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Why are we being ripped off????

Can someone plz explain to me the 4.75 fee. I'm tired of hearing its temporary. I've been a customer for 5 years. I'm 50 years old. If you guys dont know this by now you nvr will. Were being gouged and it's not right. I'd hate to leave v2 but it's looking more n more like I'm gonna. I paid 8 extra dollars today for an order counting the other stupid fee you tack on. Its adds up v2. Also am I supposed to take off work and wait 12 hours for fed ex??? We all have jobs. Age verification my ass. This is ridiculous


  • GotVapeGotVape Posts: 4Member
    I feel your pain man, I am in the same boat.  Been ordering from V2 for years now, way over the age to buy tobacco products and no way in hell am I going to take off work early just to sign for their product.  I order from V2 for the convenience, but this new shipping cost and age verify crap is no convenience for me.  I went to a local vape shop and found a great blend they make right there, no need to order online or wait for V2 to get shit in stock.

    I said it before and I will say it again, V2 must really think the opinion of their product is so high in our valuation that they will give us all the middle finger.

    The worst part is, none of the FDA regulations state that companies should apply this universally, V2 just chose to do that on their own while the skip to the bank with their newly found "regulation compliance" fee that they suckered so many people into.

    Personally I dont give a crap if Samantha says she will find a positive shipping experience for us if we DM her our order number.  There is no way in hell I am giving V2 anymore money on the hope that they do something right for a change.

    I am actually hoping that we see v2 in Chapter 11 in the very near future.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi all - We apologize for the inconvenience. We will have a major update for you all on Friday afternoon EST with further updates/details about this matter.
  • EllEll Posts: 14Member
    I have to agree 100% that this fee is ridiculous. FedEx comes at 8:45am with my order...where am I? At work of course. I can't be home to sign for this and the fee is just another expensive add-on that makes me rethink if it is worth it to order from V2 anymore. 
  • rukbat1rukbat1 Posts: 9Member
    Yes these fee's are a joke, all of them.  And good luck in DMing @samanatha, 3 messages no response, even after she told me to send her my order numbers.  No adjustment, no shipping credit, no action by V2.  Since you can't find there products in smoke shops, even though they say they are available in stores near me, How are they going to keep there online customers if they continue on with all these fees and failed product launches?  remember how bad it was getting ceramic tanks?? THey touted the 7x for a year, took prepaid orders then poof no 7x that I was looking forward to getting!.....how many times can they let there loyal customers down before we pack up and go!!!!
  • EllEll Posts: 14Member
    I just DM'ed Samantha with my order # and am hoping for the best. I remember the ceramic tank fiasco. I had to move on to a different companies vape pen because of it. But, I still order all my e-juice through V2. I really should look around at local vape shops and see if I can find something similar. I just can't afford this new fee (on top of settlement fee) plus the hassle of signing for it. There should be something V2 can do regarding proof of age without having a signing fee for every order which is just crazy. 
  • kqnashkqnash Posts: 13Member
    Several of us have called today, Friday afternoon, and the only update is everything seems to be shut down.
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