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notebook cig power problem

volpster31volpster31 Posts: 16Member
edited August 2011 in Product Q&A and Problems
i bought a notebook cig to use in my work truck so i wouldnt have to worry about batteries but it wont charge thru the car adapter.... it wont charge thru the wall adapter either,but if i plug it into my laptop it works great..anybody use this with the car adapter?? cs is sending me a new cig,but im not sure if thats the problem.. ive read about power problems in the car but i cant figure out why it doesnt work in the wall charger.    any ideas


  • DanielsuzukiDanielsuzuki Posts: 1,000Member
    That is weird. I was under the impression that the notebook and power cig were the same piece of equipment. Power is power... Hope the new one works!
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    Sounding like your notebook isn't getting enough amps. Read the fine print on the 12v and wall units, make sure they put out 1.0 amps (1,000 mA). I f they say they do but no vapor, they may be defective
  • Blondie1282Blondie1282 Posts: 6Member
    I have the same issue and I have 4 different car adapters with a USB outlet that I charge my iPhone on and it will only work on my computer!
  • VapestackVapestack Posts: 707Member
    I just use the e-cig USB car adaptor in one of the cigarette lighter ports on the bike and car, works great, I dunno maybe a bad passthru
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    I got the auto adaptor when I got my notebook. It's the only one I use, and it works great. I don't know if all USB x Auto adaptors are the same or not.
  • TRaffTRaff Posts: 6Member
    My notebook cig worked in the wall charger flawlessly for a couple of months, but just started working every now and then. Sometimes I have to hit the button 3 - 6 times before I get a hit.  It works perfectly in a usb port on a pc.  It has never worked right in the car adapter.  Sometimes I can get a hit or two but then it quits.  The description says it's supposed to work.

    "Just like the PowerCig, the V2 Notebook-Cig will work with any V2 power
    adapter (either the V2 Auto Adapter, or the V2 Wall Adapter), so you can
    use the Notebook-Cig in your Car, or plugged into any US wall outlet.
    The V2 NotebookCig is equipped with a 4.25 (1.29 meters) cord (if you
    are looking for a longer cord please see the V2 PowerCig)."
  • SembazuruSembazuru Posts: 406Member
    I'm not sure if the wall adapter that I was shipped would work (long term) with the notebook adapter... I just grabbed 12 cartos and measured their cold resistance. (Heating coils increase in resistance as they heat up.) By applying ohms law (5V USB voltage) I got an average cold amperage of 1.58A (max of nearly 2A). (current in Amps = voltage in Volts divided by resistance in Ohms)

    What this means is for a split second when you press the button there is an "on rush" (or "in rush") current that starts heating the coil and quickly drops to the operating current. Too high of an on rush current may, over time, wear out components in adapters and then the adapters either won't work at all or will refuse to provide the on rush. My wall adapter is only rated for 0.2A so I might want to use my phone charger wall adapter that is rated for almost 1A... So far I've only used my laptop's USB ports for my notebook adapter and haven't had any problems yet.
  • volpster31volpster31 Posts: 16Member
    RULE62, i bought the v2 auto adapter too..im not using a different brand or anything....i thought the auto adapter was bad until i tried the cig thru the wall adapter that came with my starter kit with no luck
  • noproblemnoproblem Posts: 5Member
    Get a power adapter that has an output of 2 Ampers (5V, 2 A) and you should solve the problem. I had the same issue with the notebook cig.
  • vikki59vikki59 Posts: 140Member
    My button is going screwy on my notebook cig. I don't use it that often as it burnt my cartos.  Just too hot for me. Got a shipement of ce2 fluxo's in and they work great on it, but now the button is acting up. Cleaned it but it didn't seem to help. Guess another call into cs, bummer. finally get something I can use w/it and I still can't use it.
  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    I got one of those also when I thought I just HAD to have one.  I don't use it anymore as it is just too hot on the juices.  Live and learn.
  • alarming101alarming101 Posts: 77Member
    I have the V2 notebook cig the one that came with my original order. Never used it, never even opened the wrapping. If someone wants one I'll include priority mail small flat rate box shipping for $20 total just PM me and use PayPal. I see they list for 25 plus shipping. This will help me pay for JUICE when V2 starts selling it.
  • volpster31volpster31 Posts: 16Member
    well i have an update......... received my new notebook cig today & it works fine in the auto adapter...there was a problem with the cig after all... im glad it wasnt just that the cig wasnt gonna work in the car    thanks v2
  • TRaffTRaff Posts: 6Member
    Guess I'll call and get another one.  I just received my 3rd manual batt and a new wall adapter.  Oh, and just an FYI, you get 5 replacements, not lifetime like advertised. 
  • bunnybbbbunnybbb Posts: 48Member
    Okay, I think there's a little problem. A small one, but still. My notebook cig gives me little (tiny) electrical shocks when plugged into my laptop. It comes from the spot where the rubber and the metal connect (the "ash" side). Is this normal, or is it a malfunction?
  • LightoftheWorldLightoftheWorld Posts: 294Member
    @BUNNYBBB um dont mess around with getting shocked!!!! wth..!!! CALL CS DONT USE THAT POS!
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    @bunnybbb No, that is not normal. Call CS.
  • bunnybbbbunnybbb Posts: 48Member
    So I should contact cs for a replacement? Will do :) I just figured it was me. But it seems to have a flunk, as I discovered it also "shocks" from the part where the cig connects to the cart, the lil iron bit. Thanks lovelies! Will get on it ASAP :)
  • LizaLiza Posts: 276Member ✭✭
    I had that "shocking" problem as well., CS took care of it.
    @TRaff 5 replacements for 1 component or 5 replacements per customer?
  • bunnybbbbunnybbb Posts: 48Member
    Just spoke to Jessica, she helped me in a supurb manner, kudos Jessica! Glad to hear they were helpfull for you as well, @liza :) thanks guys!!
  • TRaffTRaff Posts: 6Member
    Liza,, that's 5 replacements per order. So, whatever you ordered on one order, they will replace it 5 times.  If you've ordered multiple times,, you should be good for a while... I got my replacement notebook cig,, and it works in the power adapter,, but does not give as good a hit as when used in a pc / usb port.
  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member

    Wow you guys are right. the computer port does give better hits.

    also- i noticed that my car cell phone charger gives better hits than the v2 car adapter.

  • southernstitchsouthernstitch Posts: 413Member
    My V2 car adaptor charges batteries just fine, but won't work with the notebook.  I need to purchase a good cell charger and try that.  It is hit or miss on my USB port in my car too.  The only sure fire way for me to use my notebook is on a wall charger.  Nothing else gives it enough power, not even my laptop.   This is true for BOTH of them, the new one and the one I returned. 
  • StarEchoStarEcho Posts: 6Member
    I'm on my 3rd notebook and it works in my car (or at least it did yesterday).  I haven't tried it in my V2 wall adapter cause I'm half afraid that it was what fried the last 2.  Instead I got a powered usb hub and it works just fine in that.  All of my notebooks would work from my laptop's usb port, but then I couldn't use any of the laptop's usb ports for anything else, as the notebook took all the power and if I tried to plug a fan into the laptop's usb port, all the ports would freeze up and I'd have to reboot to get ANY of the usb ports to work again.  My V2 wall adapter works fine to recharge a battery, but I think it just can't handle the high power demand of the notebook...which is sad cause that's what they market it as being able to do.  Sure, I'm sure CS would send me another wall adapter...that I'd get to pay the return shipping on, like I have to pay the return shipping on the 2 notebooks that don't work.  So I say pass, and chalk it up to a lesson learned.  Besides, as someone else mentioned above, the notebook really cooks the carto --- HOT, HOT, HOT -- I don't really like the draw as much as with the battery...
  • VapestackVapestack Posts: 707Member
    Star,, ,  you need a higher Ohm cart with that 5 volt passthru vaping,, then it will cool down wont be HOT HOT HOT , and still produce 5 volt amouts of vapor....
  • StarEchoStarEcho Posts: 6Member
    edited September 2011
    Thanks Vapestack, but where am I supposed to get a higher ohm cartomizer?  V2 sells them?  Cause I'm using the V2 cartomizers... Kinda frustrating that I bought the mobile starter pack, but nowhere in there is it mentioned, oh btw, don't use our carts with the notebook...  Still, I'm content with my purchase and like the product.  Just frustrated with the notebook and the shipping delays... was almost 3 weeks before I finally got my starter kit.
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