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Is it the batteries or the chargers?

socalsocal Posts: 2Member
I have two dead V2 classic batteries and two of the old carrying cases with a built-in charger from 2011. The batteries hadn't been charged in a few years because I was only using the Power-Cig for a while. My husband had these stashed somewhere in his truck and I finally got him to dig them out for me. Now I am unable to charge either battery with either charger.  When I plug either of the batteries into either charger, the charger indicates that the battery is full. If I leave it for several hours, the green light goes out but the battery still has no charge. Have tried cleaning the contacts, tried unsuccessfully to reset the batteries with the blowing trick. 

In the meantime I've ordered new batteries/charger kit, which V2 kindly shipped as a partial order since the wall adapter is on back order. While I am waiting for it to arrive, is there any way I can determine if it's the batteries gone bad from sitting unused for too long, or if the chargers themselves have gone bad? Is there any other trick I can try to see if I bring these back to life? 

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  • ailthasailthas Posts: 6Member
    If the batteries drained down to absolute zero then most likely they're completely dead. If you had a multimeter you could tell for sure if they're dead and you could also test current coming from the charger. Multimeters are handy tools to have around anyway.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    Totally agree lithium batteries do not survive in a totally discharged state as the lithium cells become damaged that is why with all V2 products the battery flashes and stops producing vapor when the battery drops below a certain voltage which is built in protection. 


    I am confused about the date in your comment about your dead batteries from 1991.
  • socalsocal Posts: 2Member
    That's what I was afraid of, thank you for confirming. 

    Not sure why I wrote 1991, or where that even came from!!! I meant 2011. 
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