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rbarron316rbarron316 Posts: 155Member
It doesn't have to be "Goodbye".  On Nov 2nd, V2 announced their closure.  On Nov 7th, a new private forum was started elsewhere.  To date, 32 former V2'ers have joined (one left us a couple of hours after joining for whatever reason), contributing 70 topics and 720 posts.  As with many forums, not everyone pipes up, but we're there for each other when the need arises.

There are an additional 25 former V2'ers who we have contacted, but where we have yet to receive any response.  Quite possible many had already gone on to greener pastures a while ago or departed once the closure was announced.  Perhaps there is just no interest in participating.  To each their own.

For any fence sitters who we've contacted but who haven't reached out to us, this may be your last opportunity.  Should V2 shut down their forum, it's game over.

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