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VG cartridge with V2 Platinum Gold E-Liquid?

Hi, folks.

I purchased a Series 3 starter kit that came with the pen, a cartridge, and the USB charger. It was on sale for $29.99.  I never thought to look anywhere to see what cartridge it came with, though it wouldn't have mattered as it doesn't say.  I assumed it would the the PG cartridge.  Luckily, I purchased a separate PG ceramic cartridge to go with the V2 Platinum Gold E-Liquid that I got, as well.  

Well, as it turns out, the cartridge that it comes with is a VG cartridge.  With things being what they are, will it hurt anything if I go ahead and try using the Gold liquid, which is a blend that leans to the PG side, with the VG cartridge?  It won't hurt the pen, will it?  If it tastes awful I have the extra PG cartridge.  

Has anyone tried the Gold E-Liquid with a VG cartridge?   

Thanks for the help and advice.   :)


  • Gabe1972Gabe1972 Posts: 18Member
    I contacted them through Facebook to ask them about using my original V2 wall charger with the USB charger that came with the kit and I asked about this, as well.  It turns out that they may comp me a PG cartridge.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I'll say one thing about V2...they've always had great customer service.  :smile:  Even if they didn't send me one I would still buy from them. 
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 646Member
    I also recently received a Series 3 at the price was to good to resist, you will notice they don't have the V2 logo instead have Vapor2 which is UK stock mine also arrived with a VG Ceramic Cartridge.
    The only issue you might have using the VG Cartridge with the V2 Gold which is high PG is the VG Ceramic is 0.9 sub-ohm which heats the liquid at a much higher temperature worst result you might get a burnt taste but should not damage your Series 3.
    The V2 Series 3 units come with the standard wick PG cartridges but for some reason the UK version comes with the VG Cart.
  • Gabe1972Gabe1972 Posts: 18Member
    Thanks, David1886.  

    I did notice when I opened it up that the cartridge appeared to be a ceramic cartridge, which I thought was odd.  And I did notice the Vapour 2 name, but I thought it was just their attempt at being fancy, but they pulled a fast one on me!  LOL.  I'm sure the pen is the same thing with a just a different name.  

    But, they actually called me today, and they're sending me a PG cartridge.  :) 

    I'm not used to the Series 3 and I used the separate PG cartridge I bought and the Gold liquid I bought.  I had used Gold liquid in the past and I really liked it, but with this it tastes absolutely awful.  I don't know if it's the liquid or the pen or the cart, but it's terrible.  Luckily, I still have some Vanilla liquid left from my previous order, so I emptied the cartridge out, rinsed it, and it's presently drying.  After a day or two I'm going to try the Vanilla, and other than possibly being a little stronger than when using my EX pen and cartridge, it should taste very similar.  If not, I might just go back to the EX pen and carts.     
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