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Series 3X Ceramic Woes

A few months back, I reported about a problem with excessive fluid leakage from recently purchased 3X Ceramic Carts...Samantha & V2 were very obliging and sent me two replacement filament cartridges (Ceramics were unavailable).

Well, ordered Ceramics when they did become available...after a week or so, they leak so bad as to make the "hit" button wet with fluid...fill and leave standing on table overnite and have a nickel to quarter size puddle underneath.

They also become VERY difficult to draw through after about 20-25 refills...thought they were good for 40 refills?

I used to get 70+ refills from the older (as in original) Ceramic carts...what gives?

Is there any way to "clean" the carts (soaking in something say) that will unclog the cart?

I use V2 Sahara PG only in the 3X Ceramic carts.

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