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Wells Fargo Wagon

AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
edited September 2011 in V2 News and Updates

Not sure how to actually embed this on this thread...but think it would be nice to have here for those of us lurking
the forum whilst we wait for our FedEx wagon to arrive with the v2 goodies!


  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    edited September 2011
    V2 Forum Lurkers:
    O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street,
    Oh please let it be for me!
    O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street,
    I wish, I wish I knew what it could be!

     @sevin7 @angelfish913:
    I got a V2 starter kit on my birthday.

    @southern stitch
    In August I got some boxes of Sahara.

    And I finally got a notebook cig for emergencieeees!

    Random newbie:
    Oh v2 sent me batteries and an assortment of flavors!.
    V2 Forum Lurkers:
    O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' now
    Is it the new v2 juice or ladies line?
    It could be Congress by the gallons!

     @LightoftheWorld @KraZ4sure
    Or black cartridge colored cloves!

    @LightoftheWorld @mimi @am1865
    Or a solar PCC!

    Or it could be

    V2 Forum Lurkers:
    Yes, it could be
    Yes, you're right it surely could be

    Somethin' special

    Somethin' very, very special now

    Just for me!

    V2 Forum Lurkers:
    O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street.
    Oh, don't let him pass my door!
    O-ho the Wells Fargo
    Wagon is a-comin' down the street
    I wish I knew what he was comin' for.

    I'm hoping for some smoked salmon e-juice!

    @emcw @ConnieBGood
    And I expect a variety of cart skins!

    I hope I get a V2 manual with ONSTAR!

    @EarthPig @Rule62 and others:
    The FDA have quit the fight against e-cigs and government quits with "sin" tax

    @kaykay :
    O-ho the Wellth Fargo Wagon ith a-comin' now, 
    I don't know how I can ever wait to thee.
    It could be thumpin' for thumone who is
    No relation but it could be thump'n thpethyul 
    Just for me!

    V2 Forum Lurkers:
    O-ho, you Wells Fargo Wagon keep a-comin'
    O-ho, you Wells Fargo 
    Wagon, keep a-comin'.
    O-ho you Wells Fargo Wagon, Don't you dare Mae a stop
    Until you stop for me!

    Was going to replace Wells Fargo Wagon with V2 something or other...but not sure what yet...feel free anyone to chime in ideas I have 24hrs to edit!

    Too bad this wasn't for a contest....


    P.S. kaykay I love you!  Really I do!  I just could not resist!
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    Oh that's good :)  Well done @AngelsRUs!
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Yeah - see Angel - you are a nut.
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @JackieO   I know!  At least that's what the men in white coats here keep telling me.....

    and you contribute to my delinquency!!! 
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    Well....I thought the regular Forum peeps would like my song......
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
  • Carmen_v2cigsCarmen_v2cigs Posts: 203Member ✭✭
    Very Nice :)
  • LightoftheWorldLightoftheWorld Posts: 294Member
    vERY cOOOL!!
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @Carmen_v2cigs Thanks!

    @LightoftheWorld  Glad you liked it my friend!
  • emcwemcw Posts: 45Member
    Love it @Angels! Glad Im not the only one whose thinking gets a little "off the wall" sometimes. Guess I don't have to stifle that side of me so much anymore. Gosh, when I started this v2 thing, I had no idea there was an underground community of boomers. I am still in that section, right? (get lost in here so easily!) How do you remember all this stuff about everybody?
  • emcwemcw Posts: 45Member

    Just checked -- not still in that section. But anyway, it's a great song. Would love to hear the music.

  • emcwemcw Posts: 45Member
    And, somehow I posted the same thing twice. Oh, well. Sorry.
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @emcw  woooo hooo score!  I am glad someone got as much of a kick out of it as me....I know I'm a nut!

    Life is short gotta enjoy it!  I have a pretty good memory....and to make sure I was putting in the right thing cause I am an honesty freak...I went back and checked all the threads to make sure *sigh* hard work.  So again I am glad someone likies as much as me!
  • kaykaykaykay Posts: 11,654Member
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