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New V2 Cartos

jmorvjmorv Posts: 227Member
edited June 2011 in Product Troubleshooting
For those of you who have bought V2 cartos lately and have tried to open them to refill, has anyone noticed the construction of them has changed?  What I mean is that if you open them up by popping off the cap that the cap doesn't pop off but actually breaks?  I also noticed the condoms placed on the ends have changed slightly from the flared open ends to perfect cylindrical shape.

I've been getting in to filling my own cartos now, and with that, I'd been refilling the old cartos I had but found that the newer ones can't be refilled the easy way.  I've done the forced condom method and that seems to work out but it can get messy.

Anyone want to chime in on this?



  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    Yep I noticed but it hasn't stopped me from refilling them.  They have an extra lip on the bottom of the mouthpiece that I remove routinely.  Take the second "o-ring" out and dispose of it  as it serves no purpose and refill as normal.   If you pry the mouthpiece off gently with a "tool" the size of an office binder clip by just working it around the edges it comes off just fine.  That's probably done in order to keep us from reusing them but if you don't want to put up with it there are lots of places to buy empty cartos that hold more juice and have soft mouthpieces.  There also seems to be less polyfill in them or it's packed more densly into the carto.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Keep your old rubber caps, and wash em in alcohol, and re-use em.
    I keep a small jar full of em soaking in a little isopropyl and dry em before re-use.

    Some of the hard plastic types can be stubborn but do come off. I soak them in the same jar.
  • jmorvjmorv Posts: 227Member

    Yes, I see that V2 does sell blanks, but have been curious as to whether or not they have the soft cap or the same hard cap that they use with the prefilled.  I did see after breaking one of the top caps off that there is a second silicone cap inside, obviously to help prevent leakage.  I can kinda understand why V2 would make it harder to refill their carts, but perhaps they should look at it as that we desire to fill our own and want V2 to start selling juice!! :)



  • lisalu14lisalu14 Posts: 208Member

    The blank cartos I have all have hard caps.  In fact 99% of my cartos have hard caps.  I found one rubber cap on a bright red cherry carto and thought it was weird because it's was much easier to pop out - liked it better and wondered why all of mine were not like that.

    I'm using a push pin with a plastic head to pop the caps off.

    I read somewhere here - that the diff in caps is the hard plastic caps indicate the flavor is basically in a development stage.  I have no idea what to do with that info.  It tells me that my next order could taste different than the one I initially liked..on pre-fills.

    Since I'm going to fill my own once my pre-fills are gone - it's a moot point for me.  However, I am going to have a lot of used pre-filled cartos and would like to re-use them as long as I can - understand that sooner or later they get tossed.

    On that note how would you know if a carto is toasty and ready to be tossed?


  • jmorvjmorv Posts: 227Member
    Lisa, are the blanks that you have from V2?  I would hope that the blanks are much easier to open.
  • lisalu14lisalu14 Posts: 208Member
    The blanks I have are from V2.  I purchased 2 five packs and they all have hard caps.
  • jmorvjmorv Posts: 227Member
    Well that's a bummer.  Soft caps are always easier to work with.  Did those blanks come with the extra silicone cap inside?  I now know why V2 has those...they prevent any leakage that may occur and it helps to cut down on cartos drying out
  • CatLadyCatLady Posts: 619Member
    I've purchased V2 blanks on two different occasions, and they have the hard caps.  I just replace them with soft ones.  I"ve been very pleased with V2's blanks.  (Except for the annoying hard caps)  I think whether or not the carto has a soft/hard cap has more to do with what's available on the empty carto market, and that the glue just comes with the hard cap construction.  I don't like the hard caps, but they don't seem to be connected to juice qty or carto quality, per se.  They come on the cartos with the bottom coil-type heating element don't they?
    If you ask, I think V2 will send you some of the soft rubber caps, if you don't have any from old cartos.
  • lisalu14lisalu14 Posts: 208Member

    No, they didn't - and I was wondering about what LuLu said. When I pop off the cap - all I can see is the plastic core down the center and the batting.

    I really liked the one soft rubber one I have - would prefer those.  Aside from ease of use it "feels" like I would get a better seal.  I'll have to inquire and see if I can get more of the soft rubber caps.

  • CatLadyCatLady Posts: 619Member
    "When I pop off the cap - all I can see is the plastic core down the center and the batting."
    --These are the ones with the bottom coil.
    (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't dissected one of these.)
  • lisalu14lisalu14 Posts: 208Member
    I've been randomly looking at "spent" cartos I have saved in a jar and they all look exactly the same to me - for both empties and prefills.
  • JanettoJanetto Posts: 10Member

    Hi all..........I've been smoking V2 cigs for almost a year, but this is the first time I've heard of Cartos. I spend a fortune on cartridges because I smoke 2-3 a day. Where do you buy the juice for the empty cartridges? How do you know how much to pour in? I smoke the highest, the 18mm, in Reds, so would you know what kind of juice I would need to get? Is this a lot cheaper way to smoke?

    I appreciate any help!

    Janet in hot Memphis

  • nomorecigsnomorecigs Posts: 1,582Member

    For those with newest hard tip/O ring cartos, a FORK takes cap off easily.  Usually use clip binders handle but these are on there better.  You can tell different cartos by the condoms quite easily- 3pc condom- vertical visible atomizer,  2pc condoms- horizontal coil atomiser at bottom- which newest ones have longer condoms & slightly longer carto.  I personally like hard tips as soft tips slip down & hard tip always in place!  Seems all 3pc condoms have soft tips.  Others 2pc condoms varied. 

    Not sure but are all flavors in the new carto with O ring now??  Anyone?  Know Coke & Menthol are. 

  • VaperLoverVaperLover Posts: 491Member
    @Janetto - I believe that it's still safe to refer you elsewhere for juice since V2 isn't selling theirs yet. I also like the Reds the best, although I do 12 mg. For juice, I've found that V4L's Wow Cowboy juice and their Cowboy Premium Nobacco juice most closely resemble V2's Reds. The Wow Cowboy produces more vapor which I like, but it has a bit of a different taste...also good but not as close to the Red as the Nobacco Cowboy. I hope this helps.
  • jmorvjmorv Posts: 227Member
    Out of respect for V2, it's not a good idea to advertise for anyone else here...period.
  • VaperLoverVaperLover Posts: 491Member
    Respectfully Jim....V2 does not sell juice (yet)...but they do sell blank cartos. I believe that they have the expectation that people will go elsewhere to get them filled. The question was asked and I gave an honest response. Andries has talked about other companies on this very forum in the past such as Johnson Creek. I've been with V2 for awhile and I like their product, which is why I'm here. I also like to support other Vapers so that they can continue to vape without having set backs. I'm not so sure that I appreciate being chastized for an honest and harmless comment however. A forum should be a place where people can go to find out information they seek about this product.
  • jmorvjmorv Posts: 227Member
    Respectfully VaporLover, no chastising was going on, I was merely making a warning.  What the V2 staff says is their own business as this is their own forum.  They allow others to communicate here out of the kindness of their own heart so as I said, have some respect for that and if you feel the need to communicate something to someone that may cause an issue, that is what the private message feature is for.

    I would also like to mention that I initially started this posting because I had some question about the cartos design and build...seems the conversation got off topic.
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    Tends to happen around jmorv.... Topics getting off track.... good points none the less..
  • jmorvjmorv Posts: 227Member
    Oh I know it does Scottie...sometimes it gets annoying.
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