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Check your batteries V2 has been sending out 3.7 volt batteries

keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
edited December 2010 in General Chatter
My first three orders went great. I got my kit with three 4.2 batteries. I fell in love with V2 I placed two more orders with extra batteries it took some time but all went well.........Now the bad............ My next two orders didn't go very well. I noticed that my new batteries would only let my take a six second pull. But All my other batteries went 11 seconds... And they didn't seem to last as long..........So I was thinking wow maybe I got sent the old style / stock 3.7 batteries. So I got out a volt meter and that was it I hit the nail on the head 3.7.........I checked my first five batteries and 4.2

So I called V2 and no problem they sent me out six new batteries Two of each size and same thing every battery 3.7 volts now I'm pissed................I talked with some friends at work that I got to buy kits from V2 so I could smoke for free. I asked them to bring in the batteries they got sent so I could test them..........EVERYBODY got sent 3.7.................So I call V2 back now I've got 12 batteries all 3.7.....................I talk with Brian and stephine and nowone knows of such a problem. LOL.....I get told to wait a week or two maybe it's just a bad bach of batteries. And to send the six they just send me back on my dime. So I did.............It's been about 10 days now I haven't called them to try again.............So I get home from work today and in my mail box is a package from V2 .......I'm like nice........I open the box and I've got 6 more 3.7 batteries. This is crazy I'm willing to bet your all getting sent 3.7 batteries

So I call them and knowone knows what to tell me. I'm told everybody is getting 4.2 batteries all the time. lol......Brian is going to have a teck call me back on monday. I will update you all..........................

I wouldn't care about all this so much if it wasn't for the fact I have 4 / 4.2 batteries and they kick ass.....I got used to them



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  • GardenerkinGardenerkin Posts: 44Member
    Good to see this post back
  • RyanRyan Posts: 51Member
    listen ***V2*** im a man of my word. so all i need is your word...dont be shy, chime in here!
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    lol I can't belive they pulled my post
  • GardenerkinGardenerkin Posts: 44Member
    Hi Keith, I was looking for it also. Glad to see the post back and hope they find a solution to this problem. I don't have a tester but the next time I go to the battery store I will have mine checked out.
  • katara22katara22 Posts: 3Member
    Hey V2 Whats the deal I just had a friend test my batteries with a full charge and we got 3.68 and 3.71 I went with V2 because of the 4.2 battery. I will be calling Monday for sure.
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    edited January 2011
    My results so far

    2 auto stds tested at 4.0v, 1 manual std @ 3.9v, 1 manual std @ 5.0v (???), 1 auto long @5.0v That's all I had with full charges at present. I have 2 more to test, and I will note that they all vary in "age" or acquisition date.

    Also note - ALL were charged using the V2 110vac/12vdc wall charger regulated to 3 hours by a timer.

    Another note - What kind of batteries are these results coming from. My wife does manuals, I do autos. To test the auto, I have to place the tester probes and then blow into the light end of the battery to actuate the switch, all the while watching the gauge. I'm wondering just how accurate this is - certainly not to .01 volts
    Y'all must have better voltmeters than I ...

    I think before everybody gets their panties in a bunch, it would be good to understand that there's not much of a charging and testing protocol here other than whipping a Radio Shack volt meter on to a battery. Of course I could be under the wrong impression and there's a bunch of electrical engineers posting here.
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    Hey Jondster
    Do you have a digital meter and is it set at 20m..............I'm thinking you have a needle meter because your all over the map...........How long does your cig stay lit before you have to hit the butten again
  • katara22katara22 Posts: 3Member
    We used a GB gardner Bender digital multimeter. And the six second drag sucks.
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  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    Not at all...........I hope someone jumps in that has a 6 second 3.7 and a 11 second 4.2 like me because It's such a big difference I'm willing to make a very big stink about it
  • StorytellerStoryteller Posts: 563Member
    edited January 2011
    I am willing to bet that V2 had to change to a lessor battery because they were having problems with the higher rated batteries. But they maybe had hoped we wouldnt be smart enough to know. I had originally a shorty white and a long manual with my starter kit and man would those batteries put out the vapor. They both checked in at 4.2 +- .5 at each charge. Both batteries crapped out just before Christmas. V2 shipped me a shorty auto and a standard manual as replacements. The shorty auto has 11 second and the manual has 6 second. Will test the voltage at the shop tommorow. And yes I am a electronics engineer :-)

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  • BDHESBDHES Posts: 12Member
    As far as battery charging goes, the USB vs. the AC can only be a time to charge based difference. A battery is like a glass you're filling with water, only so much can fit, once it's there, you're done. Leaving it on the charger after it's done is a no no.

    I too bought some KR batteries from a different company, just to have some spares. I haven't noticed any difference so far in charge time or vapor production vs. the V2 batteries. The only difference seems to be the shiny, baked enamel finish on the V2 vs. a powder type finish on the other company's batteries.

    I haven't had any problems with my V2 batteries, but I got all 3 in manual XL.

    Of course, the USB power stick kicks butt over any of the batteries. ;-)

  • StorytellerStoryteller Posts: 563Member
    That would depend on the USB, the computer, the hub (if in use) and of course the battery itself. So both hubby and Keith are correct in a sense. A USB port typically will take longer to charge than the AC->USB charger because it will have a lower milliampere rating than most AC chargers, but will eventually charge the batteries.
    So my short answer would be that most newer USB ports will charge the same as the AC charger, but take longer time to charge.
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  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    The issue of complaining about the voltage is a mute one. Their voltage does (generally) test out to 4.0vdc when charged (or close), and that is NOT false advertising. Differing lengths , manual vs auto and time lit are variables.
    If there is a slight variance, that isn't uncommon. Even car batteries vary between the same units some, and that is a firm and well established industry whereas these units are new to the market in the last (say) 3 years.

    Any good digital voltmeter with a 20vdc scale should bring up a very close number. If you are running with a older needle type, those generally need zeroed in.

    Full charge gives you a differing reading than after use. I get 3.9- 4.3vdc @ full charge depending on the battery tested (I have 6 batts, and not V2's). After use, the voltage drops some to 3.45- 3.8vdc.
    Industry standard is 3.7vdc, and a certain uA rating (which I don't recall, but want to say 300-350uA)
    So 4.0vdc is not false advertising but is not the normal after a slight bit of use either.

    There are 5vdc variable fat batteries on the market and a variety of those doing modifications (mods), but the consequences are listed below..
    Anybody wanting more out of their units (for some reason) might consider 1 of 2 things. (a) a reduced ohm carto , or (b) a higher voltage battery (mods)
    Downsides are that increased heat in the atomizer from either method can (a) burn taste the fluids or (b) fry the carto prematurely.
    My solution is VG, (if your concern is for vapor).

    So if your not satisfied (for some reason) with the vdc output, just realize it's the nature of the beast. Start doing "mods", but don't expect a silk purse out of a sows ear. These are what they are.
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    It's not 4.0vdc their advertising It's 4.2.........That is not slight...........And when you put the change in seconds for a drag with the volts of the battery you have to know something is up..................I have had five orders with V2 the first 3 orders all batteries sent to me ring in at 4.2...................since then I can't get a 4.2 from them no matter how hard I try
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    Posted on 29th Jul 2010 @ 3:11 AM
    This is from their website....The part about 25% to 35% more battery life is what made me get out the volt meter. because I noticed a difference with that as well.

    We will begin shipping them on Tuesday or Weds night... First we will start with the AUTO, then we will upgrade the manuals a little later in the month!... The new V2 is 4.0 - 4.2 volts, consistent across the line! This is a substantial upgrade from the prior line which ranged between 3.2 and 3.7 depending upon the battery. The increase in power equals a substantial increase in vapor production! Also we have made our manual batteries consistent in length with our Autos, so they will both fit perfectly in the PCC (portable charging cases)... we have also upgraded the manual button to a hard recessed plastic construction, so it won't go off accidentally in your pocket, and so the button won't get stuck anymore like the soft rubber buttons!.... Lastly, these batteries have been tested extensively in-house and we are averaging between 25% and 35% more battery life across the line. Simply stated, the new V2 batteries are an industry game changer!!!!

    The new battery line is as follows:

    Auto Shorty = 150 mA/H, 4.0 - 4.2 Volts -- available after August 10th!
    Auto Standard Length = 250mA/H, 4.0 - 4.2 volts -- available after August 4th!
    Auto Extra Long = 350mA/H, 4.0 -4.2 volts -- Available after August 10th!

    Manual Standard Length -- Limited Availability on August 4th, full availability after August 10th!
    Manual Shorty (New Product Option) = 150 mA/H, 4.0 - 4.2 Volts -- available after August 10th!

    FYI -- June and July customers are entitled to request 1x sample of the new V2 auto battery in standard length; we will ship these free of charge parcel post!.... Please note: all requests must be made after August 5th, and these requests must be made by phone!

  • StorytellerStoryteller Posts: 563Member
    Their current advertising on the web site is 4.0-4.2
  • katara22katara22 Posts: 3Member
    I have to go with Keith on this. We just tested some e cigs. from a diff. co. and we are getting on or about 3.7 same as the V2 batteries I was sent. As per V2s web site the new 4.2 batteries are a industry game changer. Not with what I was sent
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    4.2v with a + - factor of what?
    As said, I get between 3.8-4.3vdc at full charge. It's NOT V2, but is in that advertised criteria. It's the standard KR808D-1 voltage rating.
    Understand the running voltage drops off as I noted.
    SO, there advertising seems true!! Misleading but still true!!
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    ^also remember here, were talking Chinese Quality Control, and the US companies get what they can get.
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    No one is getting such a high number on a kr808d it's a 3.7 all day give or take 1.0 but 4.3 ur doing something wrong....................I will use V2s words 4.0 - 4.2 consistent across the line.............I do like the part about chinese quality control. V2 could be getting it in the !@#$ just as I am.
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    I wanted to say give or take 0.2
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  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    What is your battery rated (measuring) at full charge, without prior use? I speak from my own that I get between 3.8-4.3v,,, and then it drops off, but holds in the ~3.7v range (as is industry standard).
    I'm dealing with 6 batteries of small and medium length. V2 offers one option longer that I don't have. I have not tested all 6, since 2 of them I recently acquired. 3 that I own were bought used as returns to the mall store where I am involved with their business. They are returned for a variety of reasons, but I am able to pick and vape test those I obtain. They were not bad but had clogged vent holes (the 3 small holes on the ridge).

    Anyways test when fully charged and tell me what you get.
    It could have something to do with your charger. I don't use a USB, since I had read warning the current draw on the USB port was hard on the computer and some ports have fried. I don't want that.
    I have a feeling a wall charger is stronger but cannot back up that statement.

    But I hold to my last statement
    Their advertising is true. BUT it can be misleading.

    Got a goose cooked, so I'm out for the evening.

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  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    I have 5 V2 cigs 3 med. 1 long and 1 short from my first 3 orders with v2 I'm getting from 4.09 to 4.28 all cigs give me a 11 second hit...............My last 2 orders I got from V2 I got 2 of each size and my meter is telling me from 3.59 to 3.76 and I only get a 6 second hit.
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    And I'm using the same AC charger for all batteries
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Quite a variance

  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    Meh ....

    Keith ~ you may have a point. My meter is an analog "needle"type, running on the 15vDC scale

    EP has a good point re: how one actually works the battery during use. I have NO battery issues insofar as vapor production or life-of-charge but I use autos. My wife's having fits about her battery life but she uses strictly manuals. All our batteries are charged to 3 hours off a V2 wall charger timed with a light timer.
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    I wish u had a 4.2 like me. So we could be pissed off together.....lol
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    After what everyone's said .... I'm not sure what I have. But I have noticed this: my 2 autos that read 4.0v aren't all that far behind my pass-thru which gets a nominal 5.0

    So I really can't get too pissed off if everything seems to be working OK. I will, however, empathize with you and the others that ARE having problems resultant of the 3.7v batts
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    Mark my words on monday thist post will be pulled........Any talk about the 3.7 volt batteries their sending out will be stomped out....................
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  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Ya want vapor. ""Go VG!""(or a mix of vg/pg)

    Ya want consistent 4v+ power? Don't use KR808D-1's because normally they are 3.7v, except after charge.. Still they have better voltage and battery life than other 2 pc competitors who run 3.2v . Understand the consequences again of running up over 4vdc, or going with low ohm carto's.
    (a) Shortened carto life.
    (b) Burned taste.

    Again, the after charge voltage seems to be what V2 is claiming.
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  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    You should be getting ~3.7v during use. If not, you have an issue.
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  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    3.7v is industry standard during use, Emma.
  • keith10008keith10008 Posts: 37Member
    edited January 2011
    As per V2 web site*********Simply stated, the new 4.2 V2 batteries are an industry game changer!!!!********

  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    ^Or the hotly charged number(as stated prior), as are my off brand .
    Technically KR808D-1's are a game changer, since it's one of the newest technologies sold in mass numbers.
    Thus, there is no lie in their statement.

    V2's with a 4.2v (at full charge) are the industry game changer(since KR808D-1's are a new format).
    See how the statement works?
  • TamyTamy Posts: 1,882V2 Veteran
    While i'm happy with my V2 batterys, i'm unhappy at the fact i did pay for the higet ones. if i would have been told that they only had the lower batterys i would have said that was ok, but as i said i payed for the higer ones and that makes me unhappy.
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  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Just sayin
    Unless proven otherwise (and V2 can jump in anytime here to verify) the batteries seem to appear the same (similar might be more accurate and they have found a source with more options...great!).
    There are a handful of mfgr's in China (not that many, but...) and a variety of suppliers.
    Where V2 (and others) sources their supply is an unknown. The blue tip light and the longer battery options are neat. The longer version I would imagine holds a charge longer, due to it's mass (great idea), but I assume gangly and heavier to handle.
    "A trade off".

    What criticism I get from some possible buyers of KR808D-1's is the weight and size is larger than an actual cig. Another company (style) of 2 pc units is lighter and smaller but (as mentioned prior) is also 3.2vdc and has less fluid capacity in the carto.
    "A trade off".

    Those smoking (say) Capri's (which are extremely thin) have issues with the massiveness of e-cigs.

    I would say V2 has a great product here and is a good source. We have to realize the parameters of the product and not expect more than it can deliver. It's a great unit, and does a fine job.

    ((Emma, it sounds like yours are experiencing a failure or a breakdown, from the voltage numbers. These batteries are somewhat dependable, but my experience is 1 out of 15 get replaced due to quality issues. After all, these are Chinese products and QC isn't fantastic, but pretty good They only last between 6 to 18 mo, as a rule, depending on how used and charged))
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  • steeldragonsteeldragon Posts: 5Member
    After readings some forums from other companies, I have seen that the battery problem with the KR808d-1 is not confined to V-2. Some of the other companies that I have seen touted on these forums, I have found entries at 3 am about battery problems then when I go back the entries are missing. Things that make you go hmmm
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