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Ecigs on Delta airlines

DebiDebi Posts: 485Member
edited December 2011 in The World of E-Cigarettes
Does anyone know for sure if ecigs are allowed on planes in your carry ons, purses, pockets, etc? I'm flying on Delta this weekend & I don't wanna bring it thru security if they're just gonna take it from me. I've looked online but reports are conflicting. Does it vary by airport, airline, or if security people are in a pissy mood? Thanks in advance for the help :)


  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    edited December 2011

    Flew to Vegas for Thanksgiving.  I put my nicjuice in a quart bag (3 15ml bottles wrapped in bubble wrap for safety) and placed a business card from the vendor in the front where it was clearly visible to the TSA people.  I had batteries, chargers and other ecig paraphanalia wrapped in a big rubber band in my second carry-on.  No problems at all.  If you get a window seat you can stealth vape by just turning toward the window and taking a small drag and holding your breath for a second or two. If you're on the isle then when the flight attendents make their rounds order coffee or hot chocolate.  Using a small battery cover it with your hand, put your thumb alongside the mouthpiece and take a small drag.  Pretend you are blowing on your hot beverage to cool it off as you exhale your vapor.  Worked for me..

    No reason to call the airline because the answer will be a resounding NO you cannot vape on an airplane

    WTH is that appended to my post?.

  • DebiDebi Posts: 485Member
    Just taking the ecig on the plane. Everything else is going in my luggage.
  • GerrieGerrie Posts: 305Member
    I do fly alot.  I had about 5 boxs of carts with me in my luggage and was questioned twice going through security.  I pulled my battery out of my purse and told them they were carts for my e-cig and there was never a problem.  I got "way to go" twice.  Lulu is right, if you get a window seat, you can vape without anyone noticing. 
  • JonnyBravoJonnyBravo Posts: 1,988Member
    @Debi I'm a Diamond Medallion member with Delta Airlines (means I put over 125,000 miles a year).  On Delta flights within the United States, you can have your V2 cig and cartridges in your carry on, purse, pocket, etc.  While Delta does not allow vaping on the flight, they do not prevent you from having your e-cig onboard.  On international flights, you need to check your destination country to know whether or not e-cigs are allowed.

    I have never had a problem with TSA in any airport (since I've gotten my V2, I've flown from LGA, ATL, DTW, FWA, PHL, JAN, CVG.... in other words, quite a few :) ).  When I pass through security, my V2 batteries and cartridges are in my laptop bag.  Any juice I carry (which is rare, but I have done it) I place into the ziplock bag along with my toiletries.

    Hope you enjoy your trip!
  • DebiDebi Posts: 485Member
    Thanks everyone!! I'm feeling optimistic about having it on the plane now. Heading to Charleston SC for business. Looking forward to sunshine & slightly warmer temps!
  • GIJennaGIJenna Posts: 53Member

    on my flight home in november, I had 4 batts, a few boxes of carts, tons of chargers, the works essentially in my carry on and mentioned to the TSA rep that I had it. On the flight back, I packed a "carton" of carts in my duffle bag that got checked and recieved a notice in my bag that they had inspected it (i guess all that metal looked suspicious) but nothing was missing.

  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    edited December 2011
    I travel a lot too.  Never a problem.  I try to pseudo stealth vape at the gate.  Stealthy only in the way people know i'm trying to be discreet, but not so much that i'm holding in my breath long enough to dissapate all of it.  A great conversation starter when youre bored at the gate, smokers look at you with such envy and want to know everything about it!

    On a long flight nothing better than going to the bathroom and vaping away :)
  • matcasmatcas Posts: 210Member
    Just remember no words with friends before takeoff ask Alec.
  • DebiDebi Posts: 485Member
    Thanks again for the tips. I'm just taking the ecig cos I don't want my stuff confiscated.
  • lulu836lulu836 Posts: 762V2 Veteran ✭✭
    Take a large stamped self-addressed envelope with you so anything confiscated can be mailed back to you;.
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    @lulu836 what a fantastic idea!
  • KemosabeKemosabe Posts: 339Member
    my gf and i i flew on Southwest last month with our cigs, juice and plenty of cartos. not a single eyebrow was raised. stealth vaping in my seat and all. :)
  • DebiDebi Posts: 485Member
    @lulu36 what a great idea!! Never even considered that! Probably cos I'm so jacked up about flying. Don't really like it, plus I'm flying alone. Thanks again!! :)
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