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GC India: Vape expectations: If you haven’t switched to an e-cig, you’re already behind the curve

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
Vape expectations: If you haven’t switched to an e-cig, you’re already behind the curve

FULL ARTICLE: https://www.gqindia.com/content/vaping-in-india/

Anubhav Khurana, one of the country's best vape trickers

If you haven’t switched out your chemical- and tar-laced cigarette for an e-cig, you’re already behind the curve. Bhanuj Kappal tumbles down the rabbit hole of vape culture in India – a colourful world of Lego mods and hibiscus juices – to discover a nascent community that’s under siege in the face of a potential national vaping ban.

Rustam Singh talks about vaping with the sort of religious fervour you usually see in Bible-thumping street preachers, or college kids fresh from their first LSD trip. The 27-year-old freelance journalist and editor of pro-atheism quarterly Secular World had been smoking for six years when he picked up an e-cigarette from his local paan shop. It was an off-brand, first-generation device (called cig-a-likes, because they emulate the shape and experience of a cigarette) that cost him only 500 bucks. Not the sort of device, as he himself will tell you, any self-respecting vaper would be caught dead with. But that “crappy little device”, bought out of pure curiosity, changed his life. Within a week, he’d kicked his pack-a-day cigarette habit for good.

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