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Has anyone converted from blu-cigs to V2's? If So, Why?Thanks In Advance...

kessjilliankessjillian Posts: 1Member
edited October 2011 in Product Troubleshooting
I bought the original starter kit from blu & was wondering if anyone has had some of the issues i'm having or if I have duds that have been fixed with newer starter kits. I went with them since they seem to be the only place with safe liquid, no propolyne glycol or ethanol or anything like this.Thanks again! Seriously thinking about making the switch to v2's but it will be very costly & now blu is coming out with their premium 100 starter kit! AAARRGGHH..Help!


  • gemh617gemh617 Posts: 437Member

    Hi Kess I did not switch over from blu. V2 is my first. I do recall reading a few posts here and there in this forum of people that have switched over to V2 from Blu.

    Just my opinion but I have been using my V2 ultimate kit for 4 weeks and could not be happier. I cannot compare it to Blu cuz I have never used Blu, but I would not trade my V2 for anything.

    My last analog was just before I used V2 for the first time, and will be forever grateful to V2 for selling a product that allowed that to happe. I smoked for 32 years and figured I was a lifelong smoker.

  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    A few reasons. Blu has 5 flavor options. V2 has 10. Blu starter kit comes with 5 cartridges. V2 economy kit comes with 10. Blu cartridges are more expensive. Blu only has 2 color options for battteries. Aftermarket cartridges from other companies that will fit Blu batteries are more difficult to find, due to Blu's thread configuration.
  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    edited October 2011
    Hi kess. I switched from a Blu to V2 in a matter of a week. Sorry if this is a little bit long.

      My neighbor purchased a Blu kit and he let me try it. That was my first experience with an ecig and i was pleasantly surprised so I purchased one. The flavors are pretty good and it was decent vapor production, but that about my extent of the "good" side of Blu.
      First I thought I would try refilling their carts to save some money. I purchased the same juice that they use to fill their carts from Johnson Creek. The directions say to use 5-6 drops. So I tried it, what a joke! First of all, I would hardly get any vapor out of it at all and I had to puff on it so hard that the cart would start burning my lips.
      Next comes the flavor. When i could get a cartridge to work somewhat properly, the taste was not tasting like the original taste of the carts. After doing some research, I found out that Johnson Creeks juice made for Blu is proprietary to Blu and they do not sell the same flavors to the public.
      On to the batteries. Both batteries fully charged would last me, I would say, equal to about 1/3 of a standard V2 batt. Then I noticed that when you shake the batteries a little bit, they would light up. I called Blu, thinking i had defective batteries. I could not believe what their response was. They literally told me not to carry them around in my pocket because the shaking and vibration activates the battery. I didn't even know how to respond to that comment so i just said "okay" and hung up the phone. Don't carry it around in my pocket? WHAT!
      I immediately started doing some research myself, which I should have done in the first place, and found that a lot of reviews pointing towards V2. Also, after looking around on the forum and noticing many positive comments i decided to purchase the traveler kit. I couldn't wait for this thing to come because i was stuck with the Blu still and still smoking analogs to the tune of about a half pack a day. Still better than my pack and a half habit though, but i wanted to drop that habit all together and the Blu was not cutting it.
      Finally my V2 came and WOW! What a difference! Batteries last longer. Carts last longer....there is just no comparison. I brought it over to my neighbor's house that showed me the Blu, he took 2 puffs off of the V2 and immediately ordered the ultimate kit. Took me only a few more days of analogs and now those are gone as well. You can read my story of that in last week's fan of the week in the blog.

     Here is a list of my noticeable differences:

    V2 Traveler Kit - 102.00us shipped with 15% discount code. Comes with 15 carts, 2 batteries of your choice, charging case, wall charger, USB charger, car USB adapter, notebook cig, discount codes to give to your friends and give you credit when they use it, and another 15% discount on my next order.
    Blu Cigs Kit - $59.95 with $10.00 discount code. Only comes with 5 carts so add about another $22.00 for another 10 carts. Now your up to $82.00. Now you would have to add in the notebook cig, car adapter, and I would say about another 50 carts because the Blu's are practically impossible to refill, so add another $15.00 for a bottle of juice to the price of the V2 and about another $130 to the Blu price for more carts and accessories, which Blu doesn't have the extra accessories.

    Batteries - Blu - 1 bat 2 colors only automatic (2 choices); V2 3 batt 4 colors auto or manual (24 choices) and the difference between charge lasting is incomparable.
    Flavors - Blu - 5; V2 - 10 pre-made, unlimited if you order custom flavors and they are cheaper
    Accessories - Blu - NONE! only the same stuff that the kits come with; V2 - Many. Cases, lanyards, chargers, batteries, etc.

    Warranty: Blu - 30 day money back, 1 yr parts; V2 - 30 day money back, lifetime on parts

    Support: Blu - (see my discussion above); V2 - never had an issue, awesome support!

    Rewards: Blu - point system, you have to buy a starter kit, create an account, vote in a poll, subscribe to their newsletter, and buy 8 packs of cartridges to get one free pack of cartridges( basically spend $137.00). When you buy the V2 you get a discount code to give to your friends and when they use it they get 15% off a starter kit and you get $15.00 in store credit. Plus V2 is always running sales and discounts.

  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    Wow! What a great comparison, @jneste! That is good info should anybody ask why they should switch from Blu...or a lot of other ecig companies. Luckily I happened across a guy vaping on a V2 and he had already done all of the research.
  • gemh617gemh617 Posts: 437Member
    Seems like I made the right choice of V2 right in the beginning. Blu was the first e cig I had looked at when doing my research.
  • scattertheloganscatterthelogan Posts: 127Member
    blu doesnt have PG in their liquids?
  • justkimjustkim Posts: 75Member
    according to blu faq, their juice contains nicotine (in levels of full flavored, light, ultra light and no
    nicotine) distilled water, USP Grade Glycerin, natural & artificial
    flavors and citric acid.
  • imannieimannie Posts: 64Member
    I started with Blu but the flavor consistency and dud rate was so huge that I gave up and went for the v2.  Couldn't be more satisfied.  Haven't smoked an analog since July.
  • scattertheloganscatterthelogan Posts: 127Member
    oh so i guess they are all vg 

  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    Blu liquids are made by Johnson Creek. Johnson Creek has a PG free line.
  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    @Rule62-does JC make any liquids for V2? Or are they all made in China?
  • hoosierhoosier Posts: 3,358V2 Veteran
    Mimi, I've used JC to refill blank carts that fit on V2 and they work great.  I refill mostly using their Red Oak Tundra Menthol and I've had no problems.  Also, it's 100% PG free.
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    @mimi No, V2 juice is made in China. Not sure who. Hang Sen maybe.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Not to challenge you on JC making Blu fluids, but many suppliers advertise on JC's site, and given the cost of their fluids, vs a Chinese supplier, I would be surprised if JC's juice is used.
    Please correct me if I missed something.

  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    The Blu website says their flavors are made by JC.
  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    Yep, Just checked it out. Specifically says JC makes it for Blu. These are their prices for a "pack".Buy 2 for $10.80 each and save 10%Buy 4 for $9.60 each and save 20%$12.00
    Wouldn't it be great to employ more people here, keep the $$ here, etc.?Too many U.S. dollars are going to China as it is and employing the Chinese. Sorry, just my opinion.
  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    edited October 2011
    We need to Get Blu disposables out of Walgreens and V2 disp in there! I've been going to every smoke shop around me and see nothing but cheap garbage ecigs.
  • marni_V2cigsmarni_V2cigs Posts: 1,153Member

    We have disposables in some 1,000 stores nationwide including 7-11, Sunoco, BP... possibly one near you. Call CS and they can look up the closest location. We are expanding every day!
  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    Really? Why are they not available online?
  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member
    my buddy bought a blu kit. i feel bad for him. he got hooked in with the "cool" PCC. i tried telling him that i did a bunch of research, but he was set on the BLu. he was never a heavy smoker so i guess it works for him but still.
  • grasshopper0223grasshopper0223 Posts: 1Member
    I tried blu and at first I was really impressed. Flavors tasted pretty good (but honestly kinda all tasted the same except for the cherry.......I tried classic, menthol and cherry). Decent amount of vapor but it was like I really had to work for it. I had to puff several times pretty fast to get a big draw ( it was like I needed to heat up the cart for it to work.......and it would get super hot). Batt life was a joke......blu batt's lasted me about 2 hours max (maybe I had some duds). The charging pack that came with the blu was a joke too....it only worked when it wanted to. I called customer service and they said I couldnt carry the case while its charging because this deactivates the charging system. WTF? I have a Personal Charging Carrying case which is how they advertise it on there website and I cant carry with me and charge my second battery on the go? Half the carts I bought from blu didnt work. I ordered the V2 and the blu at the same time. After trying the V2 I promptly placed the blu back in its box and sent it back for a refund. The V2 imo absolutly put blu to shame. My V2 batt last me a couple of days, out of thiry carts I havent had a single dud, lots of vapor with little effort.
  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    Gotta throw an "LOL" out there for that, @airstar.
  • DebiDebi Posts: 485Member
    • Here in Bflo NY I can't find any smokeshop or store that carries any type of disposable cigarette! Not even on the reservations!
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Debi - I was checking out your avatar - that does not look like Buffalo - are you sure that's where you live?
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Any in Wolcott Marni?
  • DebiDebi Posts: 485Member
    @Jackie no that's definitely not Buffalo! That was our cruise to Bermuda this past spring. 2 people asked about my v2 & 4 nasty looking women made smart ass comments to me at the pool. Just smiled, ignored the rude comments, & kept using my v2!
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    You go Debi - looks like you were having fun
  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member
    they were incredibly jealous
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Yeah kemo - the 2 that were rude should have to spend the winter in Buffalo.
  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member
    buffaloize 'em!
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    LOL - that'll teach em. Bitches - being rude to Debi.
  • DebiDebi Posts: 485Member
    Buffalo isn't too bad......but I am south of there in a very very small town. Some might say it's ski country.
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    What you talking about Willis? All we see are 8 foot snow banks from there. And daily snowfall from the lake. Are they lying to us?
  • chefsbosschefsboss Posts: 20Member

    Well, I gotta throw in my 2 Yen..  I mean cents. I started with Blu disposables (after analogs).. It was easy to justify a $7 trial. And I liked them, but after reading reviews and being honed in by V2's clever online  marketing, I decided on V2 for a starter kit.

    And I was quite happy with the V2 kit, but the red cowboy flavor took a little getting used to, especially switching from Blu disposables. Blu's "classic tobacco" had really strong Mocha and smokey cocoa* flavors.. not really "tobacco" flavor... but nice, in a Starbuck /Coldplay  generation kind of way.

    The V2 reds on first comparison tasted sort of like smoking a rolled nicotine patch through a dental instrument, however it was much more vapor and really easy,.. so you didn't have to.... um. suck as much.  and they kind of grow on you.

    I was going to try some other flavors of V2

    However, then... a curious thing happened, and I saw that the grocery store I shop at happened to sell Blu starter kits. , and on impulse, I bought one. thinking that Blu might be best suited as an evening type of relaxer, and the V2 would serve my all day habit.

     But I must say that in comparison to V2. The Blu starter kit really sucked harder than I had to suck on the included 5 pack of carts to get a puff of vapor, which may have actually been smoke from the cart sponge burning at the same time.

     Although Blu has a clever little kit with cig pack shaped portable recharger, and it just seemed like a classier looking set up. But It was basically a pile of hard sucking junk. with cool blue leds. The first puffs of the Blu carts are OK,.. but then you have to huff and puff on em like a pipe just to get some good vapor. But all that huffing and puffing causes the shut off feature to flash and shut down. And it's a good thing because at that point they're hot. , and the batteries run out way to quick.

    The V2 batts last me almost all day long, the Blu ones (maybe from all the sucking) last a few hours at best. Still, I do like the Blu flavors, but it's more of an after dinner type of crave if that makes sense? and not something an all day smoker like me would have... er hu. all day. 

    The blu kit has style and looks cool, but there's some major engineering stupidity, for example the recharge pack you can use on the go for the batts (like the v2 charge case), lets you know its charging by having its bright blue LED stay lit., When it goes off, this means the batt is fully charged.....ok... So how many more charges could one get if the light came on AFTER it was charged?. or maybe just flashed when it was ready you know???? But, I swear after you charge up the pack, and huff and puff your blu battery (which is actually black.. another?) and if you then want to use the on the go charger, this bright blue search beam (it lights up a dark room) is taking 1/2 the juice while it's charging.. just some kind of you know... lack going on. further, if you want to unscrew the charged batt, you have to attach a cart if you want to store it in the pack, or it will slip through the cutouts as a plain battery... uh... anyway, sorry for the rant. Blu would be OK maybe for occasional vapororeres. but for the serious smoker turned vap monger, it's bunk.

    Sure the V2 has some rather strange looking color combos between cart and battery. and the charge case looks like a Barbie make up kit with a 1 inch USB cable,, but it works. and it ultimately wins my vote,

     As mentioned above, I wish US tobacco companies would get on board with more quality juices, but, in this day and age, instead of competing and or trend setting, they will simply send lawyers lobbying their heavily contributed to DC pals,... and eventually get the FDA to regulate and/or tax the savings right out of the E cigs, all under the guise of saving children or protecting our health.... but enough cynisism. another post another time...

    In answer to the OP:

    Blu: Flavor=good Function =bad. style=good "must love sucking"=positive.

    V2 flavor="good. after "aquiring" phase. function-good "don't have to suck so hard" colors and style=not so much. But who cares? IT works.

  • Cay10Cay10 Posts: 402Member
    put some disposables in walgreens and cvs! people i know only know about blu.
  • marni_V2cigsmarni_V2cigs Posts: 1,153Member
    We are getting there Cay10! It takes time...

  • Cay10Cay10 Posts: 402Member
    sweet  :-bd
  • MentholMenthol Posts: 11Member
    Yup - started with Blu - draw was too hard, battery life abysmal. Major plus, VG juice made in US.
    Switched to V2 - so far so good, but do not want PG juice, so am getting juice elsewhere - C'mon, V2 how about some US VG juice?
    (Also, would be better if all components made in US ...)
  • chefsbosschefsboss Posts: 20Member

    ^^^^^^ I agree, Would be better if all components made in US. But expensive.

     Maybe we could have the illegals make them for us?  (kidding).

     Seriously though, suggest some "limited edition" U.S. Juice  as a trial. see how it goes. ?? I'd buy some.

  • marie0414marie0414 Posts: 2Member
    I, too , bought the Blu starter kit at Walgreens. Not happy with the charger pack. Worked for 2 days. When I charged the pack, the blue light would stay on for hours and the e-cig would be charged BUT when I put the second one in....nothing. I called the company and was told only to charge the pack for 4 hours regardless if the light was one or not. Did it work? Nope! I returned the first starter kit for that reason, but now the SECOND one is doing the same thing? I don't get it....any suggestions? I'm on V2 now.
  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    I started with Blu as well. JUNK. My only suggestion is to just return it and stick with V2.
  • V2 is far superior to Blu for one very huge reason .....Customer Service. I was doing an Ecig study and most major companies participated. V2 was the most generous and answered all questions cheerfully. Most companies accepted the reports with the positive and negative feedback.....except one. That was Blu. They (Blec LLC) chose to sue me for negative statements about their product. Imagine if V2 filed suit against people on this forum for negative statements. Blu is a marketing machine and nothing more. Oh geez, i will probably get sued for saying that. I hope so. Then i can win.....AGAIN.
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    Imagine if V2 filed suit against people on this forum for negative statements. 
    They'd be billionaires. 

    And if you include people on this forum's negative comments on other forums, they'd be trillionaires. 
  • sandyc532sandyc532 Posts: 471Member
    My husband and I started with blu disposables. Yuk.. Then we tried about every other brand of disposable out there. Got smart and did some research, V2 kept coming up with highest ratings. No where to get them in Boise, we had to drive 30 miles into Oregon to place that only carried V2 disposables. We were hooked. Ordered our couples kit and are now die hard V2 fans. Its been over 2 months now completely off standard cigs.
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    I was a blu cig user for about a year, and I loved them in the beginning after quitting analogs. But soon, I realized that I was requiring more oomf than the blu cig was capable of delivering.  If I took large puffs, the battery shut off, and the cart burned my lips terribly.  I was getting liquid in my mouth, and I was going through 3-4 carts a day.  Certainly not a value, and definitely not meeting my needs.  I went back to smoking analogs.  I noticed a definite decline in my breathing capacity, and I just couldn't deal with the smell anymore.  I needed to quit.  Right about then, I received an e-mail offer from GreenSmoke, and took them up on it.  I got the oomf I needed from the GreenSmoke battery and carts, but soon grew tired of their limited flavor selection.  I went back to analogs AGAIN.  I wandered over to the V2 page, and they were having a promotion on carts, so I bought some and I picked up a pack of adapters so I could continue to use my GreenSmoke battery.  I fell in love with V2.  The V2 flavors are the best of all the e-cig companies.  I continued to stay quit from analogs by using V2 carts.  Then, I discovered the e-liquid, EX Blanks, and V2's beautiful and powerful batteries.  I ordered the new liquid kit, and there's no turning back from here.  I am hooked.  And, as a previous poster had mentioned, V2's customer service is unparalleled.  I was used to waiting days and days for an issue to be resolved, but V2 resolves issues immediately--as in the same day you discover an issue.  Everything I found lacking in the other companies, V2 had.  I get the power and satisfaction I need, and the value is far greater than any of the companies I mentioned earlier.  Now, I don't even think of backtracking to another company or even to analogs.  Smoking combustible tobacco is in my past, and that's thanks in large part to V2.  In me, they have a customer for life.  The fact that I can post that story here on the V2 forum is commendable.  This venue is brilliant.  We former smokers are die hard fans of V2 because they give us exactly what we need to stay quit.  Here in the forum, we can all come together and share the love.  And boy, do I love my V2!
  • SirSmokemSirSmokem Posts: 75Member ✭✭
    jneste said:
    Hi kess. I switched from a Blu to V2 in a matter of a week. Sorry if this is a little bit long.image
    That's a dang good writeup my friend. I haven't found many people that really LIKED BluCigs to be honest. Some of the people that tried them first just gave up on ecigs altogether and I had to bring them back by showing their are better brands which I was only to convince them on by showing all the horrible reviews for BluCigs. They had some good ideas, and some great creations, but they lack in functionality, battery life, and pretty much everything now to think of it. It's like they had something good going then once they branded themselves and became a household name (sort of at least) they figured they didn't even have to put any effort into their products anymore.

    I had a friend whom's office I was in actually ask me if i liked them and told me I can have it. I notice he ONLY offered that one, but he had like 20 others (some doubles even) that were sitting right behind him on the shelf. I said, naw I've heard bad things, probably why your offering to me, haha. He said, well pretty much... those had just been sitting there, and quite frankly he just doesn't like it... doesn't know why, but won't use it anymore. I said how about I take you up on that offer for one of those (pointing to the nice ones in the back of him) and he just smiled and said.. now these... I can let you try, but I can't give you these. These here... are the real deal! LMAO.
  • ThePotatoeThePotatoe Posts: 9Member
    Blu was my first entry into ecigs and was not a pleasant experience. Now that I'm using V2 products I realize just how much better the quality is in comparison both in taste and construction. 

  • rhpbj21rhpbj21 Posts: 175Member
    Mimi is that you? Are you back to V2 or just posting! --Carl
  • AnaBanana22AnaBanana22 Posts: 112Member
    I've personally converted 3 friends! Sure they look nice and are more widely available, but the quality of blu versus V2 just doesn't compare in my opinion. V2's products, delicious flavors and their sweet cs reps just can't be compared to blu. This is my personal experience at least...
  • JayTeaJayTea Posts: 46Member
    I enjoy and gave the free card to a friend. He never heard of vapor cigs!
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