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Pass-Through / Computer Nerd Anecdote

JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
edited December 2010 in Product Q&A and Problems
OK, I'm as staunch a V2 guy as anyone here, and I'm a bit disappointed with the battery quality post and other problems discussed. I figure I'm going to keep my eyes open for alternatives if problems start to affect me on a consistent basis OR I can confirm and justify my faith in V2.

But at any rate, I've been doing some business in juice with a company that also offers a variety of batteries and accessories, including RF808D types. I noticed they had a USB powered pass-through at the stunning price of $10.95 . Mind you, their lowest freight is $2 for USPS, so in all it's pretty cheap.

So on a whim I ordered one with my last juice purchase, if anything to see how the quality stacks up. I got the thing on Wednesday. The first thing I noticed was that it would NOT work on a standard V2 wall charger. This kinda made sense because V2 says you need a charger with about 20% MORE milliAmps to push one of these things (and they offer a kit for this).

I tried it on the V2 12v car charger .... works fine. On a computer USB port (5v nominal) .... just as good. Now here's where it gets interesting. Some may recall a post I made about using a powered USB hub to charge batteries with the USB adapter cord. Well, OK ... I got my hub out but couldn't find the 5v power adapter .... BUT I did have a universal, variable power transformer that can fit a variety of devices. Sure enough I found a proper plug and then dialed in the power to 5 volts.

Let me digress - I'm a computer guy and have been building them for 16 years. I'm also into "overclocking" - a sort-of "hot-rodding" processors to go faster than what Intel-Inside or AMD intended.

That stated, looking at the power selection slider bar on the transformer, I quickly eyed the settings for 5.5 volts ... (hmmmm) ....... 6.0 volts (oh yeah !!!) ..... up to ( uh-oh, somebody hold me back !!!!) 7.5 volts !!!! And all in handy-dandy .5 volt increments for your pushing-the-limits pleasure.

I mean, what the hell, we got only 11 bucks invested here, lessee what this baby can do !

5.5 volts - Oh yeah, bunches more vapor. A little warmth on the carto

6.0 volts - Even MORE vapor !!! Ooooops ! Oh crap, this tastes like poop. Fried the atomizer

Conclusion - even the 5 volts may be pushing the limit. 5.5 volts is do-able. 6.0 volts - not good for carto life or your taste buds.

The Jondster recommends a 10% "overclock" at maximum


  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    looks likes Johdster needs to get a "mod" (5-7 volts, yum) to add to his collection of ecig :) FOG MACHINE i tell you, and they give me the umph i need at times when i am about to get a pack of smokes...still lovin my v2, but the mod helps me push over the edge......there are some great ones...i have three different kinds of "pv's" (dont like to call them ecigs anymore lol) and with those i am able to quit completely ... my v2 is key, but the other help as well
    Happy Vaping Fogging New Year :)
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    edited January 2011
    All interesting stuff, but......
    I sorta made the same point on the subject with battery complaints.
    Too much voltage equals (a) decreased carto life, or (b) burnt tasting fluid.
    Looks like you all are getting that, eh?
    I have my concerns, health wise about burnt taste, and also remember the batting and fibers around the wick are being burnt, and these are synthetic polyester. That can't be good to inhale.
    Seriously, in the Vape World, out there, concerns have been raised about burnt fibers in carto's. Much talk has gone on about it, specifically in our KR808D-1's

    Another option is leave the voltage alone and go with decreased ohm carto's (which are on the market). Same issues, however,,,burnt taste.

    Understand these setups are designed to meet a certain criteria. Deviations from them within a + - result in going outside that design criteria.

    Ya want vape? Try VG. It's known to give a little more. You cannot make a KR808D-1 do much more than it does without overstepping their capacity.
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  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Right, but if the carto atomizer is wet, the temp won't get there...unless modded.
    The concern is more (with these units) the batting and wrapping (wicking) around the atomizer burning first.
    Good point though, Emma!

    If you open "some" carto's you can see the center burnt, even at normal voltages. If dissected some aren't pretty.
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  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    well....i have had no problems with my mod at all with taste or burnt cartos. i just do what i do with my kr8 cartos and all is well.....the taste is real good. I really like it :) I keep topping them off as i do with kr8 cartos, no difference in that. I feel its been a great investment for me...as is the v2 a great pv for me...i like variety i guess :)
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    EP ~ well, you're right. With all due respect I don't think you got the tongue-in-cheek context I was framing the "story" with, re: "over clocking" the carto.

    With a computer processor, taking it that "step too far" is at least a Windows crash or no-boot, and at worst a fried processor worth a few hundred $.

    With a cartomizer, it's a used $2.00 item (that I have dozens of) .... it's all in the "game" . I'm sure you get where I'm coming from.

    Interesting point, though - seems 5 to 5.5 volts is maximum optimal for vaporizing, with "playing it safe" leaning towards 5.0 when considering inadvertent combustion of the batting and resultant particulates or gases inhaled.

    In other words .... "Hey. I had to try it .... it was there"

    Amy - I think I'm getting into your neighborhood here. I'm refusing to give a rodent's glutes regarding whether I have 3.7 or 4.2 volt batteries. They put out vapor ... If I get caught short, I have the pass-thru. And I have my flavor dialed in, at least for now (currently a Marlboro/Cherry/Vanilla @ 16mg)

    All is good.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    There are methods of going 5-10vdc, but NOT with the KR808D-1 carto's .
    They just can't handle the strain.
    Kinda like when I put a 400sb v8 with ~400bhp in my 1975 Chevy Vega.
    Everything needed rebuilt to handle the strain, and not twist the unibody frame like a pretzel.
    I have read of folks totally rebuilding the carto's to take on the task. Many failures but some successes.

    Just sayin!
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    EP says ~ "I have read of folks totally rebuilding the carto's to take on the task"

    ....and I thought I might have entirely too much time on my hands.

    Look, here's the ticket. Get on Ebay and find a good disco-type fog machine. Make an extra big bulk batch of juice, attach 1/2 to 3/4" hose to it with a surplus oxygen mask to it, and .....
  • vermjpvvermjpv Posts: 44Member
    I'm headed for ebay as We speak !!!!
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