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Cleaning my Series 3 ceramic carts?

Hey all, I have noticed a couple of people have mentioned that they clean their Pro Series 3 ceramic carts with hydrogen peroxide? I have noticed my cart is getting a little blocked after a few uses and am wondering if cleaning it out will help this? I am using PG Sahara liquid. 

What is your actual method that you use to give the carts a clean out? Is it just a matter of putting some HP into the actual cart and letting it soak overnight before emptying out the next day? Or is it a case of soaking the whole unit in HP? That doesn't sound like a good idea to me! Any guidance appreciated.


  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    I have attempted to clean my ceramic S3 carts with Hydrogen Peroxide and it does not work I presume you are talking about the single use Cartridges.

    With the PG Ceramic when attempted to clean soaking overnight and allowing several days to dry when I attempted to refill the e-liquids leaked from the base completely emptying the Cart in a matter of a few minutes and if I had inserted the Cart into my Series 3 would have made it unusable and voiding the warranty.

    I only use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean my Wick EX Blanks and like some other people have had great success and normally clean 4-5 times before discarding
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