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Cartomizers that fit V-2 batteries

morlockmorlock Posts: 3Member
edited July 2011 in The World of E-Cigarettes
I like my V-2 but would like to try some other brand of cartomizers without buying a full kit.  Does anyone know of any that fit the V-2 battery?


  • GeezGeez Posts: 3,112Member
    any krd808d-1 connection
  • VaperLoverVaperLover Posts: 491Member
    @morlock - You might also try buying juice or eliquid and refill your V2 cartos....It's a real money saver.
  • VapestackVapestack Posts: 707Member
    And you can buy a adapter for 808 to 501/901 and possibilities are endless
  • morlockmorlock Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for the info!  I found adapters for about any combo but other than V-2 being an 808, what is Green Smoke, Blu, and South Beach?  Does anyone have a list? 
  • morlockmorlock Posts: 3Member
    The adapters that I found, adapt the following 510, 801, 901, 905, Ego. (ie- 510 bat to 801, ect.)  Can someone list brands that are 510, 801, 901?
  • VapestackVapestack Posts: 707Member
    You can just google whatever like KR808d1 , and you'll hit a multitude if sites selling, reviewing, KR's , I don't use 501s 901s. Joye ,,,,But I think for some carts you need a separate atomizer. I've been happy sticking with the KR s,
    But I also think the CE s once all figured out may be the future.
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