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Getting sick after switching to e cigs

coritroncoritron Posts: 190Member
edited October 2011 in Product Q&A and Problems
Pretty much the day after I made the switch to e cigs, I caught a cold...

I had put it down to hayfever and a sudden change in weather (getting around 8-10 degrees warmer basically overnight) but several days later and I'm feeling worse..

I haven't been able to vape a great deal due to my throat being quite tender from coughing (clear phlegm)

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


  • coritron, in my case its probably coincidence, but I have never been healthier. When I smoked, I was sick all the time, but since I started Vaping I havn't been sick once. I feel great. Hope you get better though.
  • nomorecigsnomorecigs Posts: 1,582Member
    I'm with tanzie, I never coughed again after receiving my kit!  Maybe you're clearing your lungs of all the analog gunk & it's also irritating throat, or you may have issues with PG.  Earthpig should be getting on here soon with  advise!!
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Keep on the look out for either a PG allergy or sa flavoring allergy.
  • coritroncoritron Posts: 190Member
    Me thinks it's a PG allergy, although I am not familiar with sa flavoring before.. Can you please fill me in @Earthpig?

    I have some rather thick (mostly vg I think) 36mg blueberry (with a hint of tobacco for some reason - this was not advertised when I made my purchase)

    I have recently cut it 2:1 with Mrs T's 0mg rose water (a little on the perfume side but otherwise ok. I think it's an 80:20 pg:vg mix) and a few drops of cherry 18mg for some kick.

    Another thought leads me to the possibility of V2 prefills causing the coughing.. I have been using a crappy 3 piece design for several weeks on and off with my own premixed juice from several different companies (all US except for the 36mg blueberry) and haven't felt this raspy

  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    edited October 2011
    There are certain mixes that make me cough when inhaled, no matter how I thin em down.
    I went between two differing cartomizer/e-cig models and for an unknown reason (even ecf, medical folks couldn't figure) a 510 model made me cough less.

    Sometimes it's just the strength and the particular flavor that overpower you. Just like when you began smoking.
    Don't discount allergies, since they can become dangerous. You need to start back with basics, not fancy flavored mixes with too many unknowns. Either a 100% VG , or 100% PG mix with a basic simple flavoring.
    3% have allergies to PG. Less (% unknown as I find) have allergies to VG. Symptoms vary but generally it's throat constriction, sores, heavy coughing.

    Too high of a nic level can also be an issue. You should NEVER need 36mg.  1/2 that level is harsh and more than most will use. If you are vaping 36...back off big time. (it's rare someone cab handle 36mg)

    Flavorings are also (in my belief) a danger. Get back to basics with a max of (say) 4 basic components. Pg or Vg(not and), nic, a simple flavor, water/alcohol cutting . (Mind you, the flavor as one of the components actually consist of multiple chemicals and can equal a dozen in themselves) . Keep them simple.

    You need to isolate the issue and see if you are just having a common cold or another more dangerous issue.


  • coritroncoritron Posts: 190Member
    @Earthpig I tried to vape the 36mg on its own when I first got it (I had no other juice to cut it with).. I made me ill for about 2 hours..

    As for experimenting, yes I need to get some bulk pg and vg (along with v high nic in pg for cutting) - I figure the nicotine will be better preserved in pg vs vg.

    Could you please pm me with suggestions on suppliers? I'd be keen on getting 100-200ml bottles of each ;)
  • @coritron, let me know how it goes getting that much through customs, if it makes it I might do the same myself.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Most health food stores sell 4oz bottles of VG for $4-5.oo . "Now" brand is very pure stuff.
    I don't mix my own, but have played with VG in my premixed flavors I use, and have vaped VG straight and with a little vanilla extract, for fun. (Massive Vapor).
  • coritroncoritron Posts: 190Member
    Cheers EP, maybe vg is a food place to start.. Should I be wary of flavours in future..

    @tanzie21 I ordered a 200ml bottle of 36mg (mostly vg) juice from a Chinese company. From what I've heard, Chinese imports are more likely to get through customs due to the sheer volume ;)
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    coritron I have tried a few juices that make me wheeze and make it hard to breathe.  Since I am breathing a lot better after switching to e-cigs I notice it right away and check that juice off as not a good idea for me to vape.  I was given a sample for smarties and it was spot on flavor, not really my thing but vapable...till I noticed after a few drags off it I was wheezing and have probs breathing.  I quit using it and went back to my RY4 for the day and had no further problems.

    Although I like trying flavors for the novelty of it.  I agree with Earthpig on sticking more to tobacco blends and minimum of ingredients.  I'm also finding I seem to like the tobacco blends better than most of the flavors out there.  I suggest keeping track of juices that cause you to have any probs, write them down and don't use any more.
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