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I just love IT :)

CagesCages Posts: 8Member
edited December 2010 in V2 News and Updates
I just received my V2 starter Kit...started vaping. I am amazed at my results in not wanting a "dirty" cig. I love having the comfort of feeling like i truly am smoking. I also like the relief of nic cravings it curbs. Thanks V2! I'm dedicated to continuing not "smoking" but am stuck on "vaping" :) ;)


  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    awsome cages!!!!!
    Enjoy your new "habit" :)
    Happy Merry Vaping
  • ScooterScooter Posts: 41Member
    Yes, it is a awesome feeling
  • FFPM27FFPM27 Posts: 20Member
    Welcome to vaping, being analogue free is a great way to start the upcoming new year!
  • CagesCages Posts: 8Member
    Still loving my V2 after 3 days....had an analog cig over the weekend. I wanted to see the difference...can i say YUCK! Also i felt all jittery and weak. Can def tell that analog cigs weigh me down. I am starting to feel more energy. Starting to cough more today...lungs must be trying to clear. Again I am still pleased :)
  • PattiPatti Posts: 8Member
    Cages, I'm experiencing the same thing! Tried an analog over the weekend and YUCK!! I did have another analog this morning and it made me dizzy, as it usually does first thing in the AM. My lungs are feeling like I need to cough more and feeling kind of heavy actually (like there is something always there that needs to GET OUT!!!!)
    Isn't it great??!!??
  • KimEKimE Posts: 8Member
    well I am new here and I just ordered my starter kit. wish me luck !! Thanks
  • KimEKimE Posts: 8Member
    Hope the kits gets here (VA from FL) before xmas !! prob wont tho.
  • FFPM27FFPM27 Posts: 20Member
    Welcome to vaping Kim. Good luck with your quit. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised once you get your kit. Odds are you won't get it by then, but stranger things have happened. Best of luck.
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    Welcome KimE, hope you have your kit soon and hope to see you as a regular on the forum sharing your feelings on V2, quiting smoking, or whatever you like. Good Luck
  • CarolGCarolG Posts: 562Member
    Hi KimE. Best of luck, I hope you get your kit soon, you're going to love it.
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    Hey Kim...i am sure you will love your ecig :)
    Happy Merry Vapikng
  • I just received my starter kit (minus the accessories on back order) and my 10-minute experience is amazing! I was previously using another e-cigarette and I still had to use analogs to get a fix when my nicotine levels bottomed out. With V2, I can feel the nicotine hit without having to suck the life out of the battery! I've only tried one flavor so far (vanilla) and it is heavenly! My previous e-cigarette was so very weak after the first five drags. And talk about vapor; I am blown over closely it resembles actual smoking! I am so very happy to have found V2 e-cigs! They have a customer for life!
  • CarolGCarolG Posts: 562Member
    Yay, congratulations, Free. At first I thought Vanilla was just okay, but I love it now, too. Still love my Cowboys, though, for a taste like real tobacco.
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