods and with up to 40 refills at the price are great value for money and simple to use.

    I purchased 2 Trinity Mods from V2 In Australia they preformed well but now with all the options for the Series 3 & 3X they have been retired as the tanks were too small and many times had issues with the atomizers.

    And with the great range of options from V2 and frequent new products and the best warranty and customer service in the vaping industry you can't go wrong.

    Also V2 stringently test there devices and are safe to use where other Box Mods you always see articles about batteries exploding as users push these Mods to the limit cloud chasing.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    I will never try the Juul either @Navy20 . I love my 3x and the vg experience I've been having with it so thought getting a box mod was the next logical step as it would be awesome if it had a bigger tank and the battery lasted longer. Bought one with a 4ml tank and battery that lasted 3 days. Am now going back and forth with their service peeps as the tanks leak badly. With the 3x, I can take as big an inhale as I want with vg e juice and the flavor really shines through and the whole process is beyond smooth. With the box mod, I have to really cut the inhale short as it's just too much... almost harsh. The box mod I have is preset to the coils I put in so I don't have to adjust anything except air flow.. should be a perfect hit every time. It's not. 

    I have the 3x set to high and air flow open all the way...every inhale and exhale are pure joy and I get different tastes at each step. I never knew vaping could be like this. I have 3 carts and atomizers going and clean each after every 3rd refill... the atomizers are still going strong after a month. When my 3x runs out of oomph, I put the cartridge into my series 3 and it works just as well. And I know V2 will take care of me if I have any issues, even if 3 months have gone by. The 3x is one of the best products out there and is well worth the cost. Really phenomenal job, V2 :)
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 644Member
    The Juul is not a vaporizer it's a toy and would not be suitable for anyone to try and quit smoking and the prefilled pods contain only 0.7 ml of e-Liquid.

    Even the V2 prefilled cartridges are much better quality and value for money.

    You should see the amount of Fake Juul kits for sale on eBay from China sellers.
  • SelcienSelcien Posts: 69Member
    The first two pictures don't match the text. The picture of the Juul says "too weak" but the text says "Some say the high nicotine level in Juul is too high". The picture for the box mod says "too strong" but the text says "large and heavy".

    I'm inclined to agree that the Juul is weak, tried one a good while back after hearing a radio advertisement for it. It worked well enough that I was able to quit smoking with it but I had to augment the device with menthol cough drops. It eventually failed though, I had a problem with getting liquid in my mouth every time I put a new pod in so I'd blow into the pod whenever I put a new one in, naturally that resulted in liquid working it's way into the main unit, and it stopped working.

    As for the nicotine level, no, the high nicotine level that can be found in juice that uses Nicotine Salts isn't too high as a person can easily adjust for it by using it less often, and juice that uses Nicotine Salts tend to be used in weak devices where the high nicotine level is needed to compensate for the devices.

    As for box mods, it's obvious that V2 is trying to make them look bad, they have mini box mods which are not large and bulky, and how strong they are is entirely dependent on the tank, and the juice. Everything said about V2s nicotine levels also applies to box mods as a person can easily use V2s juice in a box mod.

    As for the V2 Pro Series 3X, I haven't tried it, I do have the series 3 along with Pro Pods, and it's been VERY disappointing for me, very weak even with 2.4% nicotine Pro Pods.

    I definitely favor box mods, I have a tank that works well for me, the replacement coils cost a fraction of what V2 charges for their refillable carts, and they last a really good amount of time. Of course, I pair them with V2s Menthol and Bold Leaf Menthol as those are the only juices that I've found works well for me.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @Selcien - thanks for your indepth feedback. Really insightful. I'm sorry to hear the S3X hasn't been performing up to par for you? Are the pods not producing enough vapor for you? If that is the case, I'd like to process an exchange because that is not generally how they are suppose to perform. Altho, compared to a box mod, the vapor production of a S3X is not comparable.
  • SelcienSelcien Posts: 69Member
    edited June 2018

    I don't have the S3X, I have the cheaper S3. And for a point of reference, I've been running my mini box mod at 14 watts with a 1.6 ohm coil.
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