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Product discounts

Why is it that long time users/customers don't get advance notice of upcoming sales?  Example is the announced today Labor Day sale of 25% off.  Just 2 days ago I placed a $150 order for e-liquid and was not aware that if I waited a few days to order I could get the 25% discount and saved $37.  For someone who spends $100s of dollars a year on V2 products this does not make me feel like a valued customer.  V2 should pre-announce sales and specials via email to existing customer, or at least to those who have a history of larger purchases.  I can't tell you how upset I get when the coupons offered are only for new customer, not long time customers.  I understand the desire to lure new customer and enlarge the base, but doing so alienates the existing customers since the web site is the only retail outlet available.  Don't tell me that there are 100s of retailers offering the product because there aren't ANY in my area.  I visited ALL of the ones listed in your find a retailer app and I only found 1 of 10 that actually had product and it was only the one time carts, in other words we are captive to your web site, the other retailers said they couldn't remember when they carried V2 products. 

You have a great product and it has helped me to not smoke cigarettes for 2 1/2 years, but I would not recommend V2 to my friends because of you lack of loyalty to your existing long time customers.


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @donwhis - We send our early emails to our VIP loyalty program customers. This is one of the many incentives of being a top-tier member of our Vape 4 Free program. You can become one of these top tier members by submitting reviews, following us on social profiles, shopping, etc.

    See details here: https://www.v2.com/help/vape-4-free

    Also note - If you *DO* refer new customers to us and they use your Vape4Free referral code, they get 16% off their V2 kit and you get a $50 store credit. :D So it actually would be a great idea that would benefit you greatly to refer customers. :D LEARN MORE AND SIGN UP NOW while this promotion lasts: http://bit.ly/2OV2z4m

    And then on the official day of the public launch on all social channels as well as email blasts. We sent out at least 3-4 emails over the past 4-5 days. We do greatly appreciate your business and support, no matter how small or big a purchase. It was not our intention to make our customers feel less than. It is just an incentive for being a VIP member.

    Also, pls DM me your city/state/zip and I will reach out to our B2B team to see if we can get V2 products replaced at your local gas stations/retailers. We do apologize about that and are working on getting retail products replenished. 

    Also HUGE congrats on 2.5 year smoke-free anniversary! That is amazing and we're so happy to read that V2 has helped you make such a significant and positive change. 
  • Jazzkitty6Jazzkitty6 Posts: 75Member
    I totally feel the same way as you do donwhis. Every time I log on to order I get that 25% off popup, for new customers only, and it's like a slap in the face. But the moment you say anything the go to reply is always to push the referral program yet that only works a few times and only if you know people to refer who vape the same style equipment as V2. Plus, product quality, aside from the eliquid, has been sketchy at best and I don't want to refer someone and then they end up getting faulty batteries, vape devices, blanks, etc. I did try referring someone once but they ended up not ordering out of a lack of trust in the site when, at checkout, they saw a settlement fee of nearly ten bucks tacked onto the total of what would have been a pricey order. I was "luckily" enough to be on the phone with them when they saw that little suprise cause they forgot to get my referral number from me. Basically, they felt that any company that forces the customer to pay when the company is the one who messed up is not a company they trusted and they did not want to give them their business. If I didn't like the coffee eliquid so much, I would have dropped V2 a long time ago. I went from spending at least a 100 a month, but usually more, to only ordering eliquid, having found other sites to order batteries and EX style blank carts and the cost is astronomically cheaper than V2 but the quality is stellar.

    It's sad though because I was a die hard B2 supporter and never would have looked at any other companies had V2 not started price gouging their long time costumers. And when their are any percent off sales, the customers aren't getting the full discount because they get charged the settlement fee, which increases the larger your order is. This month all I ordered was 2 bottles of liquid and a battery and paid $4.38 in "Tobacco Settlement Fee." And the fee amount was not more because of the battery, since most months I only order liquid now, with last month only buying 1 bottle elquid, saving $2.70 cause of the sale but paying $1.89 for the settlement fee. The company infringed on a patent but makes the customer pay for.

    Customers complained less online about the fee when the monthly coupon code was still being given because, even though it still pissed people off, at least it covered the cost of the settlement fee. V2 has grown enough now that theh shouldn't have keep charging their customers for mistakes the company made, especially when the bulk of the products cost vastly more than most other vape companies. Like I said, if I didn't love the coffee eliquid so much and if I could find it somewhere else that tasted the same as V2, I would order all my supplies from the other companies I purchase from. I just hope V2 starts listening to their long time customers soon before it's too late to keep them all.
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