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Day 4 and feeling great

TKITKI Posts: 411Member
edited September 2011 in V2 News and Updates

I am now going on day 4 and I've only had 5 analogs! Woo Hoo this is a great feeling :-)

I was up extra early yesterday and I am NOT a morning person. LOL 

I felt fine, a lil moody and I didn't feel like doing much of anything. Vaping and really craving a Marlboro was all that was on my mind. I'm sure my few problems with the batteries and some bad carts that morning/day before didn't help! I fiddled around with them a bit and learned to take slower drawls for a better hit/vapor. After a long sleepless night, even with Excederine PM, I am doing much better today and the idea of a regular cig is very nasty! 

I'm also starting to get my senses back, hubby's still smoking and the smell is really starting to bother me. Even though we smoke outside, the laundry is awful! I can see that I'm going to be on a major cleaning spree!

 I usually only take a hit on my V2 every 10-20 min. But I like to have it in my hand all the time. Does anyone else do this?


  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    A cup of distilled vinegar in the wash will help with the smell on clothes... But I am sure you already knew that... BTW welcome to the club.... FYI make sure to up your fluid or h2o intake....
  • TKITKI Posts: 411Member

    Thanks for the great tip and the welcome.

    I never thought of it for the smell! Vinegar is also great to set the dye in your clothes. Being a huge OSU fan it keeps my reds nice and bright.

    I know I need to up my water intake, but that's gonna be a hard one for me. I'm a big pop and tea drinker. I'm working on it though. Just gotta keep telling myself how much healthier it is along with the weight loss benefits. Lol

  • SembazuruSembazuru Posts: 406Member
    That cup of vinegar is also great for removing the smell of cat urine. Amazing what a little bit of vinegar will do.

    But, back on topic, sounds great TKI. Hope you keep off the analogs, and get your hubby to follow in your footsteps. (I wonder if your v4l discount would work for his starter kit if shipped to the same address... He might have to have his shipped to work...)
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @TKI I do that a lot! Sometimes I vape constantly...but most of the time I just take a hit or two and then set it down sometimes for an hour or longer. However, e-cig is always within reach or in it's rightful home...my hand :O)

    I think I wasted a lot of cigarettes when I smoked. While crocheting, doing crafts, playing around online...they just dwindled away in the ashtray giving me only a few puffs but smoking up the air! Not to say I don't have my chain vapin' moments...just not as often with vaping for me!

    Welcome to the family!

    @scottie2hottie and to think I use vinegar for everything....and I did not think of this...Thanks!
  • TKITKI Posts: 411Member

    Sembazuru  I tried to get hubby to try my V2 and use it along with me. No go,said he didn't like it but promised to quit smoking his way. LOL We'll see how well that goes. He's always been part of why I could never completely quit before. But....I'm very happy to say that it's not a problem now with my V2 :D

    AngelsRUs Lol I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one!


    I hate the smell of vinegar, but love all it uses. I clean with vinegar and baking soda a lot. All natural, cleans great and the kids always get a kick out of watching it foam/bubble when mixed together.

  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    Yep @TKI it's my....


    ehh vinegar is alright the smell goes away shortly when it evaporates and is super cheap to use as a cleaner I save a lot using it!  My kids loved it when we did home-school science projects with the stuff!
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