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Making Sense of Hong Kong's Ban on E-Cigarettes and Approval to Continue Selling Tobacco Products

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
edited October 27 in V2 News and Updates
Hi everyone!

Many of you may have seen the news that Hong Kong has outright banned e-cigarettes. Well, we wanted to offer a more complete picture of the vaping and smoking arena in Hong Kong... tell us your thoughts. Check out all facts/info below with verifiable sources. The more vapers opening discuss the major difference between smoking and vaping, the more likely it is that non-vapers can better understand the topic.  

Hong Kong to Enforce a Total Ban on E-Cigarettes: https://www.vapingpost.com/2018/10/16/hong-kong-to-enforce-a-total-ban-on-e-cigarettes/ 

The ban was announced last Wednesday by Chief Executive Carrie Lam during a policy address. Earlier this month, four medical groups in Hong Kong had called for a total ban on e-cigarettes, after local surveys indicated a 55% rise in primary schoolchildren who had tried vaping.

The Council on Smoking and Health, Federation of Medical Societies, Medical Association and Dental Association, joined forces in urging local policy makers to implement the ban. Daniel Ho Sai-yin, from the Council on Smoking and Health, pointed out that the surveys  found that the proportion of primary pupils who had tried e-cigarettes had increased from 2.9% in the 2016-17 scholastic year, to 4.5% in 2017-18.

Another country bans e-cigs, whilst leaving deadlier cigarettes widely available

The duty of public health officials is to weigh the benefits and adverse effects of any intervention and check where the balance lies, and in the case of e-cigarettes, the benefits outweigh the adverse effects.
Last June, Hong Kong’s lawmakers had proposed more sensible regulations that would have banned the sales of e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn products and herbal cigarettes to minors, place health warnings on the packaging of these products, and also ban any advertising. Essentially these rules would have regulated these products in the same way as combustible cigarettes.

The following month, the Committee on Home-School Co-operation and the Federations of Parent-Teacher Associations had distributed questionnaires to parents of students in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, in order to gauge their opinion about vaping.

The survey had included the participation of 3,374 parents, of whom 82% called for the ban. Sixty nine percent of the respondents said that the products are attractive to youngsters, 67% worried that their children would be enticed to start vaping, and 60% were afraid that the devices will lure their children to smoke real cigarettes. 

At the same time, tobacco smoking products are legal in Hong Kong and 2017 sales saw decent growth: https://www.euromonitor.com/tobacco-in-hong-kong-china/report 

Bloomberg recently published an article with top Big Tobacco CEO saying they believe these government bodies have made a mistake and will reverse these bans on ecigs: 

CEO Sees Regions Overturning E-Cigarette Bans: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-23/philip-morris-ceo-sees-global-rollback-of-high-tech-device-bans

Meanwhile, in Disneyland Hong Kong, a theme park designed for children, allows visitors and tourists alike can legally smoke tobacco products in designated smoking areas. SOURCE: https://www.hongkongdisneyland.com/faq/park/designated-smoking-areas/ 

What are your thoughts on this approach to policy in Hong Kong? Does this make sense from a health standpoint? Tell us what you think in the comment section below! 


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    This is clearly not a decision based on health science or common sense. 

    This decision points to the Tobacco Industry influencing a governments decision making and clearly defines the disparity in power between the Vaping Industry and the Tobacco Industry. 
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