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Another Reason I Chose V2Cigs

MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
edited September 2011 in V2 News and Updates
They're the only company I've seen that has the kahunas to have a forum for their customers to praise and/or berate them live.  The amount of information to be gleened here is tremendous.  Kudos to V2Cigs!


  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    edited September 2011


    Check out the electronic cigarette forum. 

  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    I have - but they're not a company and those forums aren't about their products and services.  Huge difference.
  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    Yeah, right :O
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    ECF is good for general info, and is sorta prejudiced against cig sized units. They tend to favor the more expensive cigar/crack pipe sizes, which is fine, yet the berate these and other fine units.

    Here you can get dialed into a model specific setup, much easier.
  • VapestackVapestack Posts: 707Member
    I like both ,, I have uses for e cigs,, and mods have their place. Kinda like comparing apples and oranges both are fruit.
  • PHPetPHPet Posts: 133Member


    I have to agree with you 100%! I started looking into e-cigs the beginning of July. I found V2 through some affiliate site, but I checked out several manufacturers that I kept seeing mentioned too. I bought the travelers kit a couple of weeks later for my birthday. Best birthday present I ever bought myself! Anyway, in the four days I was waiting for the UPS man to come, I power-lurked this forum (and have ever since to be honest). I knew how to clean my batteries and adjust the draw on the carts before I even had my kit. This forum has some jedi master members when it comes to this brand. They're always helpful, friendly, and welcoming to all the newbies. They answer the same questions again and again without even the slightest indication that they're sick of answering that question. V2cigs doesn't whisk away the threads that complain about cart inconsistancies or out of stock chargers or whatever. To me that speaks to the integrity of the company itself. I've lurked around the ECF forum too and for a noob it was like stumbling through a software developers forum while trying to figure out how to make text italic in a Word document. Lots you can learn, but most not relevant to the product I wanted. So absolutely kudos to V2 and to Earthpig, Vapestack, Scottie2Hottie, TotallyHemp, JackieO, Tamy, Danielsuzuki, Rule62 (don't be offended if I forgot some people, this post is already a wall of text)  and all the other vets who help so much and don't even get paid to do it. You guys rock!!!\m/

    BTW, 100% analog free since August14! Went from 24 years of 2 packs of Marlboro Reds per day to V2 vaping lunatic in two weeks!

  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    I love the V2 company, and will be forever grateful to them for getting me started along this path. They offer a good line of products, for someone who wants to get started vaping, and their customer service is tops. I don't use V2 products exclusively anymore, as I like mods, experimenting with liquids, carts, etc. Whatever ECFers think of V2, I don't really care. All I know is that V2 worked for me. I usually go to ECF when I'm looking for information about a specific topic, and I usually find what I'm looking for. In fact, you can usually type an e cig related topic into Google, and it will lead you to someplace on ECF. I find a lot of things that way. I don't peruse the forums on a daily basis, because it's so huge that it would be impossible to keep up.
  • LovinvapeLovinvape Posts: 9Member
    While doing research to see if this was just another stop smoking gimic or if it was something I really wanted to invest in, I discovered V2.  V2 was in the top four of all independent reviews, they had the warranty and reasonable prices for start up. 
    I am too new to vaping (4 days) to make any comparisons, etc.... but can say without doubt it is the best thing I could have done and at this point I would say with a great company.  The forums are fantastic with kind, enouraging people who are willing to let me learn from their mistakes..lol
    From the moment I started with V2 I knew I would not be going back to analogs.... EVER!!!  Have some cart issues but that is for another forum for another day.... V2 you rock!!!!! Thanks
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    @Lovinvape Glad you're here.
  • LovinvapeLovinvape Posts: 9Member
    Thank you, Your posts have been a huge help!
  • beijobeijo Posts: 95Member
    edited September 2011
    After starting with V2 and hanging with them through the menthol mistake...... I still tell everyone I know that smokes analogs. 
    I was a smoker for 30 yrs. I quit on 6/16 and have never looked back. I must say too that this forum helped me more than I can say!!

    What a great bunch of folks here and what a great product V2 has!

  • VapingVampireVapingVampire Posts: 33Member
    edited September 2011
    Hello everyone, this is my 1st post and while I'm still waiting on my V2 kit to arrive, I have been using an off brand I bought in a convenience store.  Is the V2 anything like what you get in a store or is it a much better puff?  I am so hyped to get my kit just wonder if it's going to do the trick for me and help me put down reg cigs.  I started having cravings after using the ecig I bought in a store so I had to buy a pack of my marlboros.  Now I'm depressed b/c I had went w/o a reg cig for like 2 days and now I smell like an ashtray again :( . Does anyone like the Reds???  I selected all reds.  Will I like the Reds???  Anyone use those???  I sure hope I will like the V2 kit.  I hope someone can answer my concerns b/c I really want to become a V2 supporter.  Thanks, Vampire.  P.S. been smoking for at least 25 years and only been able to quit about 6 times longest was 6 months. 
  • southernstitchsouthernstitch Posts: 413Member

    I smoked Marlboro Lights, half to whole pack a day for too many years.  I got mostly Reds with my starter kit, but I got the sampler too.  I'm finding I like the Congress better, more throat hit and a totally different flavor from Marlb.  but I find I like that. 

    But, the Reds are okay - nothing at all wrong with them.  They are a bit closer to the Marlb in flavor, but I'm not finding the throat hit is quite there after the first puff.  However, I have 6mg nic, so if yours are 12 or 18, then you will probably like them better.  For my second order, while I mostly stayed with 6mg and even ordered some 0 nic for mindless vaping, I made sure to include some 12 mg Reds for those days when I think I might need more.  I am going to try to stay away from the candy and sweet flavors after a time and try to just stick to tobacco flavors.  I don't want to stay hooked on even this for long.

    Everyone's taste is different, so you should order a sampler. 

  • LawnNinjaLawnNinja Posts: 6Member
    edited September 2011

    Reds are great, but you'll probably want to have more than one flavor. 

    Since there's no overpowering smoke flavor to cover everything else up, your taste buds will become used to one flavor if you smoke on it heavily, and eventually you won't really be able to taste it. Having multiple flavors to mix in helps prevent your favorites from losing their taste, even if it's just a few puffs of Menthol in between your Red sessions. 

    My favorites are Red, Congress, Sahara and Menthol. With 4 flavors, I always have something new once the one I'm smoking becomes bland after an hour of vaping. 

    Like southernstitch said, you can't go wrong with a sampler. You'll learn which flavors you like and still be left with backups to mix it up when your standbys stop satisfying.
  • VapingVampireVapingVampire Posts: 33Member
    Thanks southernstitch and LawnNinja!!! I think I will order that sampler then.  I got so much to learn so it's really nice of everyone to help each other out here.  I went back to the e-cig I had and did better today because I found out the cart went out and maybe that's why I felt cravings yesterday.  I think I will hide the reg cigs so I won't reach for them b/c now I'm doing much better.  Gosh can't wait for my kit to arrive and then later to try all these other flavors.  While I want to quit reg cigs, I think I would like to do something like this for as long as I need and then to maybe drop down to 6mg or 0mg.  Thanks again for your input :) 
  • southernstitchsouthernstitch Posts: 413Member

    Yeah, I can't wait to drop to 0 nic!  It's my goal.  I do love the flavors.  I think when I drop down to 0 nic, I'll be brave enough to smoke in my house IN FRONT of my husband!! 

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