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Big shout out to Stephanie

jcramer20jcramer20 Posts: 227Member
edited December 2010 in V2 News and Updates
I just want to say thank you to Steph You are awesome. You do a great job on keeping people happy. Anyone agree?


  • ScooterScooter Posts: 41Member
    I can agree with [email protected]!
  • Stephanie_V2cigsStephanie_V2cigs Posts: 546Banned
    Thank you very much. :-)
  • PaulPaul Posts: 9Member
    Absolutely! Placed an online order this morning. Soon after rec'd a phonecall from Stephanie detailing what was out of stock + what was available. World Class!
  • pbelt71pbelt71 Posts: 10Member
    I agree! She helped me via chat the other night, and she was awesome!
  • mickeymicmickeymic Posts: 1Member
    I would like to thank Joe from Live Customer Support! He is always very helpful and manages to keep a good sense of humor in a difficult job. I sure do appreciate you Joe! :)
  • Stephanie_V2cigsStephanie_V2cigs Posts: 546Banned
    WTG Joe :-)
  • ArezapArezap Posts: 13Member
    I totally understand the stresses and position you are in with customer service. I used to work as CS/Tech support for Microsoft in a very large ( over 800 people ) call center. You never seem to get anything done, always so much more to do, and you can't keep them ALL happy all the time no matter how you wish you could. Plus you have a certain timeframe to take care of your customers needs. It can be very stressfull. Nice to chat with you on live CS chat Stephanie. I'll try ordering those Cowboy carts later today.
  • jaceejacee Posts: 141Member ✭✭
    I so agree, but never seem to get Stepanie anymore when I call. Anytime I have dealt with her she has been great!!!
  • VapetressVapetress Posts: 1,073Member
    Yep, it's the customer service, Stephanie included, that keeps me coming back!!! I love this company; and can't wait until they get all the back order kinks worked out. Then they'll be unstoppable : ) Thanks Stephanie, and ALL you customer service folks : )
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