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Can i BRING my ecig in my carry on during a plane flight?

morrisoninmonomorrisoninmono Posts: 3Member
edited October 2011 in General Chatter
I realize I can't use my v2 but am I allowed to carry it with me? I don't want to risk losing it if my bag goes missing. Anyone ever had to deal with this? I'm flying American Airlines from Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico.... help please!


  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member

    i would also like to know the answer to this, if anyone knows. i really want to have my V2 with me on the plane. but if its too much of a risk, i guess i'll stow it away.

    i won a trip to Las Vegas!!! :) :) :) :)

  • JonnyBravoJonnyBravo Posts: 1,988Member
    Yes, you can bring your V2 in your carry on luggage.  While most carriers have banned the usage of electronic cigarettes during flights, the TSA has not banned them from being brought onboard in your luggage (either carry on or checked).  Even though Puerto Rico is a US territory and the rules *should* be the same for what you're allowed in your carry on luggage, you'll want to find out if they have any special rules there.  For example, I travel frequently to India, and even though I can bring cigarettes and lighters/matches in my carry on on the way there, on my return trip, I cannot have any flame-producing items in my carry on... so I have to either check or throw away the lighters/matches, even though I can bring the cigarettes in my carry on.

    @Kemosabe congratulations on winning the trip to Vegas!!
  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member
    thanks Johnny!! my girlfriend and I are BUSTING with excitement :(|) :D *-:) \:D/ (*) \m/ :bz
  • marni_V2cigsmarni_V2cigs Posts: 1,153Member
    I do it all the time  :-D
  • m0ng0m0ng0 Posts: 757Member ✭✭

    me as well,  i can even sneak a few draws in flight :D

  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    Shouldn't be a concern as you are talking about a battery. You can demonstrate it to TSA and hand out some S4F cards while you're at it.
  • JonnyBravoJonnyBravo Posts: 1,988Member
    @m0ng0 I don't vape in the open on the plane; however, I have been known to go to the bathroom and take a few drags :).  I fly well over 100,000 miles a year.  You know you travel too much when you show up at the airport the ticket counter girl already has your luggage tags ready and security doesn't even bother checking your ID any more...
  • JonnyBravoJonnyBravo Posts: 1,988Member
    Well, I have it in my carry on (which is a backpack for my laptop and whatever other junk I deem necessary) while going through security, but once through I put it in my pocket.  Same thing I used to do with analogs.  When you travel as much as I do, you get things down to a science.  :)
  • LizaLiza Posts: 276Member ✭✭
    I have been taking my batteries and carts with me in my carry-on in a ziplock bag.  I take it out and lay it on top of my backpack with my other ziplock bags of creme, toothpaste, etc. There hasn't been a problem.  I used to just leave them in my backpack-got stopped for a backpack search a couple of times because security was unsure of the batteries. Once they saw the batteries there was no problem.  Still I am relieved when I get past the security check with all my stuff intact!  Enjoy your trips!
  • m0ng0m0ng0 Posts: 757Member ✭✭
    I always carry my laptop in a backback that i stuff under the seat,  thats where my ecigs are usually.  Also window seats work better as less eyes upon you at any given time,  but if I have my own row you can sneak a few in or just a leisurely trip to the lav can get you thru a flight :D
  • GerrieGerrie Posts: 305Member
    I just flew this last week and I did get questioned about the carts in my luggage, but as soon as i told them they were for my e-cig there was not problem and I did use it on the plane both ways and there was no problem, but I did hide the vapor, lol.  I do this all the time with not problem.  Since there is no smell, there is no problem.
  • GerrieGerrie Posts: 305Member
    Oh and I had 9 batteries that were not questioned.
  • GIJennaGIJenna Posts: 53Member
    this is a very helpful thread since i am flying tomorrow thank you!
  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member
    thaks for all the input. im flying to las vegas from providence so its a long flight. im so relieved to hear that it shouldnt be a problem to bring my V2 into the sky!
  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    @GIJenna-have a good trip home. Hope it is everything you could hope for before you deploy. God speed.
  • Matthew_V2Matthew_V2 Posts: 109Administrator, Moderator admin
    It is only illegal to vape on a plane, the possession of an ecig is not illegal and should yield no issues through security
  • jldoddjldodd Posts: 2Member
    I've flown twice with them and only been questioned once about them... and I wasn't questioned directly. The XRay person at the checkpoint was looking at my carry-on on the scanner and called a supervisor over and asked them "Is that one of those e-cigarettes?". The supervisor said yep and that's all there was to it. I went on my merry way without them doing a search are really asking me anything about it. 
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