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e-cigs and coughing

lmaxlmax Posts: 2Member
edited November 2011 in Product Q&A and Problems
i've been vaping for about 3 weeks.  so relatively new to it.  about a week ago, i started to cough a lot - even when not vaping.  anyone having similar issue?  thanks.


  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Try changing to a VG based fluid.
  • AbsintheurAbsintheur Posts: 6,429V2 Veteran ✭✭
    If you smoked analogs before you started vaping there is a good chance it is your lungs trying to clear all the crap you put in them with smoking. It is normal and just part of your lungs healing...
  • scottie2hottiescottie2hottie Posts: 7,265V2 Veteran
    I was going to say the same Abs... Especially if the old lung butter is coming out as well...
  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    Here is some info from another site:
    4. Coughing
    the most common symptom of tobacco smoking cessation, along with sputum
    / phlegm production. The severity and duration will depend on how heavy
    a smoker you were before switching, and how many real smokes you still
    have while e-smoking. 

    5. Sputum, Phlegm
    When quitting
    smoking, with or without using e-cigs, people find that their body
    starts coughing up all the junk they've been putting in - tars and other
    materials coating the surface of the lungs. This material is coughed up
    in the form of phlegm / sputum.

    Some folks find they start
    coughing up this junk within a week or two - some faster. The duration
    will vary, but most people were finding that the morning cough went away
    in the first week and the rest of the junk came up within the first
    month - but it's very common.

  • lmaxlmax Posts: 2Member
    hmm...i've quit before and know what you guys are referring to.  but
    this isn't that.  nothing comes back up from the lungs.  this is more
    like an irritation in the throat that makes you cough uncontrollably. 
    i've now read that the propylene glycol used in most e-cigs may be the
    issue.  some people (including myself?) could be allergic to it.  so,
    earthpig's suggestion to switch to a vegetable glycol-based fluid may be
    the solution - although V2 doesn't sell any.  that's my
    conclusion...thus far.  if anyone else has more info. on the topic
    (propylene vs. vegetable, etc.) please feel free to continue sharing. 
    would appreciate it.  think this is important topic for everyone since there are a lot of
    diverging opinions out there about propylene glycol.   
  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,293V2 Veteran ✭✭
    edited November 2011
    @Imax....I know about that throat irritation thing!  It's like my sinuses are draining on max-flow from time to time or something...causing terrible, gagging coughing!  It was happening quite a bit when I first started vaping, and I figured it was my body "cleaning things out".  But it persisted (I'm over 60 days into this journey now).  I WILL say that it's not quite as frequent for me now, and I haven't changed juice types from the PG at this point.  But it does happen sometimes....at least once a day.  I just try to remember...LOTS of water!  And peppermint hard candy! lol!  

    Having said that, however...I HAVE noticed that my sinuses are not nearly as "bad" as they were when I was smoking!  Other than that throat irritation thing, I'm breathing better, overall.  I hope I don't have to change juice types.  I feel like since it is easing off now, and not so worrisome...I might be moving into the clear now.
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    I was coughing in the beginning but also a dry cough.  I NEVER hacked up anything.  (maybe it all still lives in there?! i hope not)  
    Give it time.  It will go down.  It's something new the body needs to adjust to.  After 6 weeks i was feeling PERFECT.  
    I found that some peppermint carts and cola are worse for me than menthol or vanilla.  One cart of peppermint i had just plain HURT-- makes me slightly question the chinese juice.  
  • CigsAreUsCigsAreUs Posts: 17Member
    Sometimes your body may just need to adjust from changing over. Best bet though would be to contact your doctor and hear what he says if this continues.
  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    edited November 2011

    Interesting conversation..........I quit in April after 53 years of smoking.  My doc was very happy to hear that.  I had another appointment recently and this is what I found out.  People who breathe normally breathe on a 1:1 ratio.  Breath in and breath out are the same (roughly).  People who smoke and/or those with breathing problems breathe in a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio.  Before vaping I was breathing on the 1:2 ratio and oxygen saturation was 95% (no wonder I was short-winded).  During this last visit he listened to my lungs and told me not only was I breathing normally (1:1 ratio) but also that my oxygen saturation is now 99%.  So the miracle of the human body is that given time and given less abuse it will attempt to heal itself.

    Approximately 1 month into vaping I began to expel the stuff that had accumulated over the years in my lungs to the point that I manufactured bronchitis on my own.  Had to have breathing treatments......the whole nine yards.  I think this is all to say that yes, you can quit analogs and yes you may pay the price for the years of self-abuse with cigarettes but all things being equal you can recover.

  • msgmsg Posts: 13Member
    @Imax -About a week after I started vaping a developed a dry cough and sore throat. It went away in about 4 days. About a week later the roof of my mouth and gums become very irritated. I mean irritated, could hardly eat. That went away in about 4 days. About a week later I developed a rash on my lower jaw, chin, throat/neck area. The rash wasn't that noticeable but it itched liked crazy. It took about a week for the rash/itching to clear up. I've been vaping V2 (PG) prefilled cartos only. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to PG or at the very least somewhat intolerant to PG. Hope you don't have the same reactions that I did but just wanted to mention it so you could be on the look out.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Go to VG, and don't mess with allergic reactions, They can rear up over and over again. Mind you, it can also be a chosen flavoring. I think PG gets blamed more than it should. Some of the flacorings I hear others trying seem brutal....Cinnamon and peppers are brutal, as an example.

    I ran into a bout of coughing jags with for about 2 weeks with e-cigs. I could smoke, but 1 inhale on a e-cig had me hacking. I tried a differing model e-cig and it helped, and the boys/girls at ECF never did have an answer from the pro's even in the medical section.
    Bottom line is it subsided . VG was harsher on me than PG, at the time, which defied logic. I suspect it was just a bug going around that I caught, but the funny part is cigs were not an issue. To this day, certain VG flavors are a bit much when I use em.
  • msgmsg Posts: 13Member
    @Earthpig- Thanks for the advice.  I'm waiting on a VG sampler kit.  I had read one of your previous posts about flavorings possibly causing reactions, so I'm going to try the different flavors in the kit, minus anything that has cinammon, and see what happens.  I just hope I don't have any reactions to the VG.  I haven't had an analog since I got my V2 kit on 10-11-11.  I'm kind of bummed out about the whole thing because I really like the V2 Saharas and Reds, mainly the Saharas.  I guess it's back to analogs if I can't find something that I don't have a reaction to.
  • caddymom45caddymom45 Posts: 4Member
    I just got my V2 menthol 6mg...I charged the battery, attached the cartomizer and took a drag. I started coughing! Took another drag and coughed! I can't seem to get a drag into my lungs! This cough is not due to the withdrawal of nicotine yet! I can't even get it into my lungs. I can smoke a real cig and not cough!! Anyone have any help?? I normally smoke Marboro Menthol Blue pack (used to be called Marboro Milds).
  • amoreamore Posts: 2,194Member ✭✭
    Is this your first time vaping?

    Try a different way of  drawing in the vapor. Don't inhale like you would on a cigarrete.

  • TrishWTrishW Posts: 175Member
    @caddymom45 - oh boy...sound similar to my own problem when I first stated vaping. However, my lungs were so impacted from getting the flu I could hardly breath prior to vaping but I could still smoke. I know, very odd. Anyway...it took me a spell to be able to actually take much of a hit with the vape or I'd go into coughing spasms. I was switching back n forth between the analog and vaping until I ran out the carton of cigs I had. After about 2 days of horrific coughing with the vaping, it settled down once I got a bunch of lung gunk out the vaping was stirring up. Not pretty or fun but now I can breath well and only seem to only have clearing of throat issues in the a.m. I don't smoke menthol but what you describe seems like what I went through also. Just saying. 

    I do hope it works out for you soon!
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    @caddymom45 good advice from amore and TrishW. With vaping you're inhaling mostly water vapor, your lungs may need a little time to adjust to the change. I remember it took me a day to get used to vapor instead of smoke. Everyone is different so you may need to go slowly untill your lungs adapt and/or try a different way to draw the vapor into your lungs. Good luck and please let us know how you're progressing.
  • caddymom45caddymom45 Posts: 4Member

    Thanks amore, TrishW and DaddyCat!! I will take your advice and keep trying. Now I am taking very slow draws and holding it in my mouth, then inhaling and I don't cough everytime! So I guess I am getting there! Thanks again

  • amoreamore Posts: 2,194Member ✭✭
    that is good news :)
  • TrishWTrishW Posts: 175Member
    Yay!   =D>
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    caddymom, you're welcome and I hope it continues to be easier/better for you.
  • TrishWTrishW Posts: 175Member
    I need a doughnur
  • caddymom45caddymom45 Posts: 4Member
    I am now able to draw a little deeper on my V2 without coughing. I was wondering how long it took to vap only and not rely on cigarettes also??
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    Depends on the person @candymom45. Some of us have not had 1 cigarette since receiving our starter kit, while others continue to use both indefinately.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    I think I continued to smoke for 2-3 days after starting vaping caddymom. However as the wise ones say "this is not a race, you'll get there in your own time"
  • caddymom45caddymom45 Posts: 4Member
    I think the reason I am not getting rid of cigarettes yet, is because I can't vape deeply yet! I think when I can vape deeply and get more nicotine in my lungs, it will be easier to quit! Thanks for everyone's help!
  • IrishUpstartIrishUpstart Posts: 302Member
    I am one of those that stopped regular cigarettes overnight.  It worked out perfectly for me. Got my starter kit before leaving for work, went to work while batteries charged at home, ended the work day with one cigarette left in my back which I enjoyed on my drive home, and that was the last cigarette in a month.  I miss the idea of them, more than I miss them.  I had a drag of my lady's cigarette the other day, and it was god awful.  Definitely lost my taste for them.  In the end, I was just plain ready to give up the analogs, and I think that is the most important aspect on quitting any form of addiction.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    You make a good point @IrishUpstart, when I got my starter kit I too was tired of all the BS involved with cigarettes and was ready to quit.
  • TrishWTrishW Posts: 175Member
    I meant I need a doughnut earlier. Damn booze! Anyway...I've said it before...I still had 15 packs of cigs or so to smoke before being 100% on the vape but...I sat here and read/used the internet to make my choice for E-cig starter kit based on popularity. I figured all these 'smokers' couldn't be wrong!  And if they were, I'd have something to say about it as well, LOL! In any event...I'm here, no longer smoke and didn't have a problem with it like I suspected I would.  

    AND.. also was sick of all the BS too @ DaddyCat and IrishUpstart and ev1 else that felt singled out and banned from life for smoking!

    The rare times I smell actual cigs...I'm kinda grossed out but I don't act like some reformed non-smoker. (I still have an issue with that mentality)
  • TrishWTrishW Posts: 175Member
    Oh, and I've noticed I don't get that 'dry throat" deal unless I'm vaping coffee carts I got with my notebook batt (still on sale). The Red and Chocolate hasn't bothered me in that regard. Just saying I think flavors may be a culprit?
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