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2 ideas

MentholMenthol Posts: 11Member
edited November 2011 in Vaping General Discussion
Idea 1 - seeing as how V2 makes its own juice - it seems an obvious addition to have blank carts of different colors for the different flavors

Idea 2 - seeing as how aluminum is getting more and more expensive and should be recycled, how about a program where carts that are "burnt out" could be returned, the "guts" removed, and new "guts" put in, sterilized and resold. This would save a lot of aluminum, and could actually be done, it seems to me, right here in the good old USA ...


  • talecontalecon Posts: 188Member
    good ideas ;)
  • MentholMenthol Posts: 11Member
  • hoosierhoosier Posts: 3,358V2 Veteran

    @Menthol, @talecon

    I second the motion on Idea #1.

    I second the motion on Idea #2 only if an addendum is added that should any savings be realized by said recycling of the aforementioned aluminumnumnum, such savings will passed on to the customers posthaste and herefortowit.

    All in favor say "aye".

    All opposed also say "aye"


  • OwlOwl Posts: 175Member
    they can be reused just boil them.  then when the filling needs replacing put that in and reuse again then boil the alumunium can be recycled over and over.  you can buy the filling in bulk.
  • talecontalecon Posts: 188Member
    eye ;)
  • Ka0sKa0s Posts: 1,220Member
  • ginazginaz Posts: 663V2 Veteran
    Please forgive my ignorance but I am new at refilling carts.  The main goal is the saturate the filling around the tube inside the cart correct?  If liquid does get in that tube it simply leaks out of the bottom right?  I got eliquid from Johnson Creek and I am going to refill my used vanilla V2 carts tonight, I also have blank carts from V2 that should arrive today.  Help a newbie out please.  I love vaping and once I learned about refilling and blank carts, this will save me alot of money.  Thanks in advance! :-S
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    18 drops on a blank carto, max, You should never need to saturate to the point of leaking out of the bottom. It will eventually clog/mess up your battery connection.

    on the other points, 
    I mark/label my carto's and don't like all the flourescent colored carto's I prefer black or silver. But thats me.
    Worst thing I can imagine is having (say) a blue battery and a pink or red carto. A lil too gay/flamboyant for my taste in public. Or even in the dark.
    On the aluminum...you can recycle them like cans. I'm not talking about off to the street in a container. I'm talking $$'s for the metal weight. Yeah, it takes forever to collect enough, but the cost to reship back and have them recycled overshoots the value of the metals.

  • kekoakekoa Posts: 142Member


    Aloha....here is how I refill my cartomizers. Do not have the cartomizer connected to the battery at any time during the refilling process. First thing you are going to have to do is remove the white end cap on the blank cartomizer. I use a small paper binder clip for that. If this is your first time dripping...then you might want to place a toothpick into the center tube to avoid getting any juice down in there. With carto in hand...tilt it about 45 degrees and hold the bottle of juice (the tip of the bottle) over the open end of the cartomizer..angle the tip of the bottle so that when you drip the first drop, it lands on the inside wall of the cartomizer. Let that first drop soak down into the batting. Rotate the cartomizer counter clockwise between your fingers a smidge. Then drip a second drop along the inside wall again...right next to the spot where you dripped the first drop. Let that soak in as well. Now continue to rotate counter clockwise...while adding a single drop and letting it soak in. You should be able to get about 10 drops or so  before returning to the spot where you started dripping, as you rotate the cartomizer. Let the cartomizer sit for a moment to allow for a nice absorption. This would be a good time to double check that the bottom or threaded end of the cartomizer isnt leaking any juice. If there is juice running out the bottom...just use a paper towel to soak up/absorb the fluid. Keep blotting the bottom until there isnt anything leaking out. Make sure that the threaded connector end is completely dry and free of fluid. If all is good...continue the dripping process for another 5-8 drops. Then recheck the connector end for any leakage.

    If all is good...let the cartomizer sit for a minute of two for proper absorption. Replace the end cap...or if you purchased V2's drip tip. I'd suggest V2's drip tip because when you want ot top off the cartomizer in between vaping sessions...its just a matter of popping off the drip tip...dripping...then pop the drip tip back on. Way easier in my opinion.

    Another thing...before you start refilling...take a look at how much batting is around the center tube. The more batting...the more juice it will absorb. Some cartomizers will have less batting surrounding the center tube...thus, you won't be able to drip the 18-20 drops as stated above. Rule of thumb...after about 10 drops...and a little soak in time...as you start on the 11-15 drips, keep an eye out...if the batting becomes over saturated...it will pool at the top of the batting. Once you've got the hang of it...you'll be able to tell when enough is enough.

    Do not use a cartomizer that is leaking out of the bottom. Make sure that it is completely dry. Especially wihen using an automatic battery. If any juice or liquid leaks out of the bottom of the cartomizer and into the automatic battery...you run the risk of frying that battery.

    IF you happen to get juice into the center hole of the carto. Not all is lost. Check for fluid that has leaked out the bottom. Blot it up until dry. Then grab a paper towel and hold it over the open mouthpiece end. Wrap your lips around the bottom or connecter end of the cart and use a series of hard blows to force any remaining juice up and out of the center tube...onto the paper towel. You should hear it gurgling if there is any juice present within the center tube. Using the toothpick method is a good way to avoid this. After a while...you'll be able to refill without dripping into the hole.


  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    I was trying to recall what @marni_V2cigs said about V2 starting a recycling program in the future... @marni_V2cigs, a little help here? When I started V2, I discussed this very point with my husband because we recycle everything that we can.
  • i like it. i'd add paypal too. just my 2 cents
  • jc112704jc112704 Posts: 72Member
    E-cig related purchases violate Paypal's TOS.  So sadly, we won't be seeing that anytime soon.
  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,132V2 Veteran ✭✭
    I didn't know that about PayPal!  Interesting!  Odd...but interesting!
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    Oh yes I know a e-cig vendor that used paypal as soon as they found out they locked down his account with over 3 grand in it and would not let him touch it. He had to jump through all kinds hoops to get his money I will not do any transactions with paypal never again if they want to act a bunch of idiots.
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    Would not feel good about using recycled V2 carts, I will reuse my own but not someone else's. :-q
  • ginazginaz Posts: 663V2 Veteran
    @kekoa @earthpig thank you for the advice.  My blank carts came in yesterday and everything went smooth will filling them.  I've read where some people take out the filling, clean it and replace it in the cart.  Seems a bit tedious to me but I do intend to use them more than 5 times.  Thanks again for the tips.  I only overfilled one and had a mess with that but all is good. :-D
  • ginazginaz Posts: 663V2 Veteran
    Oh and yes I mark my carts with a sharpie so I know what is what.  I actually think it is quite fun and not to mention that I no longer reek of cigarettes.  It's only been 2 months smoke free but I don't get winded anymore climbing the steps...and I'm pushing 40 here! =D>
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    The filling/batting is generally hard to get out without also damaging the heating element. Don't bother, or at best try it once, and you'll see what I mean.
    Best is to just use a "like" juice and when the fluid is down around the 1/2 way point..tap it up with a bit more fluid.I know, it's tricky to figure out where the 1/2 way poit is, but with practice it becomes do-able.
    If the carto takes 8 to 10 drops, to soak up before overflowing into the center tube, you're there.

    I'm usually tapping up at 5 to 7 drops, and I don't burn carto's that way.I get ~ 5 to 7 refills (or 10 to 15 tap up's), before the draw gets tight or vapor production diminishes. Some fluids are harder on carto's than others. Most I ever got was 18 fills, and then I misplaced the carto. It wasn't working well. Least I got was 1.5 fill (with a dark chocolate). It killed and clogged the carto FAST.

    Your mileage might vary. 
  • ginazginaz Posts: 663V2 Veteran
    edited November 2011



  • ginazginaz Posts: 663V2 Veteran
    I don't know why my computer is acting up...anyway I did find it was better to add a "topper" than bleed the cart dry.
  • nomorecigsnomorecigs Posts: 1,582Member

    @Dragon, my one big vendor uses paypal, orginally a uk co but in Miami too, hum, wonder if they still use it.  I took the credit card over phone last order.   

    @Tamy was suppose to post pics of her windchime she recycled cartos into!   Tamy... waiting!!  Wonder if could come up with christmas tree decorations?  hum

  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    I dismanteled two old V2 cartos yesterday to use as testers for new DIY juices.  They had been boiled and were bone dry.  Only took one small pull with a tweezer and all the batting came out in one piece, the rest was like new and worked very well for testing. 
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran

    So you are just dripping on the atomizer?  That scares the crap outta me. 

  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member
    edited November 2011
    one time i taryn spun a carto too hard and the filling came out. the wick was wrapped up in there too i think. the carto looked like just a metal empty shell so i threw it out. i didnt see where the coil or atomizer was though...
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    edited November 2011
    Coil is horizontal to the carto, and about 1/3 up from the battery base.
    All it is , is coiled resistive wire.
    The wick is generally wrapped around the coil, and is(I believe) fiberglass impregnated. It keeps the batting from hitting the coil and melting under 450+deg F heating
    Some batting pulls out easy, (now try and get it back in properly w/o hurting the coil). Some is wrapped up around the coil and near impossible to remove without yanking on the coil.

    The coil and wrap is important to not disturb it, because it's relatively delicate, but it's fun to try. 
  • V2loverV2lover Posts: 23Member

       This is the easiest carto filling method yet. Take the end covers off of a new blank carto. Using the cover that does not have the little plug, fill it 1/2 to 3/4 full of eliquid. Slowly and gently, push the carto (mouthpiece end first) into the cover until a drop of liquid appears in the battery end hole. Remove the cover, clean any juice from the outside of the carto, place a paper towel on the battery end and blow through the mouthpiece. This clears any excess unabsorbed juice from the blank. Dry the battery end completely and screw the carto onto the battery. Done in 3 minutes or less!

       If you have a drip tip, first remove the white plastic ring at the mouthpiece end of the carto using a toothpick. You should be able to see the batting and center pole inside. Push the drip tip into the opening. Slowly drip eliquid into the drip tip. Stop every few drops and check the battery end for a drop of liquid. When full, blow through the carto into a paper towel, dry the battery end and screw the carto onto the battery. You can vape through the drip tip leaving it in place for the next refilling or remove it and replace the white ring. I find the rubber drip tip to be extremely comfortable for vaping and I can top off with a few drops at a time in seconds! No muss, no fuss!

       Just be sure to ALWAYS refill with the carto detached from the battery; liquid will short out the battery and ruin it. Also, keep the eliquid off of your skin as nicotine liquid is absorbed through the skin (as with nicotine patches). Happy  refilling!!!    

  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    It's the condom method.
  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    That's a lot of good information V2lover............thanks for posting.  :-D
  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    The best way to get the batting back in is to take a small Mc D straw wrap batting around it slide it over the center tube secure batting and slide straw back out.
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