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newly registered vaporer

GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
edited May 2011 in Entertainment and Humor
bought my starter kit in feb and have been lurking...finally decided to join in on the fun lol

ive tried menthol cherry chocolate and vanilla flavors...have 1 auto and one manual bat...and love long walks on the beach (while vaping of course!)

just thought id say hi before posting actual questions on the forum :)


  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    @Geez: Hi, welcome, not only to the wonderful world of vaping, but the wonderful world and wonderful people of the V2 forum. Wow, you've been doing this since February, and you still only have 2 batteries LOL ; ) I'm kidding of course...it's just so many of us, by the time a month or 2 has passed, has usually added a few more batteries to their arsenal : )
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    Hello Vapetress! thank you :) yeah been vaping on a budget haha... definitely want at least 1 more manual battery! i see they made the auto cutoff longer so if nothing else for that alone! but i've noticed a few times where it would be nice to have 3...like when i forget to charge after being out all night lol

  • kaykaykaykay Posts: 11,654Member
    hey geez..welcom to the forum..i ve been here 4 about of week without a v2..still waiting on mine..hey can u guys tell me if u like the v2 menthols?..what can u compare it 2?
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    @Geeze; I have one recommendation for you oh, and KayKay, this goes for you too. You are really gonna want to get a passthru at some point. Here at V2 they are called a Notebook Cig. and/or a Power Cig. either/or will basically do the same job. They are wonderful for saving your precious batteries. Anytime you are near your computer (me, a lot!! ) you can plug into your computer's USB port (or you can plug it into the wall adapter, if you're near an outlet). This way you use this, instead of your battery.
  • nomorecigsnomorecigs Posts: 1,582Member
    edited May 2011

    @Geez ;  Welcome!  Funny coming from me since you've been using V2 longer!  Ya the beach is the greatest isn't it, no more fighting wind & I use to worry about where/who my smoke was blowing to.  Might I assume you're on the west coast due to time of post?  Use to live in Huntington beach, Ca but moved due to schools/jobs, ended here on east coast after all graduated, in SC.

    And like Vapetress said, notebk/power cig is great to have!  She knows her stuff!

    @kaykay ;  Sure hope your kit gets to you soon, you will love it!  Menthols are great, cooling with a hint of sweetness. Caught myself saying out loud few times, Oh these are good!  Did cough the first few hits due to difference between "smoke" & "vapor", but quickly adjusted!  Never looked back after getting kit, did try one analog that night just to compare and gagged!  Not had one since!  Peppermint are good too, just a lighter flavor of mint, where Menthols are menthol w/feeling!  :x

  • jrny1jrny1 Posts: 1,082Member
    Hey Kaykay, have you been tracking your order? and hey geez, I am new to this too so from one newbie to another welcome. I ordered mine Friday, it shipped Monday so a few more days and I should have my first V2 and looking forward to it but in the mean time I am vaping on a knock off version to keep from smoking analog
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    thank you everyone! does the passthru hold a charge as well or can you ONLY use it when its plugged in? im not home alot so that might not do me too much good lol.  menthol w/feeling... i like that haha

    @kaykay menthol was the first flavor i bought, only got the other flavors because i wanted to test them out. i am going back to menthol because they seem to be my favorite right now!

    @nomorecigs yeah...WESSYDE!!! i live in corona/riverside, been to huntington plenty of times, great beach. i know what you mean, with so many people its hard NOT to blow your smoke towards someone. 
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    edited May 2011
    @Geez: Can only be used with a power source. It does not hold a charge or take a charge.

    Just like the PowerCig, the V2 Notebook-Cig will work with any V2 power adapter (either the V2 Auto Adapter, or the V2 Wall Adapter), so you can use the Notebook-Cig in your Car, or plugged into any US wall outlet. The V2 NotebookCig is equipped with a 4.25 (1.29 meters) cord (if you are looking for a longer cord please see the V2 PowerCig).

    The V2 Notebook-Cig is currently available in black color, manual switch, only!

    !--This item is currently only available in manual (you must press a button to activate the atomizer)-

    As you can see....you can use it in your car too : ) I do, and love it!!!!

  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    ok i am somewhat convinced i need one now. V2 hired you as a saleswoman...didnt they??? :)
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    @Geez: LOL no....but they can pay me in supplies....if they wish : ) LOL ;;)

  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    well i want a finders fee because you would be perfect lol
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    Awwww  :">
    I think you're my new "favorite"....I do play favorites LOL

  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    Hey Geez, was wondering if that is said with a long or short G... I mean is like Geese or Jeep... just curious....
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    like jesus (geez-us) lol
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    one more thing....try not to take my posts too seriously lol
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member

    lol @ my last post...told yall haha

    why didnt TH welcome me??? :(
  • Hey my bad..... Fat headed...... Pooh butt! Welcome! :D .......

    I think I didn't welcome you back then b/c I knew you were going to be mean to me..... Intuition! :p
  • TraLTraL Posts: 13,305Member
    TH= Brilliant!  
  • jrny1jrny1 Posts: 1,082Member



  • :D @Geez......... No comment?
  • SammySammy Posts: 862Member
    Lol TH you Rawk!
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    lmao i forgot to reply last night

    now all i need is for prettyinink to welcome me :D
  • PrettyininkPrettyinink Posts: 1,319Member ✭✭
    Welcome Geez! Hope this works from my smart phone! Lol
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited July 2011
    Wow Geez ...REALLY? Do we need to start a support group for you?  Hahaha :D
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Smart phone? You just turn the dial 7 times and it calls the other number. Smart?
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    some times 11 jack....
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Yeah for long distance, man your index finger takes a beating from that dial.
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    when i was younger we had a rotary phone....people with 7s 8s and 9s in their numbers sucked haha
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    @Pretty Thank you!! :D
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    Now who is the suck up @Geez..............image

    @Geez i hated # that were like 292 ect... short then long, short then long etc
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    wtf i didnt call you a suck up... lol
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    i think your best friend jmo did
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    I now that.... just fffin wit ya..... @Geez
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    lmao i know...didnt want to ignore it tho haha
  • You guys are so wrong in so many ways!
  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    oh yeah what support group do you suggest? lol
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