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Another Newbie

scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
edited May 2011 in Entertainment and Humor
Hi all,Yes another newbie has joined the club of vaping... My name is Scot in case you couldn't figure that out by my title.... Thanks to all of you in this forum and Pixie  from CS I took the plunge with V2 and couldn't be happier with my decision to go with V2.... I have been a 1 to 1 1/2 pack a day smoker for the last 15 or so years and have tried quitting several times like most of you guys here in the forums with no success... For me the biggest challenge had been the hand to mouth habit with the e cig I think I have a chance at beating the nasty habit... If not I'll hopefully at the very least save my lungs and some serious dough, analogs in WA state are well over $7.00 bucks a pop (you do the math).... Also have a great support group with the forum gang....

Anywho, I thought I'd introduce myself to everybody and say thanks for all the great info and chuckles I've had reading the threads....

A suggestion for the moderators, how about creating a permanent forum for the newbies like myself to say hello and the whole introduction thing....


  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Welcome & best of luck - I found it real easy - others struggle some. In the great tax-you-to-death state of Connecticut, cigarettes are $8.50 and going up June 1st. Let's just throw another 50¢ on it. Gotta love it.
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    I smoked pall mall filter full flavs and they are usually about a buck cheaper than the standards ie marlboro, camel, etc........ I still puff a few analogs thru the day but hey I'm just starting and 4 or 5 a day is a lot better than a pack or pack and a half......BTW pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I'll try not to consume too many of your 18mg MENTHOL'S....... They are very good, I was not a big menthol guy before.......
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Hmmm, seem to have a reputation around here. Yeah, don't consume those. Are they giving those out in the sample pack?

  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    Welcome Scott! I just registered here as well. Alot of cool people here. Don't forget to pledge your allegiance to JackieO in the Fan club thread! 
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    I ordered the congress that somebody pushes on the forums but got menthol by mistake.... I had to try them and discovered I was a closet menthol lover....

    Sorry that's a lie, I good heard they were really and had to try them.... They are REALLY good.....
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    That was suppose to say " I heard they were really good"
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    BTW I learned something from CS that I have not seen mentioned in the forums concerning batteries... One of mine was acting funcky and I got on the chat with CS and learned how to reset the computer... You accomplish this by removing the cart and blow into the the bottom 4 times and it resets.... FYI for anybody that did not know this........
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    Hey scottie: Welcome I live just below you, in the great state of Oregon....beautiful...just like yours....way too damp...just like yours (unless you live in the desert portion : ) I now have a little retirement home in the high desert here...can't wait til hubby retires and we can spend the whole Spring and Summer there : )

    The battery resetting issue has been discussed on this forum....somewhere b4....and just so you know, on of our other "newbies" is working to put together a permanent thread for Tips and Do's and Don'ts.

  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    thanks Vapetress and Geez for the welcome.... I did see the do's and don'ts thread....

    Vapetress, I'm in near the capitol and I swear every storm that passes trough hits right on top of my house... Just moved back up hear from Cali last summer.... Spent a significant amount of time helping my pop out when he was battling cancer and remembered how much I loved it up here. Figured Cali is going down the tubes and figured why not... 
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    Yep, gotcha Scottie, as a former Californian (who isn't,,,that now lives in NW LOL) at least, it's a lot more rare to be a native : ) I get the whole cali going down the tubes remark....I've thought that for quite some time : )
  • mombomombo Posts: 1,490Member
    I hope cali holds on just a little longer ....I would like to see it before I die....it's on my bucket list!
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    Even-though the state is going to crap there is still tons to see like the Redwoods, Yosemite, Monterrey area, Sequoia Nat Park, ect.... Plus tons of other stuff to many to list...
  • NawlinsGalNawlinsGal Posts: 26Member
    Hi, scottie2hottie.  I am new here, too, but so far impressed with both people and product.  Welcome, and hope to "chat" with you soon.
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    Thanks NawlinsGal...  I have had my kit for about a week and I am very impressed and pleased with my decision...
  • nomorecigsnomorecigs Posts: 1,582Member
    edited May 2011

    scottie, can u still get El pollo loco up there?  I would kill for some, was last meal before moving outta california in...1988!  Trying to get them down here in the south, closest is Virginia beach, 5 hrs away.  :(   There ya go, another possible V2 flavor?!

    and geez, don't you live there?  maybe overnite me some?!

  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    nomorecigs, There are still some Pollo Loco around... I think they over expanded at one time then and then had to close a bunch so they are hard to find... Not in cali no more, currently WA... I miss IN-n-Out, the plethora of good Mexican food, and Basque restaurants.
  • nomorecigsnomorecigs Posts: 1,582Member
    IN-n-Out!  Almost forgot about them! 
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