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What does the vapor smell like?

SierraSierra Posts: 36Member
edited November 2010 in Product Q&A and Problems
For those who use the tobacco flavored cartridges, what does the vapor smell like? If you are in an office, can a coworker in the next cube tell? What about if you are in a car with passengers? And if it does emit a sent, how long does it typically last?

I realize that it would be less than the smell of a lit cigarette and probably even less than the stale smoke on my clothes, but it would be helpful to know if it will annoy anyone while using my e-cig.


  • jcramer20jcramer20 Posts: 227Member
    Their is NO smell. Water or Water Vapor does not smell.
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    Thats right no smell, you can puff away and no will one will be bothered or even know.
  • fxvaporfxvapor Posts: 27Member
    edited November 2010
    I get a very faint smell when using it but I've used my e-cig in the office next to my boss and he finally saw me take a puff and asked me had I been using it long cause he hadn't smelt smoke. I told him about the vaporizer and that I had been using it all week. the smell I get is sweet not like tobacco unless your used to pipe tobacco and the vapor lingers for only a brief moment itself so unless people are attentive to your actions they won't even notice you use it. so far the only people I've annoyed smoking my e-cig in the office were the smokers and thats because it reminds them of smoking and they start fiending for that nic fix.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Depends on the fluids and flavors added.
    The dark chocolate I use on occasion in the car, pisses off the wife, because she then wants chocolate (Sorry Honey!)
    Most flavors (if they do omit a smell) are minimal, and I think that it is dependent on the fluids.
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    We "tested" this with menthol & noticed a slight scent of it at about 12" from the exhaler's mouth. Meaning there's a very small amount of odor if you stick your nose in the exhaled cloud. Past that range, if they don't see the cloud, they'll have absolutely no idea.
  • JTDJTD Posts: 17Member
    I went for my annual physical the other day. While I was waiting for the doc in the exam room I vaped ;} cowboy 12mg, he came in just as I got done. He didn't smell a thing because I asked him later. He wasn't sure about the ecig he just said it sounded like it was alot better then smoking.
  • JTDJTD Posts: 17Member
    I just wanted to add, when the doc asked how the ecig worked I told him all it is is a miniature nebulizer just like the ones they use in the hospital. It has PG, distilled water and what ever medication they are trying to get into the patients lungs, I told him my medication just happens to be nicotine. He said now I know what it is.
  • RadRonRadRon Posts: 86Member
    edited December 2010
  • JTDJTD Posts: 17Member
    Something like peppermint would be a good idea just to be on the safe side. In fact I think it's a real good idea, thanx.

  • spunky281spunky281 Posts: 26Member
    The carts I got from v4l smell really bad in the box and in the little carry bag I use inside my purse. The vapor from them can be smelt by my family in the car whereas when I use my v2 menthol carts they cant smell it in the car. My 15yr old son likes to get really close when I have v2 carts cause he says they smell good. Lol but he does always have to get basically in my face and I don't like him doing it cause of the nicotine.
  • VapinitaVapinita Posts: 746Member
    I was enjoying a vanilla cartridge in a bar one night. The people at the next table looked around and asked if that yummy vanilla scent was coming from my ecig. Another time, I was using a chocolate cartridge and a woman near me said she was craving chocolate all of a sudden, so I suppose the exhaled vapor does have a pleasant scent. I have only had my kit for a couple of weeks, and haven't had time to put it to the 'smell test' in a lot of situations.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    I vape (what many refer to as) a pipe tobacco flavor. It may not always get the pleasant reaction you have experienced, but thus far so good. It goes away quickly.
  • mthoma5mthoma5 Posts: 98Member
    In the car my son told me this morning the Vanilla smells like Lucky Charms marshmallows...gee thanks Mom now I want lucky charms. :-)
  • geemowrgeemowr Posts: 7Member
    I have a slight and temporary mouth taste but not a lingering smell. I work in a clean environment with people that are hyper-sensitive to tobacco or any other odors (whiny babies . . . ). I would be told in no uncertain terms that I was an @$$hole for vaping or smoking anything at all - so far so good. My vehicle is in really good shape smell-wise and that is a real pleasure. My clothes, hands and breath is stink-free. I don't eat many mints now-a-days and don't pray cologne so much. Co-existence is enhanced.
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