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Try the V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
edited November 2011 in General Chatter
Just an FYI.... we have made our V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes available for sale on www.ecigs.com 

This is the same V2 disposable that we have been test marketing in a few thousand convenience stores across America. It is the first time we have ever offered this product for sale online. This product is not expected to be offered on V2cigs.com, and is currently available online only at ecigs.com.  

The V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarette is designed for 400 puffs (average)... Roughly 2-Packs of cigarettes.

Note: The V2 Disposable is available in Tobacco and Menthol Flavors (in Full and Light Strengths) ... The juice used in these disposables is different than the juice used in the V2 CIGS line of products at V2cigs.com... The Tobacco Flavor is similar in taste to the V2 Sahara, and the Menthol flavor is a more tobacco flavored Menthol than the traditional V2 CIGS menthol.   


  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    edited December 2011
    I hope it draws more easily than the "prototypes" I tried last January. That was the only glitch I found in what could be a great marketing idea.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    edited December 2011
    Jondster... there have actually been about 5 different versions of the V2 disposable... it took us a little while to get them right... the version we are selling today, is definitely the best one we have ever made... unfortunately some stores out there are still selling older versions.. regardless, all the V2 Disposables that ship from ecigs.com are of the latest version. I have personally tested over 40 competing disposables, and I really believe our latest version is the best disposable on the market today... the flavors are fantastic and from a very consistent and reliable source, and the electrical specifications are the result of over 1-year of trial and error... I think you will be very pleased should you decide to buy some.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    FYI... we have reduced the prices of the V2 Disposables Sold on eCigs.com by roughly 25%... enjoy :-)
  • dplongo22dplongo22 Posts: 184Member ✭✭
    You piqued my curiosity, Andries (particularly where the price is concerned).  I ordered a five-pack.  I've tried the Blu disposables, and must admit that I like them; so I'm interested to see how the V2 compares.  If it's anything like the rechargeable comparison, your's should blow them out of the water.  
  • marni_V2cigsmarni_V2cigs Posts: 1,153Member
    V2 is currently in over 1000 stores nationwide with Disposables and the regular V2 rechargeable line..if you call customer service they can point you to a store near you. 

    As far as price, it's near impossible to offer a quality product (think-premium liquid, parts, ion battery, packaging, logistics, duties) for under $4.00. Nationwide, cigarette packs cost as much as $12.00 per pack so it all depends on where you live. Plus, these are intended for 1-time usage--not as a permanent replacement to cigarette packs. They are for when your regular e-cig charge ran out and it's an emergency or if you want t try them for the first time. 

  • dplongo22dplongo22 Posts: 184Member ✭✭

    So, following up – I received my V2 Disposables yesterday
    and must say that I’m quite impressed.  

    Design and performance are both EXCELLENT.  Very smooth draw, light and balanced feel,
    along with TREMENDOUS vapor production. 
    This is only the 3rd disposable I’ve used (Blu and one of the
    cheap ones you find in local bodegas).  I
    really like the Blu but the V2 is definitely better.  My ONLY negative can’t really even be
    considered negative because it’s totally subjective; that being the
    flavor.  I’ve simply become very partial
    to the V2 Red flavor and the Disposable is not that.  If it had been Red, it would have easily been
    the best vaping experience of my life.  I
    like keeping some disposables handy to use in an emergency or if I’m out
    drinking (they’re just easier than worrying about batteries and what-not).   Thank
    you, Andries (and all of V2) for the wonderful experience.  I’m fairly certain they’re not sold in my
    area (Stamford, CT) but I will definitely be ordering some
    more from ecigs.com.

  • rhpbj21rhpbj21 Posts: 175Member
    I found a disposable called NJOY at a Chevron gas station for $19.95. It comes with a battery, charger and a 5-pack carts. Anyone heard of this brand?
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    Yes and its nasty ..was my first ecig a year ago
  • rhpbj21rhpbj21 Posts: 175Member
    @Dixie - good to know. Thank you!!
  • TnThompsonTnThompson Posts: 184Member
    Can't be any worse than the Nicoteck Metro. Only + it had going for it was that it showed me that a good vaping was a great alternative. I then discovered V2 and the rest is history.
  • smokinjoe67smokinjoe67 Posts: 4Member

    Picked up one of these today and it doesnt do anything at all.

    like drawing on a straw.

    do i need to "activate" it some how?

  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    @smokinjoe67 You may have gotten a bad one. Return it to where you purchased it. The disposables have automatic batteries. You may need to take a couple short quick puffs on it first to "heat up".
  • smokinjoe67smokinjoe67 Posts: 4Member

    Well the store would not return it so I went to another store and the 2nd one does nothing.

    I will not try a third.



  • dplongo22dplongo22 Posts: 184Member ✭✭
    Seriously?  I've had NO problems at all, but I did buy them from eCigs.com and not locally.  Andries made reference to the fact that there were some older models out there and you may have had the back luck of running into them.  But, if I had failed with two, I'd probably not try a third either.  I find them to be phenomenal, but way too expensive to use long-term.  My son felt the same way and said that if they ever become relatively cheap, he'd switch in a heartbeat.  
  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    I'm sure if you contact V2 customer service that they would replace them for you. Actually they would probably want you to send them in so they can see what the problem is with them. I just tried one last week. Just for the reason that I never tried a disposable before, and it worked fine. I bought it at a Marathon gas station.
  • CharityRoyalCharityRoyal Posts: 1Member
    I'm a little fascinated by the price points.  $4 for an ecig sounds ridiculously cheap-- I guess there's a lot of variety across the country.  Here in Michigan, I spend $8.25 on a pack of traditional analog American Spirits.  When I've been desperate, I've bought them at a downtown smokeshop for $9.75--I know they're an expensive brand but... still.

    I'm new to vaping, and while I wait for my v2 starter kit to show up I've been buying disposables.  I've bought three different kinds and they're all $10 or $11.  It's expensive, but I think it's as to be expected.  I really don't see 400 puffs as two packs (perhaps I'm vaping more than I was smoking... it's hard to tell)  but regardless-- I see anything around the $10 range as an acceptable price.

    If buying in store, I recommend trying a friendly smokeshop if you can--- my guy insists on opening it up and having you take the first puff before you leave the store.

  • jaceejacee Posts: 141Member ✭✭
    I have tried only the Blu disposables and I find my experience with them to be very good.  It makes me want to try the V2 since dplongo22 has tried both and likes the V2 even better. @Smokinjoe67 I am not trying to be smart, but I couldn't help wonder if you may have not taken off the tiny sticker that you must remove to activate it.  I don't know if V2's have it, but Blu does and I have forgotten as it is very tiny and it wouldn't let me draw on it.  Just a thought and I hope it works for you if that is the case.  Again, I can only speak about the Blu disposable, but the ones I have gotten have lasted me a good 12 hours.  My favorite flavor is V2 Red so if that were to come along I would be a happy person as they are good for emergencies.
  • dplongo22dplongo22 Posts: 184Member ✭✭
    Preference is obviously a subjective issue, but I really liked the Blu too, until I got my hands on a V2. Three other family members are in total agreement with my assessment.  It's lighter, smaller, draws significantly easier, and is the closest thing to smoking an actual cig that I have experienced to date.  What I did not do is a side-by-side comparison related to duration.  V2 is about 2/3 of an inch shorter than Blu, with the same diameter.  My non-scientific feeling was, and still is, that it might not last quite as long, but I also don't believe the time difference is anything significant.  85% maybe?  Again, I'm just guessing at that and could be wrong. I do know that, for me, the puff-by-puff performance outweighed whatever lifespan difference that may or may not exist.  At this point, I'm almost glad they don't have it in Red (flavor).  That might be too much of a temptation for me, and it would definitely have a negative impact on my budget (EEEK!).  I hope this helps.  
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    edited December 2011
    At the present time, the only way I can guarantee that you are getting our current version of disposable is if you buy it from ecigs.com... we have had a few prior versions that were shipped to wholesale distributors across the nation, so many of the V2 disposables currently sold in stores may be of the prior version lots. 

    We never added the disposables to our flagship v2cigs.com web-site because we have been testing different versions in stores. After a year of exhaustive retail testing, we have decided on the final V2 Disposable model (our current model)... This model is available at ecigs.com, and we anticipate it will also be added to V2cigs.com sometime in the near future. Our wholesale distributors are also selling the new model, but it will likely be sometime before all the stores have sold out of prior versions and are only carrying the latest and greatest :-)

    If you purchase the V2 Disposable from eCigs.com or V2cigs.com (coming soon), you can be assured that you are getting only our latest disposable technology.
  • GerrieGerrie Posts: 305Member

    What is the discount code for ecigs.com


  • jaceejacee Posts: 141Member ✭✭
    Thanks @dplongo22 and to Andries_V2cigs.  I am definitely going to order some from ecigs and look forward to them coming to the site here.  They are good for emergencies.  They certainly helped when I needed them.  Anything to avoid analogs.
  • dplongo22dplongo22 Posts: 184Member ✭✭
    You're welcome Jacee!  And that's exactly what I use them for too.  And it works :-)
  • smokinjoe67smokinjoe67 Posts: 4Member

    If you have prior versions that are no good then recall them so you dont lose customers like you did with me.




  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    @smokinjoe67 You could at least try to contact CS and maybe they will replace them for you. If you read through the forums you can see how good their product and CS is. I think they would be willing to replace them for you to try and keep a potential customer. V2 has awesome customer service. Honestly, if anyone has bad customer service, it is the place at which you purchased the item since they would not return it for you.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    There is nothing wrong with the prior versions, they just aren't as good as the newest version :-)

    When Ford released the new Explorer, they did not recall all the old Explorers with the prior body-style :-)

  • smokinjoe67smokinjoe67 Posts: 4Member
    I have contacted them, I was told to return them to the store I purchased them from. Well that store will not accept them back and now I am stuck with products that do not work.  
  • matcasmatcas Posts: 210Member
    I was wondering why one disposal e cig is the equivalent to 2 packs of cigs but a v2 cart is barley 1 pack more like a 1/2 pack by the time we get them.
    How come they cant put more in the v2 carts.
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