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V2 Pro Series 7 Pro Pods + Adapter TUTORIAL... Comment/Enter Now to Win FREE Pods+Adapter!

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,482Administrator, Moderator admin
edited August 31 in V2 News and Updates
Hey everyone!

This month's V2 Customer of the Month Forum Contest (August 2018) is a little different. Check out the tutorial below. Simply comment on this thread in the next 48 hours for your chance to win a free pack of V2 Pro Pods (   ) and an adaptor. Do we have any Series 7 vapers in here? Let us know what vape pen or ecig you use below in the comment section and what Pod flavor/strength you would prefer if you win this contest/giveaway! :) 

(Since The forum won't let me upload the video... watch it here on our Facebook page:)



  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,180Member
    I use the V2 Pro Pods in my Series 3, 3X and 7 . . . A great product and very convenient when out and about. If I were to win, I would like to receive the Menthol BOLD 3.4 % Pro Pod.
  • OBLIV10USOBLIV10US Posts: 31Member
    @Navy20 Bula from your Fiji Islands brother! I use the 3x Pro. I have only used the free sample of the Red Pods that came with it and love the flavour. I didn't like it too much though as I found the draw harder and than the 3x pro's atomiser and tank. I'm a fan of the steel mouth tips as well. I also made the mistake of buying the normal tanks instead of the 3x Pro tank with airflow settings, they also have a harder draw to my liking. I'm interested in how the the 7 series is? Thick clouds? Or is the V2 mod a better option for thicker clouds? PS I do not want to participate in this compatition. Just want to hear back from @Navy20 lol Vinaka from Fiji!
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,180Member

    Why not participate ?

    What would hold you back ?

    You are a member of this Forum and I enjoy reading your posts.

    I have always thought of this Forum as an extended family. While I may never meet these people in person, I feel as though I have gained many friendships, people that have helped me throughout my Vaping journey, allowing me to advance through this process of switching from “tobacco” to a much better alternative, people that I can rely on to get honest opinions and/or answers to my questions and inquiries. While I am certain that I have alot to learn, I have been taught a great deal.

    The members of this Forum are great people . . . We have all faulted and / or stumbled at one time or another and through trial and error, through participation in this Forum, we have helped one another as we advance through the course of our journey to a “smoke free” lifestyle.

    Take Care . . .
  • hypermanhyperman Posts: 23Member

    I also use the 3x pro with the adjustable air flow tanks and like them a lot (and just as you, I don't like the other type of tanks or pods for the 3x series), I have not tried the 7 series but I did recently buy the Vapour 2 and I can say you get HUGE clouds from it!  The only downside to the Vapour 2 is those clouds come at a cost, and that is you go through a lot more e-juice then the 3x pods.  Another point with the Vapour 2 is the PG was just too much of a hit for me, but the VG is a perfect hit

    Another hint with the 3x is I also prefer the metal mouthpiece but for easier identification, I use the metal on the PG tanks and the black on the VG tanks, helps avoid confusion between them

    hope that helps
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,482Administrator, Moderator admin
    @Navy20! You are our winner :P Pls DM me your email address and mailing address. TY
  • OBLIV10USOBLIV10US Posts: 31Member
    @Navy20 Congratumalations brother!

    @hyperman thanks for the information!! I will get a S3X Liquid tank and a pack 0.9ohm atomiser with my next purchase. Im happy with the VG low nicotine content.  

    @samantha in the near future, making an option for choosing the atomisers and extra tank in a Series3X pro kit would be great. As it comes with 2 PG atomisers (1.5 & 1.2ohm) and only 1 VG atomiser (0.9 ohm) for the S3X tank and then another S3 PG tank. So technically I only get 1 useable tank and atomiser with my VG ejuice choice  :'( 
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,180Member

    Thank You
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 579Member
    Congratulations on your win and you are 100% correct the forum is a great place to find help and solutions to any issues and read comments from people worldwide like @OBLIV10US who has helped keep the forum a fun place with some great comments and pictures.
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,180Member

    Thank You
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