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Just ordered starter kit

lilsparkylilsparky Posts: 14Member
Ordered my first starter kit. Had started thinking about e cigs just a couple of weeks ago. Way too many choices out there!! Tried a couple of off brand disposables from the local smoke shop just to see if I would come close to liking the idea. I did. Went to many, many competitor sites. One of the biggest things that kept me coming back to V2Cig is this forum. What a great bunch of folks! I appreciate you all already.

It's funny, but my original thought was mainly for the awful smells of smoking. Of course, I KNOW I need to quit (wheezing, coughing and all the other fun stuff). Ecigs won't be that much of a cost saver as I already do rollies. BUT!!! Now motivated to switch to these, dial it down over a few weeks to months and be done - thanks to inspiration from the forum.

Can't wait for my kit to arrive!!


  • nyllatxnyllatx Posts: 295Member

    Congratulations and welcome, @lilsparky! I got my first starter kit on January 19 this year, had my last analog on January 22 and haven't looked back.

    You made an excellent choice - good luck and enjoy!

  • IrisheyzsIrisheyzs Posts: 243Member
    Welcome lilsparky!  I'm new here too...only about 2 weeks but so far so good!  We also rolled our own and yes this will be more expensive but I think it's worth it and once you get everything you need, the price should even out.  Look into filling your own carts which will help with cost.  I already have about 15 bottles of juice!  Ok...I keep buying stuff I want instead of what I need!  Anyway...good luck!
  • PatthibPatthib Posts: 69Member
    @lilsparky, Agreed! The forum here is the best! I couldn't have done it without everyone here! After your kit arrives, remember that everyone here will be there for support and to answer the 2 million questions you will have as you emerge into the world of vaping!  Everyone here is happy to share info!
  • Welcome-you made a great choice with V2!  Super people to help you here.
  • rachaelrachael Posts: 420Member
    Welcome to V2 and the forum lilsparky and Irisheyzs. You'll surely save in the fact you'll feel so much better vaping.  Before I began vaping I had a constant cough and was short of breath. Wishing you the best on your vaping journey.  :)
  • DanielsuzukiDanielsuzuki Posts: 1,000Member
    Welcome to the forum! You'll be blown away with V2 compared to the disposables! I also rolled occasionally to save money (tops non-menthol). There's no comparison. You aught to order a sample pack. Oh, and always order more than you think you'll need! Best o' luck!
  • justin88justin88 Posts: 37Member
    Congrads dude. I got my starter kit about 3 weeks ago. Havent had an analog since. I have saved a bunch a $$$ since i switched. I know i have to put up more money in the beggining but its worth it. You will get hooked though so be careful. I need to stop myself from buying accessories lol. Good luck welcome to the forum
  • lilsparkylilsparky Posts: 14Member
    Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Looking forward to doing this with you all. Didn't know that vaping was such an art until I got looking around here. And so many choices. It's nice that you get so many cartridges with the starter kit, but how do you really know what to pick? I just got some basics. I smoke light menthol, so got some of those and some reds and also ordered the sampler. And dripping. Who knew? Think I could manage that. Saw a video using a syringe and just flushing the cartridge with the juice. That looks like the easy button for me. Anybody try that?
    Thanks again!!
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