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VapingVampireVapingVampire Posts: 33Member
edited September 2011 in Product Q&A and Problems

Hello everyone...I'm a new customer but a very cautious buyer when it comes to expiration dates.  I look at everything I buy and if I don't see or am aware of when something expires, I'm normally reluctant to make that purchase.  I just received my kit and am on the fence on what I should do.  Can anyone help me because I really am not feeling good about this .  Plus I was turned off that nothing was sealed (that includes the entire kit).  How am I supposed to feel confident that my cartridges haven't been tampered with???  I don't think I'm being picky but can be a very loyal customer if I feel good about a product.  This V2 really sounds like a great company, excellent customer service from what all I read.  I just don't understand why things are packed this way and why I can't find an expiration date because even the e-cigs I bought locally had expiration dates and were sealed.   Thanks, hope some people out there can shed some light on this for me and offer any comments. :)


  • blissbliss Posts: 376Member
    Well, I don't really know if this info would "help", but mine wasn't sealed either so I am assuming no one receives sealed equipment with expiration dates. Also going to assume that you are going to be reassured that everything will be ok. I could be wrong, you know what they say about making assumptions. All I can say is that I am thoroughly enjoying my V2 and all the products that I have received from them. Doesn't seem as though they are in the business of providing a product that is harming their customers. And from my perspective what could really be put in there that would be more harmful than the crap you were putting into your body smoking analogs? Might not sound like a very persuasive argument but it's not like these products are sitting on a store shelf with 100's of people walking by everyday  tempted to tinker with them.  I think everything will be ok
  • VapingVampireVapingVampire Posts: 33Member
    edited September 2011

    Thanks Bliss, yeah I kinda figured I received the kit same way everyone else does.  I really am impressed with everything that was sent, except they did send me the wrong color case (which I had asked for black in comment section when I ordered).  I guess I'm more concerned with the cartridges being sealed and with an exp date.  Rest of equipment I'm not expecting to have been sealed, that would BE PICKY hehe.  I'm not that bad off, just cartridges when do they expire?  And the PCC and PowerCig were f****g cool.

    Oh and you're right, these cartridges aren't on a store shelf where people can tamper with them.  Just an expiration date would help me feel better.  But then we all might be going through these cartridges so fast it maybe doesn't even matter LOL  :D   But before I start a new one it'd just be nice to know I'm not vaping from an old package.

  • blissbliss Posts: 376Member
    I understand your concerns for sure. I guess maybe it's just a leap of faith. I wish you much success once you get going. Today is the start of day 8 for me, I can't believe it! Yeah the power cig is super efffing cool! lmao.

    In my reading, I have gathered that calling CS when you make an order is the way to go to at least do everything you can to make sure you get the things you ordered. I don't think it is fail proof but I also like to speak to a person so I was even more inclined to go that route. My agent, Andy (thanks to him) repeated every detail back to me and all of my things came to me exactly as desired.

    As far as expiration dates, I am not entirely sure. I believe that somewhere here in this mass of info I read 8 months. But I can't be positive and 8 months from when? I see how it can be confusing or bothersome.

    I can tell you this though. it only took me a couple of days to realize when something didn't taste right (like the cart was empty from use). I read a lot about burnt taste etc, but when you experience you pretty much know it is off.

    Good luck with everything!! And here is to us feeling (and smelling) better!
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Expiration dates are not determinable.
    The flavorings have the most chance of actually expiring , but the PG and Nic can last a few years.
    Understand, PG is a antibacterial, and Nic has a unknown shelf life, but most would call it 2 years in standard room temps.
    Flavors are all over the board.

    So bottom line, and this is off the cuff, these carto's are good for many months just sitting and sealed with the condoms on at basic room temps. Want to extend that? Keep em refrigerated and sealed from drying out (tupperware helps). Seems drying out is the first thing to go wrong with these things.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    And yeah.
    If you get a burnt or odd taste after vaping on a carto a bit....quit and replace the carto. It is then a throw away.
    You are burning polyfill (plastic).   Not good.
  • LizaLiza Posts: 276Member ✭✭
    I keep the carts in a ziplock bag with the invoice (dated) that I received with that order. Then If there is any problem with the carts I know what order they were from. That seems to be a standard question when speaking with a cs rep.
  • JaniceJanice Posts: 380Member
    I have suggested months ago that carts should be sealed. I think it would also help with carts drying out during shipping in hot weather.
  • VapingVampireVapingVampire Posts: 33Member

    Wow, thanks bliss, Earthpig, Liza and Janice for the comments, advice and tips.  I think I will be okay, gonna stick with this ultimate kit I got but will take this tips and suggestions.  Like the idea of using plastic bags with the order dates.  So far I haven't had a prob with any carts, just started my 2nd one and the 1st one lasted 2 days.  Of course the first 2 days I was vaping all the ones in the sampler box too so maybe 1 cart won't always last 2 days.  By the way, sampler pack was great so I can try all the different flavors but I only like 4 at most.  Some were just not my taste at all, some even tasted like cigars the Sahara and Congress not so much as bad.  I just like the Reds, Cola, Coffee and maybe menthol.  So pretty soon gonna order more reds 12mg,  So far I'm really enjoying EVERYTHING.  Other nite I was vaping on my silver standard manual and someone said the blue light was cool.  I'm trying to pass word on and maybe I can convert some people and smoke 4 free.  That would be nice :) :) :)

    Congratulations bliss on 8 days.  Keep it up!!!.  So far I still have the box of analogs I bought 4 days ago (only 3 cigs left).  Gonna smoke 1 a day till those are gone then I will officially mark start of going solo on V2.   Truly haven't had an urge for a marlboro, starting to like the taste of the Reds.  Basically this is my 3rd day and only had 5 analogs so far.  Oh Earthpig and Liza I will try putting the carts in bags (in a tupperware box) in the frig  so thanks for the tips.   I just love this V2 community :)  Sorry I wrote too much!!!!  Good luck all :)

  • VapingVampireVapingVampire Posts: 33Member
    Sorry forgot to mention I called CS today.  Was told expiration is 6 months from date they are shipped (and how long the boxes been stored is anybody's guess).  I stilll think for being a #1 rated company, it wouldn't be that difficult to slowly transition to manufacturing sealed packs with printed exp dates.  Would only further cement their #1 status.  But until then I'm taking the tips given here. :)
  • am1865am1865 Posts: 46Member
    edited September 2011
    I am pretty sure on the V2 website it says that carts are good for at least 6 months from when they ship it to you. If your a pack-a-day smoker thats almost 200 carts; the only way I see expiration dates being a problem with carts is if their is some kind of apocalypse, and no new carts are being made. lol 

    edit: sorry, I didn't read vapingpampire's post before I commented. >_< I believe they keep dates on their stock, because they sometimes have clearance carts that are about to expire. 
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    When I get mine I check them over...to make sure they all have the groove in them and 5 in each box.  I mark each box with the date 6 months from now (had a family owned Convenince store...habit lol)  So if I recieved an order today I mark the box 3/16/12 That way I know which ones to use first since I try to stock up.  I also write the order# it came from on box in case I have any problems with the carts when I get to them.
  • VapestackVapestack Posts: 707Member
    my carts aint around long enough to expire, I go thru about twenty five  a week, with two vaping thats about fifty , once every couple weeks its boil and fill day, boil em up  couple times in the morning,, in the food dehydrator for about five hours,, dry as a popcorn fart that evening, ready to refill,  we probably have at least 100 carts in rotation, I even have some old prefill V2 carts 3 months old, cleaned and refilled many , many times,, that still vape just fine, others can be  duds right out of the pack no matter who the vendor is.
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @Vapestack ain't that the truth!  I don't know why I bothered marking mine...habit I guess...mine didn't last till next order of course I only ordered about 20-25 carts.

    I filled one of my carts a few times and worked great ...never got a burned taste...now I filled it and nothing...no flavor or vapor..did I over fill the darn thing?  Or did it konk out?
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    Oh and I was just topping off regular it never went dry.
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    edited September 2011

    @AngelsRUs, try cleaning your connection.  And - not to say you're not intelligent or anything, but check obvious things like ... is your battery charged?

  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @Mom always clean connections really good...a pain but don't want to ruin them batteries they are like gold!  Battery is definitely charged and tried with both batteries..other refilled carts work fine...

    Wondering now if it is because it is a really dark liquid maybe gunked it all up....I dunno...I was using another lighter liquid to thin it out and add flavor...glad it isn't that much juice but don't like to waste even a little....that is like gold too!

    Keeps me off those darn analogs so they are priceless!
  • klmtxklmtx Posts: 785Member
    Did ya blow it out...I overfill mine sometimes and blow them out and they work... 
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    @AngelsRUs Sometimes carts just burn out, kinda like a light bulb. The coil or the connecting wire inside burns out. No way to predict when or if it will happen.
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @Rule62  that is what I was figuring...bites though cause i filled it up good...hope that doesn't happen too much in the next 1week and 5days though or I am in trouble!
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    @AngelsRUs, what @Rule62 said is correct, however, sometimes fiddling with the inner post can wake it up.  I did that with a clearance coffee I had and now I'm on it for almost a week.
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    As long as you didn't burn the batting inside, you can "spin" the juice out, into a condom, and put it in another cart.
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    I played with it a bit more and it is working...but getting next to no vapor and just a bit of the taste...I think the liquid is too thick...it is super dark and drips slower than the clearer ones I have.  Might try another cart later just to check...but if it does the same thing I guess I can't use the rest..glad it is a small bottle!
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Butt plugs, condoms - you think they would have given it more thought. Or............ maybe they did.
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @JackieO  Lions and Tigers and Bears....ohhhh myyyy!

    back to my tunes!
  • VapestackVapestack Posts: 707Member
    Also,,, I have found when refilling, being careful removing the little cap, and not disturbing the polyfill, seems to extend life,,,,if ya hook it too, pull it back, you can kill the cart by pulling the hairlike wires connecting the heating element. Although on some I've pulled the polyfill back, and stuffed back down and cart still worked ,so who knows what makes a cart last forever,,, But @ .90 c a cart in bulk, we just pitch any duds we encounter, add a new one to the rotation. And keep plenty in back up.
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