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sharon0320sharon0320 Posts: 2Member
edited August 2010 in I Love My V2!
I love thios product. This is the third one I have tried and the other two I sent back becauase they did not work properly. I will testify do not try any other product first try this one it is the greatest. I ordered congress and it taste like Malboro cgs. Good luck and happy smoke fee life.

Sharon Stephenson


  • ronbobronbob Posts: 5Member
    Cartridge queston: Does any one else use more cartridges a day then they use to smoke packs of cigarettes? Now that I'm using this thing awhile I can use 2 cartridges a day easily.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin

    This is very common. There are 2 primary factors that will determine how quickly you consume V2 cartridges.

    1. What device you are using (FYI- a power-cig will eat through cartridges very fast because it operates at 5-volts, a manual battery will eat through them faster than an automatic, because people have a tendency to hold down the button more to produce thicker vapor which dries out the cartridge quicker)

    2. Your physical size and smoking style. (a Large man will have much larger lung capacity than a small lady... and someone who takes deep long drags will have very different results than than a more nervous smoker who is always puffing but with smaller quicker puffs)

    V2 cartridges are formulated with roughly enough juice to equate to a normal pack of cigarettes, however results will differ for everyone. Personally I go through about 1.5 cartridges a day ( 1x zero and roughly 1/2 of a 12mg)... and I previously smoked 2-packs per day of Marlboro Mediums.... in contrast my wife who is roughly half my physical size, consumes a little under a cartridge each day, and she smoked over a pack a day of Marlboro lights when she smoked.

    Unfortunately the 1-pack to 1-cartridge calculation is not an exact science, because you are comparing apples to oranges. Everyone smokes differently, but the key is that your not smoking, and nothing can beat that :-)

  • ronbobronbob Posts: 5Member
    I do appriciate the fact that I'm not smoking. I fell V2 is the best alternative i've ever seen & think it will help alot of people.I have been smoking (2) 12mg cartridges a day. I was wandering if you can get to much nicotine & how much before it would hurt you?
  • joeymjoeym Posts: 6Member
    I'm a pretty small gal (5'3", 120 lbs) and I go through about 3/4 of a cartridge in a day. I learned early-on not to try to smoke it like a cigarette, but instead to just take nice, long drags when I need them. I also try not to use them at my desk at work (but it is tempting), but instead only use the V2cig when I would otherwise smoke a cigarette. I still leave the office for my 'smoke' break. I think this prolongs the cartridges, as well.

    And I know this is off-subject, but your vanilla cartridges are yummy!! Just had to say that.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    Everybody has a different smoking style... personally, I am a very nervous fidgety kind of smoker, in that I like the constant act of smoking (the oral fixation, the feeling of a cigarette in my hand, etc.)... this somehow focuses me, and the nicotine, although also important, is slowly becoming secondary to me. This is why I alternate between the Zero cartridges and the 12mg cartridges. I use the Zero all the time, so I can keep smoking at my desk. I enjoy the flavor and feeling, and often I completely forget that I'm not actually getting any nicotine at all... then when I feel like I really need the nicotine I simply puff on my 12mg... a few long drags in an hour is enough for me.. the rest of the time I am only using the zero... and I feel fine with this... for a former 2-pack a day smoker, I've come a long way, but my goal is still not achieved. I hope to cut out the nicotine carts entirely by the end of the year, and be totally on zero carts.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    Ron... try my method detailed above... you may even want to try using a zero, and alternating with a full, then step down to zero/medium, and work your way to zero/light.... Yes you can get too much nicotine!!... I'm not going to say that 2x 12mg carts is excessive, but always remember that nicotine from an ecig is metabolized slower than from a normal cigarette and will last longer in your system, therefore you do not need to smoke an ecig as often or as much as a regular cig to get the same nicotine. (in a normal cig the nicotine is metabolized faster and therefore lasts for a shorter time, so you will need another one quicker)... it sounds like you just like to smoke, but you may not need all the nicotine you are getting... if this is the case, I highly suggest you try alternating like me... use the zero for fixation, and a nicotine cartridge as an NRT only when you really feel you need it.. I think you will be surprised how well the zero can satisfy :-)
  • FreyaFreya Posts: 11Member
    I absolutely loved everything about smoking...which was my biggest problem. I started smoking marlboro reds when I was 12 and was smoking a pack a day by the time I was 15. I was so obsessed with smoking that when I was pregnant and forced myself to quit, my doctor actually told me that the baby would be better off if I started smoking again...my stress level was THAT high without smoking. By the time I realized that it was time to switch I was smoking nearly 2 packs a day of cheap full flavor 100s, and my husband was smoking even more than me. I would wake up in the morning unable to breathe which is how I found the v2's that I have fallen in love with. Granted, I haven't been using the v2's for very long, only about a week...but I'm obsessed. I always have it...and with my shallow smoking method caused by my severe breathing problems, even though I always use it, it still takes me two days to get through a whole cartridge...which will probably change as I become more able to breathe. I can't wait till I finish coughing all the tar and gross crap out of my lungs so I can REALLY breath again!
  • coleenirishcoleenirish Posts: 10Member
    I just received my kit on Monday. I've cheated a few times, but have cut down from a pack and a half a day to around 5 real cigarettes a day! I'm convinced that I will be using V2's exclusively within another week or two! I'm so excited, I can't say enough about the V2's! Thanks!!
  • coleenirishcoleenirish Posts: 10Member
    One more thing. I plan on placing an order for another kit for my husband, and for more cartridges within the next couple of days, so I hope the backlog of orders dies down! :)
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    almost back to normal stock levels... before you order give us a ring if you want to inquire about a particular flavor.
  • ronainsworth68ronainsworth68 Posts: 20Member
    I got mine in the mail a week ago, I haven't smoked a real cig since. I got caught up in the backorder mess but it was well worth the wait.
  • MarleneMarlene Posts: 1Member
    After studying the different possibilities of smokeless e cigs and after reading the lot of positiv remarks of users of the V2 I placed an order to try the product on October 14. Today is october 30 and my order is still "waiting for fulfillment". After posting messages I always got very nice and friendly answers from "v2cigs", but not when to expect the "fulfillment"! If this is going on any longer, I'll not place further orders for sure!
  • BarneyBarney Posts: 10Member
    Have you tried the customer service or a phone call? I clicked on the customer service when it was on line and Steph helped me through my order.
  • shahshah Posts: 1Member
    @ Andries_V2cigs I have just received my v2cigs; great product! A question: Are the nicotine strengths per cartridge? For example, does 6mg mean 6mg per cartridge? Which I guess, although not equal, is similar to a pack of Marlboro ultralights? My advice for those who really want to quit is to order lots of zero nicotine cartridges; and better not to order anything above 6mg strength. As one is tempted to smoke these all the time, it could be more addictive than regular cigarettes; however, zero nicotine addiction is not too bad! Another question: for non-zero nicotine cigarettes, is it safe to smoke around kids indoors? I wonder how much nicotine will they be exposed to if one smokes indoors. If the people around do get some nicotine from the vapor, then we should avoid smoking indoors; also I'm not sure in that case if it would be legal to smoke in public buildings or at work? Even if small amounts of nicotine are not toxic but it is an extremely addictive substance.

  • HexxenHexxen Posts: 24Member
    Actually, I was a bit curious about nicotine dosing too.  I tried Googling a bit on this, but there was a lot of conflicting information.

    How much nicotine are we generally absorbing per 1 analog cigarette?  For instance... I smoked Camels, full flavors, filtered.  Usually about 3/4 of a pack a day, a full pack if working late.  I seem to be doing fairly well on 12 mg cartos, in fact, I think I'm inhaling deeper and getting buzzed so much easier that I might need to drop down to a 6 mg. This stuff seems to hit me much faster.

    Since the cartos are frequently compared to a pack of cigarettes, would 12 mg of nicotine be on par with the total amount absorbed in smoking a pack of filtered, full flavors?
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    I don't know how reputatble this site is...but found this today...I would like to know for sure as seems there is a lot of conflicting info out there...

  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 10,239Member ✭✭✭
    Wow Angel you really went searching last night. What was this on page 30? LOL
  • GerrieGerrie Posts: 305Member
    Very interesting......
  • VapestackVapestack Posts: 707Member

    We got down to 12mg fairly quickly,, and now vape 6 mg only,,, I will say going from 12 to 6 alot of juices kinda lose the flavor punch. Don't know if nicotine enhances flavor, but it seems when you get to 6mg We noticed our first real change in flavor, throat hit, even vapor but that don't make sense,,,, not a bad thing,, but a change we noticed all the same and with almost all juices..... And in my humble and professional opinion 6 mg of nicotine , never hurt anybody, you have chronically unregulated high blood pressure, are having a stroke, or ya got one foot in a grave and the other on a banana peel , then just breathing is usually the issue.
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    @JackieO  I was having problems sleeping....insomnia yet again...and I try to avoid using even my herbs for it but when it becomes morning and I am still awake...melatonin here I come!  Pg 30? Hmmm I dunno I used the search bar LOL!

    @Vapestack  so far 18 seem to have plenty of punch not much flavor, 12 great flavor decent punch, 6g menthol is got great flavor could use more punch..IMHO ....ROFLMBO vapestack....I can count on you and JackieO to keep me in stitches!  I am not too worried about it...was just trying to share that page and had to search for a page here to post it.
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