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PINK BATTERIES...Whos with me:-)

EmmasEmmas Posts: 57Member
edited May 2011 in Entertainment and Humor
Okay I REALLY want pink batteries!!!!! I think green would be pretty too!!!!! But the LED colors we should get to pick:-) Who agrees?? Can we get this going:-)???


  • Stephanie_V2cigsStephanie_V2cigs Posts: 546Banned
    I want to see pink with white LED ;-)
  • EmmasEmmas Posts: 57Member
    Stephanie  that would be awesome!!!! So who do we talk to to get this started??? :-)
  • Carmen_v2cigsCarmen_v2cigs Posts: 203Member ✭✭
    I think Pink batteries would be really cute! they could go with the peppermint carts! :x
  • stephankstephank Posts: 142Member
    edited May 2011

    There should be pink batteries, and every Pink Battery sold, V2 should donate a $1 to the

    Susan G. Komen for the Cure® foundation

  • jcramer20jcramer20 Posts: 227Member
    I like that Idea, And put the I love boobies phrase on the battery with the ribbon.
  • Jennifer_v2cigsJennifer_v2cigs Posts: 31Member

    @stephank and Jcramer20  - Both excellent ideas for pink batteries!!  I can dig that!

  • EmmasEmmas Posts: 57Member
    oh yes yes yes!!!!!! Pretty in Pink:-) So seriously V2 gals how do get managment to do this????
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member

    Pink is a must   too sweet     i also like the idea of green u brought up...like an emerald or teal or both


  • TamyTamy Posts: 1,882V2 Veteran
    They have a pink one with a white LED. I got 2 in my prize pack and there realy cool.
  • EmmasEmmas Posts: 57Member

    Tamy I had read that somewhere but now they just need to offer them to the rest of us unlucky peepe:-) LOL

    Amy-I love teal, but my fav color would be a true green!!

  • DaisyleeDaisylee Posts: 114Member
    I also vote for pink batteries and a pink LED to match.  I have one of those from another vendor and always gets lots of interest when I use it in public, but I prefer V2 batts.  Love the ribbon idea and donate for the cure, I'd pay $1 more for it if the $1 went to the effort to find the cure.
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    Daisylee  and very close personal friend of mine was affected by breast cancer and the ribbon is definately worth the extra $1!!!!!!!!!
  • EmmasEmmas Posts: 57Member
    Daisy i LOVE the idea of a pink LED on the end of a pink battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • windyday270windyday270 Posts: 31Member
    Oooorrrrrrrr white battery with pink flowers on it and a pink LED or maybe a cute little hello kitty print on the battery.... This is sad im almost 29 and still loves hello kitty.....

  • ChillChill Posts: 6Member
    I REALLY want a pink one!
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    Oh man guys!!! Great idea...first off...as much of a Tom Boy as I can be...I really like being a girly girl too : ) Like sundresses....right JackieO??? LOL
    But seriously...I love Pink!!! And, I really love the idea of a Pink E-Cig....with V2 donating part of it's Proceeds...or paying an extra $ for it...to be donated for Breast Cancer...the sad thing is...if you don't know someone already...that has had Breast Cancer...chances are...in your lifetime...you will : ( RIP MOM...I love you

    We gotta keep you around Stephank...you have GREAT ideas!!! : )

  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    Ohh . . . I'd pay $1 more for a pink battery, white LED, where the proceeds go for a cure and has a ribbon on it for women and a black one, white LED, with a pink ribbon for the men.  You know how they are now with the pink peppermint carts already.   ;)

    GREEN would be second BEST to the Breast Cancer battery.
  • JaniceJanice Posts: 380Member
    Wonderful idea! Love the idea of the pink batteries. One of my best friends went thru breast cancer, surgery, chemo, radiation, and daily injections afterwards (another nurse friend & myself took turns going to her home to inject them), now she's completely in remission! Also my 81 yr old mom-in-law just went thru surgery and they got it ALL but having a difficult recovery due to her age & other medical problems. And don't forget that men can also get breast cancer.
  • CatLadyCatLady Posts: 619Member
    Hey, Janice.  I thought I was the only one still up.  Pretty good idea, huh?  (The pink batts, I mean.)
  • JaniceJanice Posts: 380Member
    Nope, I'm a night owl usually but need to try & sleep. Will get news hopefully today about where we go for his treatments. If not this weekend have g-son graduating tonite, g-daughter's BD Party Saturday, & Mom's BD party Sunday! Hope we don't leave til next week cuz still have alot to do!
  • cindycatedcindycated Posts: 123Member
    Pink batts with white LEDs and silver cartos gets my vote!
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Hey, I'll pay the extra  $1.00 for the charity, but pink? 
    I'm not female or gay, so..nah!

    (sister in law just had surgery on wed.)
  • windyday270windyday270 Posts: 31Member
    @EP Sooooo you're not happy hehe.
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member

    ♬ I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty and gay  

    and I love pink!!! Yah pink batteries.....I already dig ❤ my pink carts : }

  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    roflmao    thanks vapetress     i feel pretty o so pretty....   hehehehehehe  gonna vape
  • KraZ4sureKraZ4sure Posts: 60Member
    edited May 2011
    Stephank, most definitely a great idea.  Pink with Hot Pink Swirls or Ribbons.  Silver cartridges  Diva!  I want to see a few colors available for all the flavors of cartridges.  Mainstream black, blue, silver, purple and red.  I love Sahara but mustard yellow is not a good look for me.  Going for breast cancer why not go for heart and lung with a heart inkjob on the black cartridges or a cleverly put crossed out "C" ink job on the black as well  :P However, their are a lot of crappy pretty looking ecigs out there.  Put the $ into quality first.  That is what we like.
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    From Andries:

    And my absolute favorite of all--------------- drum roll please!.......

    A brand new brand of electronic cigarette products and accessories designed for fashionable women! ..... launching in the FALL 2011!

    im guessing this may include pink batteries? maybe a kit similar to the fathers day kit in blue?

  • cindy3667cindy3667 Posts: 13Member
    I think they should come out with battery wraps that can cover the battery and change the colors. That would b cool.
  • KraZ4sureKraZ4sure Posts: 60Member
    @cindy I would like the wraps as well,  although they are easy to find just one more merchant to buy through.  Cartridge customized wraps would be the bomb!!!
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    IF you want to color your batteries . . . I have heard that electronic shrink wrap works and you can get them at any electronic store or I have heard that Walmart sells them as well.   ;-)
  • TamyTamy Posts: 1,882V2 Veteran
    I have the pink battrey with the white led, so it should be hiting the market some time.
  • CatLadyCatLady Posts: 619Member
    @GeekyGirl--What a concept!!!  That should work beautifully, and waterproof, too.  I only remember shrink tubing coming in black and clear, though.  I guess a lot has changed in the last 10 years.
  • nomorecigsnomorecigs Posts: 1,582Member
    @Tamy, do you think you got a sneak peek at what will be the lady couture line?  I'm thinking colors/patterns & sparkle tips too.  You're so lucky to have won such a nice assortment! 
  • TamyTamy Posts: 1,882V2 Veteran
    @nomorecigs I never put the 2 together, but I do think that the pink battery's may be part of the new girly line.
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 2011
    Apparently Tamy's ferrets agree with all of you. They took her beloved P I N K battery. Ya know, and they cannot find it now.
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